Adhering to the concept of “station-city integration”, the international consultation will insist on the demand of “global vision, international standards, local characteristics and high positioning” to seek prospective and innovative urban design schemes from outstanding design institutions at home and abroad

Figure 1 Master Plan of Shenzhen Railway Hubs


Xili Hub lies in between Shenzhen Bay district and Liuxiandong district of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Park (SHIP) in Nanshan District. Occupying a position of strategic importance, it is one of the areas in Shenzhen with the most intensive scientific and educational resources, the highest level of development, and the strongest scientific and technological innovation capabilities (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Surroundings of the area

Cover an area of 189 hectares, the range of the urban design connects Shahe Xi Road in the east, Baoshen Road in the south, Nanhai Avenue in the west, and Chaguang Road in the north. If necessary, design institutions could widen the scope to Beihuan Avenue in the south and Liuxian Avenue in the north which is around 750 hectares.

Figure 3 The Range of the Design


According to the requirement of “connect innovative momentum, serve axis of scientific and technological innovation, and converge city vitality”, the schemes shall offer a systemic design for overall spatial framework, function, spatial form, transportation, public space and landscape, and the hub architecture, and make practicable suggestion in accordance with the phasing of hub construction.


The project is open to the public without any qualification restrictions. Both domestic and foreign design institutions can register for entry. Design institutions in different specialized fields are encouraged to form a consortium, and at least one of them shall have experience in integrated transport planning.

Priority will be given to those with following project experience:

① With rich experience and successful cases in designing integrated transport hub area;
② With research and design experience in the core area;
③ With successful experience and completed cases in architecture design of large-scale integrated transport hubs;
④ With rich experience and successful cases in integrated transport planning and practices.

No application from individuals is accepted. The team shall be made up of professional personnel from multiple specialties, including urban planning, urban design, architecture design, and transport planning, and so on.


For registration, design institutions (consortium) shall provide materials of their business performance, group composition, conceptual design, etc. Design institutions are welcomed to prepare for consultation in advance. Pre-registration for the project is available. Please download Pre-registration Form and send the filled form to the email: [email protected]. Specific requirements should be subject to the formal consultation documents.

For further information, please pay attention to Website of Shenzhen Center for Design(, and WeChat Official Account of ABBS, or send emails to [email protected] for inquiries.

The competition information Aimir provided is totally free of charge, if you want to acquire more details or need 3d rendering service for this competition, please feel welcome to drop us a line. We gladly support you.

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