Since 2004, the China Institute of Architecture, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Shandong Province, and the Weihai Municipal People’s Government have successfully hosted the 9th China Weihai International Architectural Design Grand Prix and Habitat Festival, successfully building a display of architectural design talents and promoting young architectural design talents. As an important platform for growth, it has become a famous event in the field of architectural design at home and abroad, and a shining city brand in Weihai. It is the first large-scale professional event organized by the government.

The Shandong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, the Weihai Municipal People’s Government, and the China Architecture Society decided to jointly hold the “Lukun Cup 2019 International College Student Architectural Design Scheme Competition” to comprehensively enhance the level of urban design and architectural creation in the country.

Competition Theme

Beautiful Village   Reborn Seaweed House

Content of the Competition

(1) Design Background:

Due to the special geographical location and climatic factors of the coast, since the construction of the village in the Wanli period of the Ming Shenzong, residents of the Jiaodong coast have built walls of thick stone and dried them with large leaf seaweed grown in the sea as a material. Among them, there are still more than 100 well-preserved seagrass houses in Xiaoxi Village in the planning area of Weihai Hutoujiao Ocean Art Town, which is basically a local building with a history of more than 200 years. It is harmonious and symbiotic with the natural environment, ecological resources, and people’s production and living conditions. It gathers indigenous genes with original ecology in the traditional seagrass room area of Weihai. The unique cultural connotation and huge value of excavation, development and utilization of the Haicao Village in Xiaoxi Village have become increasingly evident. It has developed into a local tourism resource with unique characteristics and has been included in the list of the fifth batch of traditional Chinese villages.

(2)Design Tasks:

Candidates are required to transform and update the current situation of Xiaoxi Village in the planning area of Hutoujiao Ocean Art Town, and to give it important functions, including but not limited to folk experience, leisure, arts workshop and other functions. Participants are invited to fully use their imagination, expand related functions for concept creation, and submit two electronic A0 board designs.

(3) Design points:

Participants should use the theme of “Regenerated Seagrass House” as their concept creation design, and put forward their own unique ideas on the characteristics and future use of seagrass house. They should reflect the following points:
1. The protection of the spatial pattern and traditional style of seagrass dwellings.
2. Control of seagrass residential building materials, colors, body volume, and form.
3. The inheritance and continuation of excellent coastal traditional culture and fishermen’s folk culture.
4. Protective development and orderly use of traditional villages.
5. Supporting infrastructure such as road transportation, hydropower and sanitation.

(4) Design function and scale:

1. The overall transformation of the village and the improvement of the environment.
2. Protection and renovation of existing seagrass houses and innovative utilization.
3. Innovation and function innovation of new seagrass building.
4. The design scope is the scope of construction of Xiaoxi Village, with a land area of 2.34 hectares.


Students in the relevant institutions of higher learning at home and abroad can participate in the contest and submit works with a personal signature or a collective signature.

Drawings Requirements

  1. The drawing board size is A0 drawing board. Participants are requested to provide 2 electronic A0 board designs with the name of the entry as the document name and numbered in sequence. The participating works drawing board shall be produced uniformly by the organizer. The competition will not charge any registration fee, no drawing board production fee.
  2. The design proposal should have a general plane map, standing, profile, effect map and analysis map that can fully express the design idea, as well as drawings that the author considers necessary. Specific expressions are not limited. Provide creative instructions within 1,000 words, which can be combined in the surface.
  3. Participants are requested to submit an electronic resume and a personal 2-inch bareheaded photo (300DPI) at the same time. The resume mainly includes name, gender, date of birth, place of origin, work unit, position, title, etc.


  1. Please email your application form to Weihai Qidong City Brand Co., Ltd. by April 30, 2019.
  2. Please email to Weihai Qidong City Brand Co., Ltd. before July 31, 2019 for the electronic design of the entries, the contestants’ resume and the personal 2-inch bareheaded photo.


Participants are invited to create a conceptual design with the theme of “Regenerated Seagrass House” and put forward their own unique ideas on the characteristics and future use of Seagrass House. The following points should be reflected:

  1. Protection of the Spatial Pattern and Traditional Features of Seagrass Dwellings
  2. Control of Height, Material, Color, Size and Form of Seagrass Houses
  3. Inheritance and Continuation of Excellent Traditional Coastal Culture and Fishermen’s Folk Culture
  4. Protective Development and Orderly Utilization of Traditional Villages
  5. Supporting Infrastructure like Road Transportation, Hydropower and Sanitation
  6. Design Functions and Size

Aerial View of the Present Situation

Aerial View of the Present Situation

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