Project Background

Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone situates at Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, the first national developing and opening area in inland China. The Fifth Plenum of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has proposed that innovation should be kept as the core of modernization building and that self-reliance in the scientific and technological field should be considered as a strategic way to for national development especially in the accelerating the building of a nation with powerful scientific and technological strength. In line with these requirements and in order to fully implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches at the Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Development and Opening-up of Pudong and the Symposium on Comprehensively Promoting the Development of The Yangtze River Economic Belt, Liangjiang New Area has integrated well into the development of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and the coordinated development of “one district, two groups”. Led by Lijia Yuelai Smart Park, Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park, Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone and other key platforms, Liangjiang New Area is exploring the creation of a national smart city model and is striving to build itself as the demonstration window of “a key intelligent application manufacturing town” and “a famous smart city”. It is also pooling its efforts in developing itself as a pillar in building a science and technology innovation center with national influence.

Liangjiang New Area is advancing the planning and construction of Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone under high-quality standards. During this process, the concept of collaborative innovation will be embraced the integration of industrial and city development with the landscape will be paid particular attention. The connotation of “ecology + technology” will be displayed and it is striving to become a high-end talent gathering place integrating humanities, wisdom, and science and technology according to the “four synergies” requirements of the industry, talent, life, and ecology. Now, it has attracted 30 universities, scientific research institutions and large numbers of enterprise-education-research cooperation platforms from home and abroad. It is stepping up its efforts in building itself as an important gathering place of global innovative elements, a cooperation highland for universities, institutions and companies to carry out cooperative innovation and a place of origin which promotes scientific and technological innovation, industrial innovation and advances the development of emerging industries.

To this end, the Management Committee of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area is inviting excellent international design agencies to participate in the international open soliciting of conceptual design schemes for the Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone with the theme of “four synergies of the industry, talent, life, and ecology”.

Project Location

Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone is situated in the northeast of the Longsheng District, Liangjiang New Area, close to the third ring expressway. With Yulin river in the east and Mingyue Mountain in the west.
The international solicitation includes 3 projects with a land area of approximately 58 hectares and a total construction area of approximately 630,000 square meters. They include:
Cluster A: The area of design space is about 20 hectares, and the capacity building area is about 240,000 square meters.
Cluster B:The area of design space is about 19 hectares, and the capacity building area is about 190,000 square meters.
Cluster H: The area of design space is about 19 hectares, and the capacity building area is about 200,000 square meters.

Design phases and content

International solicitation: Carry out conceptual schematic design for Cluster A, B and H.

Integration phase: The bid-winning agency is responsible for completing the integration design of the construction plan (the design shall meet the preliminary design requirements of the whole discipline) and follow-up work.

Applicant qualification

Solicitation applicants shall be a separate legal entity and meet one of the following conditions:

Domestic applicants must have Grade A qualification in urban and rural planning or the engineering design and construction industry (construction engineering).

Overseas applicants should work with one of the domestic design institutions which meet one of the above qualifications to participate in this project. The overseas institutions must have a legal business scope in the country or region where it is located and it should have the corresponding design license. If the chief architect works for an overseas institution, the Certificate of Permanent Residence of Aliens is required.

The staffing establishment shall meet the preliminary design requirements of the whole discipline.

Consortium applications are encouraged, and they shall meet the following conditions:

At least one unit of the consortium shall meet the requirements in 5.1, and the other party shall not be an individual.

Each member unit of the consortium should jointly sign a consortium agreement to specify the division of responsibilities of each design agency, the workload, and the proportion of rights and interests undertaken by each member unit. The organizer will sign a multi-party contract with the consortium.

Working in a consortium aims to meet different requirements of the projects for various disciplines which could enable cooperation among different institutions in various fields such as architecture, planning, transportation, landscape, etc. Architectural design companies, independent designer firms, and major design institutes are encouraged to jointly participate in this project.

Each member unit in the consortium may no longer apply for prequalification separately in its name, nor can it join other consortiums in the project to apply for prequalification at the same time.

Requirements for Design Teams

There shall be two chief architects (A and B) in each design team, of which the chief architect A shall perform the responsibility required in the Architect Responsibility System (see Annex 1 for details) and attend the milestone presentation meetings. If the chief architect A is unable to take these responsibilities due to special reasons, the chief architect B can take this place with the approval of the contracting entity.

Designers participating in this project must be registered personnel of design institutes. The chief designers must be those who have presided over many similar design projects and will directly take part in the whole design process.

Each team should have professionals in architecture, planning, landscape, transportation, etc., and the architectural teams need include but not limited to the majors of structure, HVAC, plumbing, electromechanical, cost, civil defense, and BIM.

The contract will be deemed invalid if any chief designer (A and B) is inconsistent with the prequalification materials during the design process.

Solicitation Content

This solicitation is divided into three stages: registration, prequalification, conceptual scheme design and review.

Stage 1: Open Registration

The unified registration is adopted for the three projects. The registration content includes the application form, accomplishments of the two chief architects and other teammates, initial quotations, and preferred order of the bid for the three projects, etc. (see Annex 2 for details)

Initial quotations are the design fees required per square meter for large public buildings and common buildings respectively (see Annex 4 for details). According to the Architect Responsibility System, chief architects pay no extra charges.

Stage 2: Prequalification

The prequalification jury constituted by experts will vote for the top 9 design institutes from valid registrations.

The jury will allot each project three design institutes according to the prequalification ranking and the preferred order of the bid submitted by agencies.

Stage 3: Conceptual Scheme Design and Review

Based on the Task Book of “Co-creative craftsman” – Architectural Design camp of Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone, shortlisted agencies shall propose conceptual scheme design and make another quotation based on the price limits given after the prequalification.

Registration and Materials Submission

Registration Time

November 20, 2020 —December 10, 2020 (Beijing Time)

Registration Materials

Design units shall submit the registration form, business registration/ business license, certifications of qualification, power of attorney of the legal representative, consortium agreement (if there be), response letter of Architect Responsibility System, the introduction of chief architects and agencies’ achievements, staffing establishment, quotations and other helpful documents such as the certificate of awards and honors.

No more than 5 design projects materials of the same kind lead by the chief architects shall be given in the introduction of chief architects and agencies’ achievements. They shall include the names, locations, and scopes (planning areas) of these projects, design contents, main designers, finish time (on-going projects shall be noted), project pictures (planning drawings or photos), and other proof materials (contract key page, the first page of the contract with an official seal, bid-winning notice and other documents). If any of these projects are proven to be plagiarism or there are any false and inaccurate information, the organizer has the right to disqualify these agencies or terminate the contract at any time.

Team composition shall include personal resumes, certifications of professional backgrounds (professional titles or related credentials) of the major members in the unit. Project materials, incumbency certifications of all members shall also be submitted. Domestic applicants shall provide their certifications of social insurance for nearly half a year.

Design Cost

The design fees of bid-winning agencies for 3 projects will be settled based on the quotation and the building area after administrative review and approval (tax included in price).

The other 6 shortlisted agencies will get a design compensation of CNY 1,000,000 (tax included in price) respectively.

The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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