Nurturing, developing, and growing the “20+8” industrial clusters by supplying High quality industrial spaces through the High rise industrial buildings.

On June 6, 2022, the Shenzhen Municipal Government released the key policy “Opinions on Developing and Growing Strategic Emerging Industry Clusters and Nurturing Future Industries” which provides for the nurturing, development, and growth of the “20+8” industry clusters, “20” being the 20 strategic emerging industry clusters led by advanced manufacturing which are to be further developed and “8” being the 8 future industries subject to forward-looking deployment. By doing so, the Opinions aim stabilize the overall performance of manufacturing, enhance the growth momentum of the real economy, and expedite the construction of a sci-tech and industrial innovation highland with global influence. The Opinions specify that Shenzhen Should nurture a squad of premium leading enterprises with ecological dominance within their industries, facilitate major breakthroughs in tackling key core technology, and create a batch of modern advanced manufacturing parks and world-class “lighthouse factories”, thereby establishing leading clusters of emerging industries.

As the Key industrial areas of the city, Bao’an District is facing a series of problems including scarce land resources, poor quality of industrial parks, and soaring land costs, threatening the industrial transformation and upgrading in Bao’an. To nurture, develop, and grow the “20+8″industry clusters, supply premium industrial spaces through the High rise industrial buildings, accommodate Strtegic project with strategic spaces, facilitate the concentration of innovative industries and High level projects in Bao’an, form an advanced manufacturing ecology with greater competitiveness, and accelerate the construction of advanced manufacturing highland with global influence, the first High-rise Manufacturing Pilot Initiative are to be carried out in Bao’an District.

Base on the background, this Project, as the decommissioned Class III Coach Terminal of Bao’an District, sets out to safeguard the spatial carrier of the “20+8” industry clusters of the city and facilitate the industrial land supply through the “High rise industrial buildings” in Bao’an District by renewing urban pathways and revitalizing the existing of land resources.




The Project will, rely on the vital location of the Tiezai Mountain Shenzhen National High tech Park promote the congregating of industry resources of sci-tech innovation, expedite its merge into the Upgraded “Tao Hua Yuan” Sci-tech Innovation Center, reinforce the spirit of information technology, the shield of cybersecurity, the engine of economic transformation, and the foundation of the digital society, construct an intelligent industrial park of strategic emerging industries that integrates R&D, design, and lightweight intelligent manufacturing. Taking the project as a landmark, the development climate of the quarter will the renovated and the space will be diversified, fully reflecting the modernity embedded in the innovative parks under the “High rise industrial buildings”




The Project, located in Tiezaishan quarter, Xixiang Sub-district, Bao’an District, Shenzhen and adjacent to the Airport Economic Zone, is also in the proximity of the Upgraded “Tao Hua Yuan” Sci-tech Innovation Center, one of “the four bedrock” under Bao’an District’s “422133” Key Project, and close to the Exit B of Bao’an Terminal Station on Metro Line 12, offering convenient connection to the center of Bao’an District and Shenzhen National Hi-tech Park, Tiezai Shan.


Project location on map

Currently within the project site are two existing buildings, the terminal building and the gas station, offering functions such as long-distance passenger transportation, bus station, EV charging stations, and gas stations; At the moment, the Bao’an Terminal is decommissioned.


Project site on schematic diagram

The surrounding areas of the Project are well established, offering primarily Class II residences and logistics and warehousing. From the regional perspective, the west boundary of the Project site is Xixiang Avenue. Southern to the Project are mainly improved living facilities. Northern to the Project offer predominantly industrial functions. The Project site is an important node in the transition from life to production.

To the west: Residential area of the quarter built long ago, mainly old residences and former villages.

To the north: A 110 KV transformer substation and Baoyunda Logistics Center; Baoyunda Logistics Transfer Center; it is the logistics transfer hub of Xixiang quarter; an exit lies on the east of the plot where light trucks frequently Heavy traffic;

To the east: Mainly residential land, currently with COFCO Lanshan Residential Community, Yulongju Community and a kindergarten on the plot; some entrances and exits of the communities are set on the road on the east side of the plot.


Project surroundings on map




The construction scope is plot 01-01, a patch of land for general industrial purposes and new industrial purposes (M1+M0) with a building area (plot ratio included) of 22506.5㎡, consisting of 73000㎡ of factories (including 48670㎡ of self-holding factories), 40000 ㎡ of industrial R&D buildings (including 36000㎡ of self-holding industrial R&D buildings), 15025㎡ of industrial supporting buildings, 7025㎡ of dormitories (including 3650㎡ of indemnificatory rental dormitories) and 8000㎡ of commercial service facilities), and 4700㎡ of public supporting facilities (including 100㎡of community police station, 300㎡of community management rooms, 600㎡ of resident service stations, 2000㎡of entertainment rooms, 80㎡of recycling stations for renewable resources, 100㎡of restrooms, 20㎡of lounges for janitors, and 1500㎡ of community-level public supporting facilities). The building area excluded when calculating the plot ratio is 58767㎡, including: 54785㎡ of basements; 3982㎡of stilt floors and refuge areas. Housing for property management shall be appraised and decided in accordance with the Property Management Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and excluded from public supporting facilities. The final indicators shall be those approved by the government.


Control Plan of Plot Subdivision and Indicators




The total investment of the project during the construction period is RMB 1750.61 million (amount to the finalized), and the construction and installation cost is RMB 1123.08 million (amount to be finalized). The final approval from the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Bureau of Bao’an District shall prevail.




  • Cooperation in preliminary design (including scheme and index measurement and calculation for land use approval);
  • Conceptual design of the scheme: planning scheme, building plan (including basement), selection scheme of structure typology, interior design scheme, landscape scheme, curtain wall scheme, organization of traffic flows, identification scheme, flood light scheme, etc.
  • Deepening design of the scheme: deepening design of building, and other design contents required by the submission of scheme for approval (verification of scheme design), to complete the verification of scheme design;
  • Application of BIM to the scheme design;
  • Examination of preliminary design and construction drawing (review for architectural effect), field service, submission for project planning permit (cooperation), and other coordination and supervision work related to the scheme design, as well as other content required by the design specification;
  • The designer shall ensure that the construction scheme designs will be successfully approved by relevant government departments or review units after submission for examination and construction, and shall be responsible for making repeated revisions when necessary until the construction scheme designs obtain the review and approval of the owner or the competent government departments.




This project offers an international open tender, which shall consist of the pre-qualification phase, the bidding phase, and the bid awarding phase.


Requirements for pre-qualification phase

Method of review

Five (unranked) official bidders and two (ranked) alternative bidders will be determined through prequalification (closed bid).


Bidding qualifications

Required qualifications for the designer:

  • The bidder shall have Grade A or above human quality qualification of construction industry (construction engineering) design issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In case of consortium bidding, the leading unit shall meet the above-mentioned qualification requirements.
  • The bidder shall be independent legal entity or partnership enterprise or other organization in and outside the People’s Republic of China, and the bids by an individual will not be accepted. (Enterprises registered within the territory of the People’s Republic of China shall provide a scanned copy of the bidder’s business license; overseas enterprises shall provide relevant business registration information and accompanying certification by a notary office in the country where it is located, and the Chinese versions of such information and certification are also required; Enterprises registered in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall go through the relevant certification procedures.)


Required qualifications for the project leader:

  • The project leader shall attain Class I Registered Architect Qualification in the People’s Republic of China. In case of consortium bidding, the project leader shall be appointed by the leading unit.
  • The project leader should be a person who is fluent in Chinese in order to ensure an accurate understanding of the background and relevant requirements of this international tender.


Consortium bidding will be accepted, and the members related to such consortium bidding shall meet the following requirements:

  • There shall be no more than 2 member units of the consortium.
  • In case of a consortium bidding, the joint bidding agreement shall be provided. Unless otherwise specified in the tender documents, the documents required in the tender documents shall only be provided by the leader of the consortium.
  • The leader of the consortium shall be a unit registered within China and meet the above-mentioned qualification requirements.
  • The member units of the consortium shall not participate in the bidding individually or in the form of consortium bidding with other designers in other names.

Note: The qualifications of the consortium shall comply with the provisions set forth in relevant laws and regulations, and be identified in accordance with the division of labor agreed in the consortium agreement.




Estimated cost of the tender

The total cost of the tender is estimated at RMB 15.73512 million,and design fee is 15.218092 million (including all direct and indirect costs, profits, taxes and other fees required to be paid according to national regulations for the designers to complete the design services stipulated in the contract, including fees related to expert review meetings, agency, compensation, construction project transaction service, etc.): BIM design fee RMB 51.7028 ten thousand yuan.


Compensation for unsuccessful bidders

  • A compensation of RMB 300,000 yuan will be given to each of the two bidders who successfully enter the determination stage of the tender but fail to win the bid;
  • A compensation of RMB 200,000 yuan will be given to each of the two bidders who successfully enter the formal bidding stage of the tender but fail to enter the determination stage;
  • The tenderer shall not make compensation for the bidders of invalid bids determined by the evaluation committee.




Deadline for submission of bidding documents:

The deadline for submission of bidding documents is at 17:00pm on October 24, 2023, Beijing time (for details, see Shenzhen Public Resources Trading Website—the announcement of tender for this project).


Methods of submission:

Pre-qualification documents (including performance documents): to upload the electronic bidding documents on the Shenzhen Public Resources Trading Website, with no need to provide them in paper and/or CD.

Conceptual design proposals, display drawing board and electronic CD: The bidder shall first complete the submission of electronic bid of pre-qualification documents (including performance documents) on the Trading Website and obtain the receipt in advance before the deadline for submission of bidding documents, and shall seal the bidding documents in accordance with the sealing and packaging requirements for pre-qualification documents and complete the submission at the place of on-site submission before the deadline for submission of bidding documents.

Place of submission:

Service hall of Shenzhen Exchange Group (Baoan Branch) Co., Ltd, No. 40, East Hubin Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen




  1. The bidder shall register its enterprise information. Enterprises relating to survey, design, construction, supervision, engineering cost and testing are required to complete enterprise information registration on the “Enterprise And Personnel Information Integrity Declaration Platform” of Housing & Construction Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, and other enterprises on the Trading Website.
  2. The bidder shall apply for enterprise’s digital certificates or electronic business license and relevant personnel’s digital certificates in advance and input them in the information on bidder. For the relevant procedures, please refer to the “Guide to Handling of Digital Certificates by Shenzhen CA” on Shenzhen Public Resources Trading and Public Service Platform (Baoan).
  3. The format of the electronic bidding qualification application documents submitted by the bidder shall be generated by the latest version of “Shenzhen Construction Project Design Bidding Document Preparation System” downloaded from the Trading Website. The bidder shall bear the adverse consequences caused by contents of bidding documents that are not able to be imported into the system due to non-standard preparation of electronic bidding documents.





Tenderee: Shenzhen Baotou Jiaotong Development Co., Ltd.

Organizer: Shenzhen Guanzhu Architectural Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Tendering Agency: Shenzhen Bao’an Institute of Architectural Design Co., Ltd.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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