Steeped in a history of over 2,000 years, Panyu District in the geographical center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (the GBA) is one of the birthplaces of Cantonese culture, and centers for Cantonese music, folk culture and art. It is home to South China’s largest high-speed rail passenger transportation hub, and China’s biggest university city, i.e., Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (GZHEMC). With a 100 billion-level auto industry cluster, it has established itself as an important strategic development base for auto industry in Guangzhou. Besides, the district has been recognized as a “Renowned Green District of China” suitable for business and living and one of the first “National All-for-one Tourism Demonstration Zones”.

The Competition is launched as an initiative to thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, further promote the development of the GBA and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, and align with Guangzhou’s development positioning as a “central world-class city, leading hub city of China, open core engine of the GBA, and high-level provincial capital” on the macro level; to advance the construction of Guangzhou’s vitality and innovation axis from a high starting point, further consolidate the strategic positioning of Panyu as a “growth pole of Shiziyang Estuary” and “smart manufacturing innovation city”, and promote high-quality development of the Lianhuawan area on the micro level. Specifically, the Competition aims to achieve a high-standard layout of industrial and sci-tech innovation spaces, set up an example of “world standard, GBA level, and Lingnan characteristics” for high-quality development and innovation, and build a benchmark for green, low-carbon city that integrates ecology, production, and living space, a hub for intelligent manufacturing and innovation in the GBA, and a garden urban district with Lingnan-style landscape.




Supervisor:Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau

Host: Panyu District People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality

Organizer: Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau Panyu Branch


Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Company Limited (Technical Consultant)

Panyu Urban Planning & Survey Design Institute Limited Company, Guangzhou (Technical Supporter)

Guangzhou Wangtat Project Management & Consultancy Group Co., Ltd. (Organizing Consultant)

Guangzhou Xinsheng Culture Media Technology Co., Ltd. (Organizing Consultant)


Scope and Content


The work scope involves district research scope and urban design scope.

District research scope

The district research scope is defined by the Pearl River Back Channel on the north, Lianhua Avenue (planned) on the south, Nanshagang Expressway on the west, and the ShiZiYang Ocean on the east, covering an area of 107 square kilometers. Participants may, in combination with the industrial, ecological and transportation systems, expand the research scope to the surrounding areas, and, focusing on the entire eastern part of Panyu, conduct research on coordinated and integrated district development, and propose the corresponding development framework.

Specifically, it is required tostudy the district’s development positioning, plan its overall functional structure and layout, develop functional clusters of coordinated development, specify the development goals and dominant functions of the clusters, and establish the district’s industrial development system, integrated transportation system and ecological landscape system. An Industrial, transportation, ecological research report should also be provided.

Urban design scope and contents

The urban design scope, with a land area of 627 hectares, is defined by Xingye Avenue on the north, Guangzhou-Gaoming Expressway on the south, Nancun Avenue on the west, and Xinhua Expressway on the east. It is required to provide a detailed urban design proposal for the said area.

Specifically, it is required to identify the target vision and functional positioning of the area, name the area based on its target positioning, and study industry related functions to propose all-day, all-trade operation planning ideas. It is also required to plan and design the functions, trades, site layout, spatial form, architectural appearance, ecological corridors, site landscape, integrated transportation, infrastructure, etc.


Design Scope




Applicants’ qualifications

Items 1-7 below are mandatory, while Item 8 is referential.

  • The design firms from home and abroad may participate in the Competition as independent applicants or by forming a consortium. Participation in name of a natural person or team of natural persons are not allowed. Applicants from both home and abroad must be legally and validly registered for business in places whether they are located.
  • Each consortium shall include no more than three members, and each member should not participate in the Competition separately in their own name or as the member of other consortium. The consortium must submit a Consortium Agreement to specify the leading member, work division, and fee distribution.
  • Applicants under the supervision of the same person or found with controlling or management relationship are not allowed to apply for participation separately or as members of different consortium at the same time.
  • It is required to designate one chief creative designer, who must have served as the design principal for similar urban design projects and will get involved in the entire process of the Competition in person and attend important milestone meetings required by the Organizer (including but not limited to site visit, design presentation, Q&A at evaluation meeting, etc.). In case the chief creative designer is found inconsistent with the one specified in the Prequalification Application Documents during the Competition, the Organizer is entitled to disqualify the corresponding applicant and hold it accountable according to relevant regulations.
  • The applicants should be equipped with a multi-disciplinary professional team, including but not limited to professionals in urban planning and design, architecture, landscape architecture, traffic, ecology, industry, and other sectors.
  • Applicants should respond to the design task requirements of the Competition, and, based on the understanding of the existing problems and development vision of the area, identify the priorities and challenges of the Project and propose preliminary concept.
  • The applicants must have practical experience in the planning, design, or construction of innovation parks and ecological comprehensive areas at home and abroad, as well as rich experience in comprehensive research of industrial planning.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who have cutting-edge technology reserves in one or more areas such as future city, ecological resilience, carbon neutrality, and smart transportation.

Note: Applicants must provide supporting materials as per the qualification requirements and the contents specified for the Competition Application Documents.

Submission of prequalification application document

The deadline for submitting the prequalification application documents is 17:00, April 16, 2024. See Appendix 1.




  1. Base fee

The prequalified applicant who submits the competition deliverables as per the Deign Brief that meet the competition requirements after evaluation will be paid with a base fee of CNY 1,000,000 (tax inclusive) (about US$138,500).

  1. Winning prize

The Organizer will organize the evaluation of the competition deliverables andrecommend winning proposals. Each winning design team will be awarded an additional prize of CNY 1,500,000 (tax inclusive) (about US$207,800).

  1. Design detailing fee

The Organizer will finalize one winning design team to proceed with the design detailing work. Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Company Limited and Guangzhou Panyu Urban Planning Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd., will work with the design detailing team to complete the detailed design deliverables and urban design plans. Upon approval of the final regulatory detailed plan adjustment by the municipal government, the design detailing team will be additionally paid CNY3,000,000 (tax inclusive) as design detailing fee.

Note: Applicant whose competition deliverables are evaluated as invalid by the organizerwill not receive any fee or prize.




The Competition will last from March 2024 to September 2024.

March 16, 2024: Release of Official Announcement;

April 16, 2024: Deadline for submitting prequalification application documents;

Mid-April 2024: Prequalification meeting and announcement of qualified participants;

Late April 2024: Briefing meeting and site visit;

Late April – late July 2024: Concept design stage (design period: no less than 90 days), with 2 to 3 rounds of Q&As and design communications;

Late July 2024: Submission of deliverables;

Early August 2024: Public participation, and evaluation meeting of design proposals.

September 2024: Announcement of the winning proposal.

Note: The schedule is subject to Beijing time. The organizer may adjust the schedule according to the actual situation.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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