Photorealistic renderings are essential to interior designers and architects. Because rendering is the best way for them to showcase the expected result of their work in advance. As the most powerful tool, designers can use them to win clients’ approval for their ideas. Today, AIMIR is proud to share the Summer House Project. It has helped our wonderful client X Studio to gain their client’s heart.

X Studio is an amazing studio who delivers wonderful interior designs to the world for private projects. AIMIR has been working with X Studio for a long time, we has created 3D renderings and animations for a wide range of projects. The Summer House is a challenging project for AIMIR, because the client asked for many custom furniture, and a very strict sense of the atmosphere. On top of these, it had an urgent deadline. Please follow us to enjoy this warm and welcoming home.


The Summer House in Los Angeles, California

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We’ve got an email about the starting of this project in April. Robert, the interior designer from X Studio, asked if we could make the deadline of 14 days. Therefore, we immediately had an internal meeting about it. Like in every collaboration with X Studio, they sent all documents and files. Because they are crystal clear about AIMIR’s working process. Also, we had a Zoom meeting. They have conveyed their ideas of this design during the meeting. The project got started.


Detailed References

The satisfying result relies on detailed references provided by X Studio. Thanks to our long-term cooperation, Robert knows the importance of reference for this interior project. Our 3D artists strictly followed the texture references received, recreating every object from the references in 3Dx Max with 100% accuracy.

For this special and unique home, the designer hoped to have many custom elements. These elements and furniture were designed specifically for this home only. In order to meet this request, our CG specialists created all 3D models from scratch for this scene.


Setting View Angles

In order to show different areas of this home in the renderings, AIMIR’s 3D artists adjusted the angles of the camera to find the best presentation of the space. We’ve suggested several camera angles. Luckily, Robert took them all.

In the bedroom, Robert wanted to focus on the texture, which can showcase the coziness and comfort of this space. Our 3D artists found the sofa and the bed as the key objects. Robert was excited with suggested angles. He believes these are great translators of his ideas.

For this angle above, the bedside lamp is in the middle of the view, along which the viewer will find a comfortable bed on the right side and a modern walk-in closet on the left side. When the lamp becomes the main lighting of this image, the natural light from the left side makes the whole image more lifelike and photorealistic with the shadow of the lamp on the wall.

Another good example of camera angle selection is this view above. Zooming out and viewing from a corner of the bedroom, this angle gives a general view of the whole space. With the viewpoint set from the corner sofa, it is easy to imagine yourself sitting on it, feeling comfortable in this cozy space.


Final Delivery in High Resolution

With the right camera angles selected, proper texture attached, and required furniture and décor modelled, we’ve come to the last stage – the rendering stage. The rendering process will convert the finished scene into photorealist images. So that designers and architects are able to use them for presentation, marketing, advertising and other activities to be a translator of their ideas and designs.

We delivered the final images after the rendering process, with full HD resolution as the client requested. It only took 14 days to complete this fantastic project.

This is a great example of the standard working procedure of AIMIR’s cooperation with clients. X Studio contributed a lot in this project, as well as AIMIR team. Everything we did – meetings, exchange of files at hand, providing details – is to make the process easier. We are honored to quote Robert’s comment for this project: “It’s always nice working with professional people like you guys. Thank you very much for your suggestions, especially on the view angles and texture matching. Great workflow, quick delivery. Will definitely work with you again.”

Want to get photorealistic renderings for your home or other projects? Use 3D rendering services of AIMIR CG and get top-notch visualization for your exciting project! Contact us now at [email protected]


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