Project Background

Wugang Yungu·606 is located in the east of East Lake New Town (Yangchunhu High-speed Railway Business District) in Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, between Wuhan Railway Station and WISCO industrial area. It is committed to building into an internationally leading demonstration project for the transformation and upgrading of heavy industrial areas and serve as an important window to show the image of Wuhan City.


Fig.1 Project Location

We hope to pool global wisdom and learn from the world’s advanced experience in this Solicitation. Based on the full recognition of local resource endowment, landscape characteristics and cultural heritage, the industrial development direction planning, the master plan demonstration, the functional layout optimization and finalization of the architecture and landscape styles should be considered. In this way, an innovative industrial cluster with advanced city-running concept and charmful vitality will be built.

Superior design work will be selected in this Solicitation and it will also serve as the basis for the changes in regulatory detailed planning and project approval of the area.


Design Scope

The design includes 4 levels: research scope, conceptual urban design scope, detailed design scope and conceptual architectural design scope.

Research scope: Qingwang Road on the east, the 3rd Ring Road on the west, the boundary of Rail Transit Line 4 depot on the south, and Youyi Avenue on the north, with a land area of about 158.57 hectares.The research mainly involves functional structures, and can be appropriately expanded according to needs of industrial planning.

Conceptual urban design scope: Qingwang Road on the east, the 3rd Ring Road on the west, the boundary of Rail Transit Line 4 depot on the south, and Tuanjie Avenue on the north, including plots 1-6, with a land area of about 81.18 hectares.

Detailed urban design scope: the boundary of the former Wuye Heavy Industry Factory and Qingwang Road on the east, the 3rd Ring Road on the west, the boundary of Rail Transit Line 4 depot on the south, and Tuanjie Avenue on the north, including plots 1-5, with a land area of about 66.82 hectares.

Conceptual architectural design scope: it is divided into north and south areas, about 26.13 hectares. The north area reaches Qingwang Road on the east, the green belt of the 3rd Ring Road and the boundary of the current gas station on the west, Wanshang 1st Road and the boundary of the Originating Area on the south, and the Tuanjie Avenue on the north, including plot 1 and 2, with a land area of about 15.24 hectares; while the south area reaches the boundary of the former Wuye Heavy Industry Factory on the east and south, the boundary of the Originating Area on the north, and Zhanqian West Road on the west, including plot 3, with a land area of about 10.89 hectares.


Design Content

The design should be carried out in line with the strategic development objective of building Wuhan into an international metropolis, aiming at seizing the strategic opportunity of regional industrial transformation and upgrading in the historical and cultural context of an old industrial region, and empowering the high-quality development of East Lake New Town. The design should focus on the layout of emerging industries featuring headquarters economy, sci-tech R&D and “double innovation (cultural innovation and scientific innovation)”, and coordinate functional formats, industrial development, planning layout, transportation organization, landscape environment and other factors. In the design, consideration to production, life and ecology should be given while highlighting creativity and implementation. And a functional diversified, harmonious and symbiotic demonstration area for transformation and upgrading will be built.

The specific design content and requirements are detailed in the solicitation assignment.


Registration Requirements

  • The Solicitation is of public registration and has no qualification requirements. Enterprises or institutions with the status of legal person at home and abroad are eligible for registration; however, individuals and individual combinations are not accepted in registration.
  • Design institutions must be legally registered and have valid business license.Different design institutions with the same person in charge, or have an association of holding controlling interest or management, are not allowed to register simultaneously.
  • Consortiums are allowed to register, and cross-boundary design teams are encouraged to collaborate to integrate teams with different experience in urban design, architectural design, landscape design, industry and functional planning. Consortiums with no more than 3 members (including the lead unit) are allowed to register, a written consortium agreement to clarify the lead unit and the respective responsibilities is needed.All units in one consortium cannot join in other consortiums or as an independent unit to register.
  • The chief designer directing this project shall attend the presentation meetings for every important node(site survey, interim report, results report, review and Q&A, etc.). If the chief designer is found to be inconsistent with the submitted list in application materials during the solicitation, the Sponsors have the right to cancel his/her qualification. In order to ensure that the project designers have an accurate understanding of the solicitation background and relevant requirements, the overseas applicant institution should have at least one person proficient in Chinese in its design team.
  • Design institutions (consortiums) with the following project experience will be preferred:
  1. Experience in urban (architectural) design for upgrading traditional industrial parks;
  2. Experience in design for urban headquarters office areas or new industrial parks.
  • Registration: design institutions with the intent to register should seal and scan the registration materials (click “Read the original text” to download,access code:yw97) and send them to the designated email address for online registration before the deadline specified in the announcement, and indicate “Registration Materials for International Open Solicitation for Urban Design of Wugang Yungu·606” on the email.  For applicants of non-native Chinese speaker, English-Chinese bilingual version of registration materials is required, in which Chinese shall prevail.


Solicitation Process

This Solicitation is divided into three stages, “registration and prequalification”, “design and review”, and “comprehensive evaluation”.

  • Registration and Prequalification
  1. The applicant institution submits the application form and obtains the first stage design assignment and basic information;
  2. The design institution submits credit documents and concept proposal (each institution provides one concept proposal);
  3. The organizers organize a prequalification meeting, comprehensively consider the enterprise’s credit and concept proposal, and select six design institutions as shortlisted institutions (without ranking) and two alternative institutions with ranking (if the shortlisted institutions withdraw, the alternative institutions will be replaced in sequence).
  • Design and Review
  1. The organizers issue the second-stage design assignment to the shortlisted institutions that have confirmed their participation, supplement basic information, and organize site survey and Q&A session;
  2. The shortlisted institutions submit their design works according to the requirements of the design assignment;
  3. The organizers organize a review meeting, listen to the on-site reports of the shortlisted institutions, and select three institutions into the comprehensive evaluation stage.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation

The sponsors will set up a selected institution who will be responsible for deepening scheme design.


Design Bonus

The total amount of design bonus and compensation fee is 10.8 million CNY (about US$1,510,000), paid by WISCO Group Co., Ltd.

  • The selected institution will receive a design bonus of 4.5 million CNY (about US$629,100) for design and 1 million CNY (about US$139,800) for integrating and deepening scheme, totaling 5.5 million CNY (about US$769,000) (including tax).
  • The other two defeated institutions that entered the comprehensive evaluation stage will receive design compensation fees of 2 million CNY (about US$279,600) and 1.5 million CNY (about US$209,000) (including tax) respectively according to the evaluation ranking.
  • The remaining three shortlisted institutions will receive a design compensation fee of 600,000 CNY (about US$83,800) (including tax) each.


Solicitation Schedule

The duration of this international open solicitation is from June to October 2023, and schedule is as follows:


Note: All the time mentioned above is Beijing time. Further notice will be issued in case of any change.


Solicitation Descriptions

  • The design fee in this Solicitation will be paid in RMB within China. If a foreign design institution cannot use its account to collect the RMB, it can authorize an independent legal entity in China to collect the money on behalf.
  • The design institutions have the rights of authorship of concept design. With the permission of the Sponsors, concept design can be evaluated and displayed through mass media, professional magazines, books and periodicals or other forms.

The Sponsors, Organizers and the project construction company have the rights to use shortlisted concept design in the consultation of this project, the rights to wholly or partly use or adjust shortlisted concept design in comprehensive adjustments to the project plan, and the rights to print, publish and exhibit all shortlisted concept designs through mass media, professional magazines, books and periodicals or other forms.

  • Concept design should be original and not have been published in any form. The design or any material used should not infringe any copyright, trademark right, patent right and other rights of any third party. If the above infringement occurs, all disputes or legal liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the design institution; if infringement causes losses, the compensation will be borne by the design institution too.
  • Design institutions shall abide by the relevant confidentiality regulations of the state, properly keep the drawings and materials provided by the Sponsors, and protect their intellectual property rights. Without the permission of the Sponsors, the drawing materials or design works shall not be transferred to any third party or be used in other projects.
  • Design institutions participating in this Solicitation are deemed to acknowledge all the provisions in this Announcement. The bid winner shall be responsible for the subsequent integration and detailing, which should be a condition for obtaining the design bonus.
  • The laws and regulations applied to the solicitation activity and related documents are only those of the People’s Republic of China.
  • The Sponsors reserve the right of final interpretation of the rules of this international open solicitation.


Organizations and Contact Information


Hongshan District People’s Government

Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning

WISCO Group Co., Ltd.


Hongshan Branch of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning

Wuhan Spatial Planning Vetting Center


Technical Support

Wuhan Planning & Design Institute

Contact Information

+86 15623540639 Ms. Dong

+86 13627271616 Ms. Xia

Consultation Time

9:00-12:00,15:00-17:30(Monday to Friday)


Block A, Jianghua Complex Building, Jiang’an District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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