Design Background

To fully implement the important instructions of cultural development and library business proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the construction program of new Wuhan Library is officially launched in order to encourage reading habits among citizens, foster urban culture, improve civic literacy and build Wuhan into a highly competitive city of socialist spirits.

Following a people-oriented, open, flexible, eco-friendly, smart & intelligent philosophy and adhering to the idea of “Highlighting Wuhan Culture, National Visions and World Outlook”, the project aims to build a livelihood-centered, high-quality, benchmark project, in a bid to enhance the positioning of “Study + Living Room + Studio”.


Design Scope

New Wuhan Library is located at the core section of the central business district (CBD) of Wangjiadun, Wuhan where the Changqing Road joins the Yuncai Road. The planned land area is 4.33 hectares (65 mu), and the total floor area is 136,400 square meters, of which the floor area of the library is 100,000 square meters, the Local Chronicles Library is 10,000 square meters and the underground basement is 26,400 square meters (subject to the project proposal). The overall investment is around 1.8 billion CNY (land fee included).

The project is surrounded by abundant cultural, scenic and environmental resources. It is adjacent to a group of public facilities such as the Wuhan Museum, Wuhan Broadcasting and Television & Media Center (under construction), Oceanwide City Square. It is only around 500 meters away from the Wangjiadun Park and Houxianghe Park, and is easily accessible by the Fanhu Station and Yunfei Road Station of Line 2/3/7.

Project Location

Surrounding Land Use Conditions of the Project

Transport Conditions


Registration Requirements

  • Oversea enterprises and institutions with the status of legal person and experience in the design of cultural projects (completed or ongoing) are eligible for application.
  • Design institutions must be legally registered and have valid business license. Different design institutions and organizations with the same person in charge, or have an association of holding controlling interest or management, are not allowed to register simultaneously.
  • Consortiums with no more than 3 members are allowed to register, a written consortium agreement to clarify the lead unit and the respective responsibilities is needed. All units in one consortium cannot join in other consortiums or as an independent unit to register.
  • Individuals and individual combinations are not accepted in registration.
  • The Solicitation has no qualification requirements. If the bid winner does not possess Grade A License in the construction industry (construction engineering), it must entrust another design institution with relevant qualifications or experience in the design of public cultural projects to cooperate with it after being awarded the bid. Before the signing of subsequent agreements, such entrusted design institution must be accredited by the Sponsor.
  • Please fill, seal, scan the registration form (click “Read the original text” to download,access code:bzzx) and send it to [email protected] obtain the design assignment, in which you could also find the details of credit certificate document requirements.


Solicitation Process

The Solicitation is open to all design institutions at home and abroad, and is divided into two stages, “registration and prequalification” and “architectural design scheme review”

  • Registration and Prequalification

As soon as the announcement of Solicitation is issued, design institutions should submit their registration documents and concept proposal document. The Sponsor will provide design assignment and basic material package, and organize exchanges and Q&A sessions for the Project. The Sponsor will hold a prequalification meeting to review the documents submitted by design institutions, and select 6 units as shortlisted units (without ranking) and 2 units as candidates with ranking.

  • Architectural Design Scheme Review

The 6 shortlisted institutions shall submit their achievement documents that meet the requirements by the specific date, which will be reviewed at the review meeting organized by the Sponsor. 3 institutions will be selected with ranking. The Sponsor will decide 1 design institution for follow-up design after comprehensive evaluation and then an additional design agreement will be signed. The winning design institution will participate in field or remote reports/defense sessions, depending on the situation of COVID-19 prevention & control.


Awards and Design Compensation Fee

The total design fee is 6 million CNY (about US$943,000):

The 6 shortlisted institutions will get a design compensation of 500,000 CNY (about US$78,578) respectively. Three design institutions will be selected in the Architectural Design Scheme Review Stage. The selected design institution will receive 2 million CNY (about US$314,000), other two institutions will receive 600,000 CNY (about US$94,290) and 400,000 CNY (about US$62,860) respectively according to rank. (Note: All the above fees include taxes).

The bid winner will be designated for deepening subsequent design schemes and preparing preliminary design. The actual work scope and costs shall be subject to the contract.


Solicitation Schedule

The duration of the Solicitation is from March to July 2022, and the schedule is as follows:

Note: All the time mentioned above is Beijing time. Further notice will be issued in case of any change.


Solicitation Descriptions

  • The design fee in this Solicitation will be paid in RMB within the borders of China. If a foreign design institution cannot use its account to collect the RMB, it can authorize a domestic independent legal entity to collect the money on behalf.
  • The design institutions have the rights of authorship of concept design. With the permission of the Sponsor, concept design will be evaluated and displayed through mass media, professional magazines, books and periodicals or other forms. The Sponsor, Organizer and the project construction company have the rights to use or adjust concept design wholly or partly in the consultation of the Project, and the rights to print, publish and exhibit concept design through mass media, professional magazines, books and periodicals or other forms.
  • Concept design should be original and not have been published in any form. The design or any material used should not infringe any copyright, trademark right, patent right and other rights of any third party. If infringement occurs, all such disputes and legal liabilities will be borne by the design institution. If infringement causes losses, the compensation will be borne by the design institution too.
  • Design institutions shall abide by relevant confidentiality provisions, properly keep the drawings and data provided by the Sponsor, and protect their intellectual property rights. Without the permission of the Sponsor, the drawing materials or design works shall not be transferred to any third party or be used in other projects.
  • Design institutions participating in this Solicitation are regarded as acknowledging all the provisions in this Announcement. The bid winner shall be responsible for deepening scheme design and preparing preliminary design, which will be deemed as basis for obtaining the design compensation.
  • The laws and regulations applied to the solicitation activity and related documents are the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.
  • The final rights to interpret or explain issues regarding this Solicitation process are held by the Sponsor.


Organization and Contact Information


Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Wuhan National Resources and Planning Bureau


Wuhan Library


Wuhan Planning & Research and Exhibition Center



Wuhan Urban Construction Group Co., LTD

Contact information

+86 15869107595 Mr. Tu

+86 15623540639 Ms. Dong

+86 13971182838 Ms. Fu

Consultation Time

9:00-12:00,15:00-17:30(Monday to Friday)


Block A, Jianghua Complex Building, Jiang’an District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


[email protected]


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.


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