1.Project Background
CPC Central Committee and State Council issued Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area on February 18, 2019. It is proposed to optimize and enhance the function of Qianhai Shenzhen – Hong Kong Modern Service Cooperation Zone. Qianhai is striving to enhance the image of a new international city center in accordance with the idea of “World of Qianhai, Cooperation Zone and Future City” and the standard of ” Pursuit of Excellence and Global Leadership “.

According to Comprehensive Plan of China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone – Shenzhen Qianhai & Shekou Area and Areas Surrounding Dananshan & Xiaonanshan, the planning of Qianhai & Shekou FTZ in the future will be positioned as: strategic pivot of Belt & Road Initiative relying on Hong Kong and Macao, serving the inland, and facing the world, demonstration zone of GBA deep cooperation, and new urban center. The Comprehensive Plan requires Qianhai area to strengthen its function as the new urban center, add municipal-level public service programs along the coast, and jointly build the world-class bay parlor together with the surrounding coastal areas.


2.Project Location
Qianhai is located in the west of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, east bank of Pearl River estuary, adjacent to Hong Kong.

Located at the central axis of Qianhai Guiwan, Qianhai Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza is next to Qianhai Stone Park (Guiwan Section) and Jin’an North Street on the west, Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Youth Entrepreneurial Park (short-term utilization) on the east, Jiaoyi North Street and Penquan North Street on the north, and Jiaoyi South Street and Penquan South Street on the south.


3.Project Positioning
Qianhai Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza is the new benchmark for the planning and construction of Shenzhen as the pilot demonstrative area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, integrating the programs of creativity, industry, humanity and leisure of Shenzhen – Hong Kong, converging the cultural elements of Shenzhen – Hong Kong, building the urban showroom, and forming the urban new landmark that is most vigorous, frontier, humanistic and integrated.

(1) Four Main Areas
Most vigorous area – As the urban cultural landmark display and public vitality program, provide urban living room, integrated urban performance field, cultural plaza, outdoor activity space, educational space, etc;

Most frontier area – As the advantageous industry display and experiential window of Shenzhen City, reinforce the cultural output of Shenzhen brand, and consider creating Shenzhen’s industrial and technological display and experience, popular flagship culture experience, and e-gaming center;
Most humanistic area – Introduce art exhibition and urbanism exhibition, enhancing cultural and art display function; introduce curatorial program combined with cultural activities and regional cultural carrier;

Most integrated area – Strengthen the integration of Hong Kong creative elements into the space carrier, and utilize temporary “pop-up” building to construct “strange and familiar” Shenzhen – Hong Kong memory and creativity exchange function.

(2) One Core One Axis Spatial Layout
One core: Urban runway stage – Combined with Qianhai Stone Park, create the comprehensive urban show field integrating leisure, entertainment, event, cultural display and landmark creation.
One axis: Axis of integrating and interactive experience – Make the layout along the sky corridor and slow traffic system, optimize the transport conditions, and add public cultural facilities along the route to strengthen the interactive exchange among different segments.

(3) Main Function
The main function of Qianhai Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza is cultural facility and supporting facilities, and the architectural program and space shall incorporate Hong Kong elements and meanwhile reflect local characteristics of Shenzhen.


4.Design Scope, Surrounding Coordinative Scope and Overall Indicators

(1) Design Scope
The design scope covers schematic design and coordinative scope, with land coverage of about 84,000㎡. The design scope is divided into two phases, in which: the near-term land coverage is about 67,000㎡, with design carried out based on the current condition; long-term land coverage is about 17,000㎡, to be designed based on the relevant plan indicators of Unit 4 of Qianhai Guiwan Area.

(2) Surrounding Coordinative Scope
The surrounding coordinative scope includes the surrounding projects related to Qianhai Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza, with the area of about 435,000㎡ (excluding land coverage of Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza design), including Qianhai Stone Park (Guiwan Section), Jingxing Sea Plaza and Sea Tower, Qianhai International Hub Center of Shenzhen Metro (partial), Qianhai Exchange Square, and Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Youth Entrepreneurial Park. The focus is to coordinate the connection of aboveground and underground urban public space.


(3) Main Indicators
The floor area of Qianhai Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza included into stipulated FAR calculation is 51,000㎡ (plus / minus 20% is allowed), the building height is no greater than 24m, and the approved increased area is to be determined based on the specific design scheme.

5.Urban Design Requirements
This project shall extend the urban design concept of Qianhai urban living room, forming the weatherproof and three-dimensional horizontal building that integrates the programs of creativity, industry, humanity and leisure of Shenzhen – Hong Kong, and creating the urban new landmark that is most vigorous, frontier, humanistic and integrated.

(1) Unique creativity
The design shall fully leverage innovation and creativity. Within the scope of design, design vivid, interesting and unique horizontal new urban landmark that has exclusive form and diverse rich programs.
(2) Building layout
The building layout shall be well organized, with east west (about 1.2km long) buildings crossing the four areas, and the building layout and form at each area has its respective features, while having overall coordination.
(3) Public space
The bottom layer shall be open and transparent, being mainly elevated space. The aboveground buildings are connected via public space, providing the open, pleasing, accessible, shared and exchanging public space that integrates production, life and ecology, enhancing the interaction between the people and between people and ecological environment, and stimulating the urban vitality. The post-pandemic public venue design shall consider how to keep the city and building healthy and let the city have better life.
(4) Space connection
Establish the underground, ground and aboveground three-dimensional, open, convenient and accessible vertical transport system to connect the public space, forming the 3D urban space; connect with the buildings (existing and new) on south and north sides, and make overall coordination on space, function and program.
(5) Roof platform
Provide urban runway stage square for the public to assemble and exchange, public space of cultural and artistic activities, continuous pedestrian walkway system, and form pleasing and continuous roof garden combined with greenery.
(6) Building height
The main building height shall not exceed 24m at maximum, making overall integration for connecting with the buildings at Qianhai Stone Park (Guiwan Section).


Work Content
1.Design Content

(1)Within the near-term scope of Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza, the floor area included into the stipulated FAR calculation is about 21,000㎡, and the main programs are cultural service and supporting facilities. The land covers from west to east the plots of Jingxing Sea Plaza and Qianhai International Hub Center Project of Shenzhen Metro, and central area of Qianhai Exchange Square. The contracted design includes but not limited to the schematic design and design development of architecture, landscape and interior refined decoration within the land boundary, related curtain wall design (with the extent reaching the level of tendering drawing for curtain wall construction), and control of other specialized designs.

(2)Within the long-term scope of Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza, the floor area included into the stipulated FAR calculation is about 30,000㎡. The main programs are cultural service and supporting facilities. The land covers the plot of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Youth Entrepreneurial Park (for short-term utilization). The contracted design includes but not limited to the architectural schematic design within the land boundary, as well as providing relevant technical design requirements for bidding of architectural scheme design of long-term project.

(3)Meanwhile, there are about 118,160㎡ floor area within the near-term project plot that need to coordinate for schematic design due to the construction of Shenzhen – Hong Kong Plaza. The contracted design includes but not limited to architectural schematic design (including the renovation scheme of the existing buildings), and provide whole-process design consulting service during the subsequent design and construction stage.

2.Project Characteristics
The project design shall be carried out based on the urban design of Guiwan central axis, the urban living room of Qianhai, involving project plots with different extents of development, and the project design has the following characteristics:

(1)It involves Qianhai Stone Park, Jingxing, Qianhai Hub (Hong Kong – Shenzhen Western Express Railway, Guangzhou – Dongguan – Shenzhen Intercity Railway, Metro Line 5, upper complex, substation, etc.), central area of Exchange Square, Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Youth Entrepreneurship Park, and municipal roads of Linhai Boulevard and Tinghai Boulevard, including various multi-dimensional building and municipal projects that are existing, under construction or proposed (in design). Meanwhile it needs to meet the requirements of many plans and standards related to fire protection, municipal utility and transport, to ensure the full site specificity of the urban design concept;


(2)As the large comprehensive urban building and structure integrating architecture, public space, landscape, and urban transportation, consider the combination with Guiwan Section of Qianhai Stone Park (i.e. Performance Park at present), organic integration of landscape and architecture, and ensure continuity of urban landscape. The positive interaction of pedestrian flow and vehicular flow of different plots and urban roads and the relevant traffic analysis need to be incorporated into the project design to ensure the rational circulation of urban transport (intercity railway, metro and public transportation), building skywalk connectivity of different plots, smooth and convenient means of urban transportation, and comprehensively improve the positioning of the regional urban garden, urban plaza and urban living room.

This project advocates green and ecological concept, determined as national 2-Star green building; prefabricated construction is to be adopted, so the prefabrication rationality and feasibility have to be considered; adopt BIM forward design (which means for all staff, all disciplines and all processes) to make sure full-process application, full-field coordination and whole project team participation in using the BIM technology. When applying for approval of construction work plan, submit the BIM model and relevant design results of the corresponding stages as per Qianhai BIM delivery standard. The project will have civil air defense work as per relevant government requirements.

In summary, the project involves land parcels of different developers, with different construction timing, so the bid winner needs to have comprehensive strength and provide whole-process design consulting service.

Registration Requirements
1.Applicants must be legally registered companies or organizations Applicants must be legally registered companies or organizations in China and overseas.

2.Consortium is accepted in this project, and the members of the consortium need to meet the following requirements:
(1) There shall be no more than 2 consortium members (including leading member).
(2) Each member of the consortium shall not further apply alone or join another consortium with other applicants to apply.
(3)The consortium members need to sign legal and valid Consortium Agreement, specifying the leading member, as well as the work distribution and share of rights and interests during project implementation stage if awarded with Contract.

3.Application of individuals and teams of individuals is not accepted.

1.Tender Rules
This tender includes three stages: Prequalification, Scheme Design, and Winner Deciding.

1st Stage – Prequalification
The Tenderee will set up professional review jury at the prequalification stage according to the law to review the Prequalification application documents submitted by the applicants. Through open-ballot and round by round voting, determine 5 shortlisted applicants (without ranking) and 2 alternative applicants (with ranking).

2nd Stage – Scheme Design
(1)A total of 5 applicants will be shortlisted through Prequalification to enter this stage (2nd stage – Scheme Design stage).
(2)5 shortlisted applicants submit the deliverables that fulfill the requirements of Design Brief (final version), and each applicant can only submit one scheme.
(3)The Tenderee shall establish a professional review jury according to the law to review the schemes. The professional review jury will adopt open-ballot voting method (round by round elimination) to select top 3 schemes (without ranking) with optimization comments,and sequence the other two bidders as the fourth place and fifth place who get compensation for unsuccessful bidding.
(4)The Tenderee will require the top 3 schemes to be optimized according to the actual situation, and put forward the opinions and suggestions for optimization. The optimization time shall not exceed 30 days, and the Tenderee no longer makes separate compensation on the optimization work. The Tenderee will award the bid according to the optimized scheme.

3rd Stage – Winner Deciding
(1)The Tenderee shall set up a bid selecting jury accordingly. The Tenderee will determine the bid winner from the 3 non-sequenced winners through voting according to the jury’s opinions,and sequence the other two bidders as the second place and third place. The bid winner will be awarded with design contract (without compensation for unsuccessful bidding), while the bidders in the second, third, fourth and fifth places will get RMB1.0 million, RMB1.0 million, RMB0.8 million and RMB0.8 million compensations for unsuccessful bidding respectively.
(2)If all the bidding documents are judged by the Tenderee through bid evaluation procedure as unable to meet the Tenderee’s requirements, then the Tenderee will terminate the tendering. For bidding documents passing through the bid evaluation procedure, the Tenderee will adopt direct voting method to give the ranking for top three non-ranking bidders as selected by the scheme review committee. The bidder of the first place will get RMB1.5million compensation for unsuccessful bidding, while the bidders in the second, third, fourth and fifth places will get RMB1.0 million, RMB1.0 million, RMB0.8 million and RMB0.8 million compensations for unsuccessful bidding respectively.

2.Competition Schedule (Tentatively)


All time is subject to Beijing Time. The Tenderee reserves the right to adjust the agenda, and the time noticed on Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Website – Tender Announcement shall prevail.

1.Design Fee Composition
(1)For near-term scope, reach the extent of design development, the upper limit of design fee is based on the unit price of RMB400/㎡, GFA is tentatively 42,000㎡ (including 21,000㎡ approved additional aboveground floor area), and the design fee is about RMB16.8 million;
(2)For long-term scope, reach the extent of scheme, the upper limit of design fee is based on the unit price of RMB40/㎡, GFA is tentatively 40,800㎡ (including 10,800㎡ approved additional aboveground floor area), and the design fee is about RMB1.632 million;
(3) For project plots involved in the near-term scope (Jingxing underground, Qianhai Hub underground, central area of Exchange Square aboveground and underground, underground space of relevant urban roads), reach the extent of schematic design (including renovation scheme design), the upper limit of design fee is based on unit price of RMB50/㎡, GFA is tentatively 118,160㎡, and the design fee is about RMB5.908 million;
(4)Coordination fee, unit price RMB50/㎡, based on tentative GFA of the designed project plots 118,160㎡, the coordination fee is about RMB5.908 million.
The upper limit of quotation for this tendering is RMB30.248 million, to be paid by fiscal fund. According to the respective design content within the project procurement scope, the contracted design amount will be tentatively determined based on unit price and contract area, while the final contract amount is subject to the floor area approved by the government planning authorities; the contracted design coordination fee will be based on the fixed lump sum, and it will not be adjusted based on the design area increase or decrease.

2.Bidders shortlisted for Stage II shall quote according to the tender document. This quotation document is not used as the basis for scheme review.

Allocation table of compensation fee for unsuccessful bidding

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