You will ruin a 3D rendering without using context effectively. Besides your construction, context is also the key factor to make your rendering attractive. The so-called context is the sight of the surroundings which to set off the building, such as trees, bush, vehicles, people and so on. What’s more, it is necessary for you to put the billboards, sculptures, and streetlights in your rendering when you want to showcase a skyscraper located in a big city. The only reason to do that is to show the view as real as possible. All in all, context is to a building what water is to fish.

On the other hand, the context can also help the audiences to perceive the volume of a construction. A model who is on your 3D rendering becomes a reference for the viewers to know about the height of a building. Moreover, the context can act as a guide taking viewers’ attention to the most part of the picture. Last but not least, it can also benefit to the presentation of the visual space of a building. Using the false or true and the perspective transformation of the context is a good way to develop the spatial level of the construction.

AIMIR will tell you what each kind of context can do.


People love tree because it is the symbol of beauty and vitality. Trees play an important role in enriching the scene and different kinds of trees are also implicating the location of the building. Thus, to choose an appropriate kind of tree to add to your rendering is essential. And remember that the trees should not become the blocking view of the building.

Vehicles and Characters

The sight that various vehicles are passing by alongside the static building is the combination of dynamics and statics. In this way, we can create a vivid scene. Colorful context can also echo the building. Utilize the dark shadow to help the viewers to feel the speed and pay more attention to the changing angles of the view and feel the sense of heading forward.

As for the model, as we have mentioned above, firstly, can help the audiences to perceive the volume of a construction. Secondly, it makes the picture full of life. Putting the person in the appropriate place can increase the sense of space, the movement of characters should have a centripetal “blur” effect, or it will be scattered and chaotic.

Billboards and Signs

This kind of context, for the most part, accompanies some commercial complexes. The best view of the signboard is to draw with the eye-catching color expressing the contrast effect between the background and the trademark effectively. According to the color contrast theory, if the text is drawn with the heavy color, the background needs to be drawn light colored. Billboards must be straight clear. Therefore, it is necessary to set the shadow, which highlights the 3D effect. The text and graphs should be in proportion, and sometimes also need to be added some reflective performance effect. In addition, clipping is also an expression method.

The Sky

The sky is the indispensable part of an excellent 3D rendering, indicating the time and the weather of the rendering. The basic rule of coloration of the sky: the one closer to audiences should be heavier, the lower the brightness, whereas the farther one should be lighter, the higher the brightness. If you want to make the sky the best context, you need the well-designed clouds. The clouds in different weathers. Sometimes, the clouds also have perspective and head for the same direction with the construction, so that the screen will have a strong sense of perspective. The most important factor is the lightness and its purpose is to highlight and set off the presentation of the building.

AIMIR, a professional architectural visualization company, is an expert in this area. We have mastered all kinds of skills to deal with the relationship of the contexts and make a fantastic 3D rendering for our clients. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.



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