Competition Name


International Competition of Urban Design for Pazhou East District (International Super Headquarters)(hereinafter referred to as “Competition”, REF No.: CLF0121GZ13GJ06)




The Competition aims to thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress and the important instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit in Guangdong and Guangzhou; to practice Guangdong Provincial Party Committee’s “1310” deployment (targeting at one goal, stimulating three drives, and making ten breakthroughs) and Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee’s “1312” initiatives (acting as the pacesetter, stimulating drivers of reform, opening-up and innovation, and staying ahead as a model in twelve fields); and to anchor the pursuit of being a “pacesetter, leader, and engine”, accelerate the development of the digital economy, further integrate it with the real economy, and promote the development of the Pazhou Core Area of Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone. Through the Competition, it is expected to solicit urban design proposals with forward-looking and innovative urban design concepts and the unique characteristics of Pazhou East District, and, based on the previous planning, design and research results of Pazhou, to conduct overall planning and high-quality design for Pazhou East District, plan its future urban image in advance, and make it a new benchmark for modern high-quality development.

Pazhou East District is located at the east tip of Pazhou Island. It represents an important node on the Pearl River High-quality Development Belt, and the core area of the artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zone prioritized by Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City. In July 2021, Guangzhou issued the Digital Economy Industry Development Plan for Pazhou Core Area of Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone (2021-2025), proposing to develop Pazhou East District with prominent land resources and location advantages into a hub of super headquarters for sci-tech enterprises, and a new spot for digital cultural tourism combining historical and cultural resources of Huangpu Ancient Port and Ancient Village. In October 2022, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province officially approved the establishment of Guangzhou Pazhou Economic Development Zone. As an integral part of it, Pazhou East District is set to improve its management system and operation mechanism for better development quality and efficiency in accordance with the requirements for centralized layout, industrial agglomeration, intensive land use, distinctive characteristics, moderate scale and complete supporting facilities. It will strive to serve as an important engine driving economic restructuring and the transformation of economic development model in the region.

The Competition is hosted by Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, and organized jointly by Guangzhou Urban Planning and Research Center, Guangzhou Land Development Center, and Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau Haizhu Branch. Its organizing consultants are Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Company Limited and Guangdong Choicelink Internet Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Work Content


The work of the Competition is divided into three parts:

  • Research on district development strategy: Based on the new development landscape of Pazhou East District, comprehensively consider its coordinated development relation with the surrounding key functional areas. By leveraging the development opportunities brought about by Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone and Guangzhou Pazhou Economic Development Zone, help realize staggered development of “Three Areas on Both Banks of the Pearl River” (i.e., Pazhou Core Area on the south bank and Guangzhou International Financial City Area and Yuzhu Area on the north bank), and build a high-quality development demonstration area of digital economy. By learning from the development of similar benchmarking districts at home and abroad, analyze existing challenges and development potential of Pazhou East District, identify its development strengths, priorities and highlights based on its resource endowment, functional positioning and industrial base. By studying the overall development positioning of Pazhou East District, propose a proper development strategy, function layout and industry model for it.
  • Conceptual urban design: The design scope extends to Guangzhou Ring Expressway on the west, the tip of Pazhou Island on the east, the Pearl River front channel on the north, and the Pearl River rear channel and Huangpu Riverlet on the south, covering 336 hectares.
  • Detailed design for the Core Area: The design scope is defined by Guangzhou Ring Expressway and its Xinhua Branch Line on the west, the confluence of the Pearl River front channel and Huangpu Riverlet on the east, Shazi Island on the north, and Huangpu Riverlet on the south, covering 210 hectares.

The specific work scope and requirements are detailed in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2.




(I) Registration Requirements

Requirements in Items 1 – 5 below are mandatory, while those in Item 6 are preferred.

  1. The Competition is open to design firms inside the Chinese Mainland, which may sign up alone or as a consortium, and design firms outside the Chinese Mainland, which must sign up by forming a consortium with a local design firm. Natural persons or teams of natural persons will be rejected. Applicants must have been legally and effectively incorporated at their domiciles. A firm whose shares are predominantly held by another firm outside the Chinese Mainland as shown by its equity structure is deemed a firm outside the Chinese Mainland. Each consortium may have no more than three members. A firm who is already a consortium member shall not enter for the Competition twice, either in its own name or as the member of another consortium. Consortia signing up for the Competition must submit a Consortium Agreement clearly defining the consortium leader, the division of work, and the design fee distribution proportions.
  2. Design firms run by one same person or interrelated in terms of shareholding or management are not allowed to sign up for the Competition simultaneously, either alone or by joining different Consortia.
  3. The lead designer and design personnel participating in the Competition must be on the payroll of the applicant (if the applicant is a consortium, the lead designer must be on the payroll of the consortium leader). The lead designer must participate entirely in the Competition and take charge of design presentations of major milestones.
  4. The participating team of each applicant shall be composed of a variety of personnel specialized in, including but not limited to, urban planning and urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, transportation, ecology, industry, municipal utilities, etc.
  5. The applicant shall be capable of responding to the design work requirements of the Competition and propose a concept proposal.
  6. Lead designers who have chaired the following projects of the same kind are preferred:
  • Experience in spatial development strategy, planning and design of large urban agglomerations, key urban areas within metropolitan areas, innovative industrial areas, and important development platform nodes;
  • Competence and experience in detailed urban design for key urban waterfront areas;
  • Knowledge reserve in cutting-edge key technologies in one or more fields among future city, ecological resilience, carbon neutrality, smart transportation, TOD, etc.


(II) Time and Way of Registration

  1. Applicants must register and fill out the Procurement Document Acquisition Registration Form on the electronic registration system of the Organizing Consultant before 17:00, December 22, 2023. Operation process: Log in to the electronic registration system, search for the name of the Project, click “Announcement Details” to enter the announcement page, click “Obtain documents” in the upper right corner, and fill out the form according to the operation guidelines.
  2. The registration documents must be submitted on site or by post (subject to the mail receipt signature record or the on-site receipt signature form) before 17:00, December 22, 2023. Those delivered later than the above deadline will not be accepted. In case the registration documents are not delivered before the deadline due to mailing problems or are subjected to any problem during the mailing process, all consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the applicant.
  3. Address for delivering the registration documents: F23, Yuehai Building, 472 Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou; Recipient: Guangdong Choicelink Internet Technology Group Co., Ltd., Ms. Chen, (+86) 19102022196.


  • Both hard and soft copies of the registration documents are required. In case of any inconsistency between them, the hard copies shall prevail.
  • Time for accepting the registration documents: from 9:00 to 17:00 on working days, excluding legal holidays.


(III) Registration Documents

The registration documents shall include hard and soft copies of commercial and concept proposal documents.


  1. Commercial documents

The commercial documents shall be prepared in A4 size in proper order and in accordance with the requirements of the Registration Documents Template (Appendix 3). It is required to submit one original and ten duplicate brochures enclosed into one same sealed package. Each brochure shall feature soft covers and contain no more than 200 pages using paper no heavier than 80 gsm printed on both sides. The original brochure shall be stamped with a paging (or cross-page) seal (the official seal of the leader if the applicant is a consortium) in addition to the official seal required at the positions stipulated in the layout template file.

In accordance with the International Competition of Urban Design for Pazhou East District (International Super Headquarters) – Selection Rules (Appendix 6), items (1) through (11) below are mandatory, while item (12) is optional. The registration documents shall be prepared strictly in accordance with the Registration Documents Template (Appendix 3).

  • Applicant Information Form (signed and stamped with the official seal).
  • Registration Confirmation Letter (signed and stamped with the official seal).
  • Consortium Agreement (only applicable to consortium applicants and must be signed and stamped by all members).
  • Applicant’s Name and Qualifications (a photocopy of the qualification certificates).
  • Applicant’s Company Profile (shall be provided by all members if the applicant is a consortium).
  • Applicant’s Business Registration Information (a photocopy of the relevant business registration certificate or license, and, if the applicant is the branch of a foreign firm inside the Chinese Mainland, a description of the equity structure of the branch).
  • Certificate of Legal Representative (original), Letter of Authorization from the Legal Representative (original) (applicable to design firms inside the Chinese Mainland signing up for the Competition alone or as a consortium member); Certificate of Design Firm Principal (original), Letter of Authorization from the Design Firm Principal (original) (applicable to design firms outside the Chinese Mainland signing up for the Competition as a consortium member); a photocopy of the valid identity certificate of the authorized person.
  • Lead Designer’s Employment Certificate and Commitment Letter of Full Participation.
  • Lead Designer’s CV and Project Experience.
  • Design Personnel’s Professional and Project Experience.
  • Applicant’s Similar Project Experience (since January 1, 2018; photocopies of key pages of project contracts stamped with the applicant’s official seal). The applicant signing up for the Competition either alone or as a consortium (in the latter case, one of the consortium members) must have chaired the design of key urban areas, innovative industry areas, and waterfront areas (no more than 10 projects, no matter their planning or construction is on-going or completed; if the applicant is a consortium, the cap means the combined total of all members).
  • Other information deemed necessary by the applicant.


  1. Concept proposal

It is required to submit one original and ten duplicate concept proposal brochures. Each brochure shall be prepared in A3 size in proper order, feature soft covers, and contain no more than 10 pages (excluding the front cover, back cover, title page and table of contents page) using paper no heavier than 80 gsm printed on both sides.

A variety of forms may be adopted for the representation of design concepts and ideas in the concept proposal, which may have independent chapters and a mixed layout of images and text, and shall reflect the design team’s understanding of the Project. Its content shall include but is not limited to:

  • Based on the analysis of district development conditions and future development tendency, summarize the characteristics of the Pazhou East District and preliminarily identify its future development direction.
  • Clearly point out the key problems to solve, and put forward creative design concepts, ideas and methods for addressing these problems, or models and new technology applications that can be referenced.
  • Develop technical routes, presuppose the composition of the final deliverables, and put forward reasonable suggestions on team and work arrangements.


  1. Registration presentation file

The registration presentation file shall include the applicant’s company profile, portfolio of relevant projects, concept proposal and design team introduction (no more than 15 pages, with the font size suitable for 100-inch screen; see Appendix 4 for layout requirements). It is required to submit one original and ten duplicate brochures. Each brochure shall be prepared in A3 size in proper order, using paper no heavier than 80 gsm printed on both sides.

  1. The following soft copies shall be produced and submitted in both CD-ROM and USB flash drive forms (one set each), and be sealed together with the hard copies of the registration documents. The applicant shall guarantee that the submitted soft copies are readable, and free from damage or virus.
  • Registration documents (*.docx/*.doc documents and scanned *.pdf documents of the stamped original version).
  • Concept proposal (*.docx/*.doc documents, or *.pptx/*.ppt documents, or editable *.pdf documents, no less than 300dpi).
  • Registration presentation file (*.pptx/*.ppt file, font size suitable for 100-inch screen).
  • List of Application Information (see Appendix 5 for layout requirements).


(IV) Release of the Announcement

The Competition will be released on the website and WeChat official account of Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau (, the WeChat official account of Guangzhou Urban Planning Association,  and the website of the Organizing Consultant (, opening to design firms both inside and outside the Chinese Mainland. In case of any inconsistency between the various versions released on the above platforms, the one released on the website of the Organizing Consultant shall prevail.

  1. Participation

 (I) Selection of Participants

The Competition adopts open registration. The Competition Announcement will be released on websites to accept registration by design firms inside and outside the Chinese Mainland. A Selection Committee will be formed to vote on and rank the applicants. The top 5 applicants will be admitted as participants of the Competition, and those ranking the 6th to 8th as alternate participants. If there are less than 5 eligible applicants, the Host may decide to extend the registration time or re-organize the registration as the case may be. If any participants give up the entry qualification for some reason after being admitted but before the release of the Technical Documents, the alternate participants will take their places in turn until the vacancies are filled.

The Organizing Consultants will send an invitation letter to the admitted applicants. The competition documents submitted by applicants that do not have an invitation letter will not be accepted.

The participants selection results will be announced before 17:00 on January 4, 2024 (tentative).


(II) Release of Technical Documents

The Technical Documents release and Q&A meeting of the Competition will be held in Guangzhou at 10:00 on January 17, 2024 (tentative). The specific place and time shown in the invitation letter shall prevail. A site visit will be organized as the case may be.


(III) Submission of Competition Deliverables

The deadline for submitting deliverables is 17:00 on April 17, 2024 (tentative), subject to the place and time indicated in the released Technical Documents. All participants must submit their final competition deliverables to the designated place before the given deadline.


(IV) Evaluation of Deliverables

The competition deliverables will be evaluated by the following three stages.

  1. Deliverables validity review: The Evaluation Committee will review the submitted competition deliverables and issue written review opinions on their validity; the written opinions will be signed by all members of the Evaluation Committee and submitted to the Competition Committee. Only those that have passed the validity review can proceed to the next stage of comprehensive evaluation.
  2. Comprehensive evaluation: Participants entering the comprehensive evaluation stage will draw lots to determine their presentation order, and their lead designers will present their deliverables and answer questions. The Evaluation Committee will score the design deliverables after meticulous study and thorough discussion and comparison.
  3. Calculation of overall score and completion of evaluation report: The Evaluation Committee will rank the participants by overall score from highest to lowest and complete the evaluation report.


(V) Prize Money and Payment

  1. Prize Money

Based on the Evaluation Committee’s evaluation and ranking of the submitted design proposals, the participants (a consortium will be deemed one participant) will receive the following prize money:

The first prize (1 winner) : RMB 2.8 million (about US$391,500);

The second prize (1 winner) : RMB 1.7 million (about US$237,690);

The third prize (3 winners) : RMB 1 million each (about US$139,820).

  1. Payment
  • The prize money will be paid after the publicity period of the competition results ends (on the premise of zero objection).
  • The prize money will be tax-inclusive and paid in RMB. The Organizer Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau Haizhu Branch will settle the prize money with the winners.
  • If the winner is a consortium, the prize money will be paid to one of its members inside the Chinese Mainland (which must meet the requirements on subject of taxation in China).
  • The winners shall provide payment information including a legal special VAT Fapiao of China as required, and cooperate on the settlement procedures.
  1. Notes
  • Participants whose competition deliverables are determined invalid by the Evaluation Committee will not receive any prize money.
  • The prize money covers all expenses incurred by the participants during the period of the Competition (including but not limited to design cost, deliverables production cost, research cost, travel expense incurred from attending relevant project communication meetings, design copyright fee, related taxes, etc.), so no other expenses will be paid.


Security Deposit


No security deposit is required for participating in the Competition.




  • The Competition, including the competition work and all related documents, is governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Any disputes over the Competition that cannot be settled through consultation shall be submitted to Guangzhou Arbitration Commission for arbitration. The arbitration award shall be final and binding upon the parties involved.
  • Beijing time is adopted in this Announcement.
  • In case of any discrepancy between this Announcement and the officially released Technical Documents of the Competition, the latter shall prevail.
  • In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of this Announcement, the Chinese version shall prevail.
  • Applicants outside the Chinese Mainland must get an authorization from their headquarters for participating in the Competition.
  • All materials submitted by the participants, including but not limited to registration documents, deliverables, works, models, etc., will not be returned
  • The Competition rejects any form of plagiarism. The submitted design proposals must be originally created by the participants.
  • The Host shall have the intellectual property rights to the competition deliverables, and the participants the right of authorship.
  • All valid competition deliverables will not be returned to the participants after evaluation. The Host and Organizers have the right to use all competition deliverables free of charge, including but not limited to: publicly displaying them after the evaluation ends; introducing, displaying and evaluating them through the media, professional magazines, specialized books and periodicals, or in other forms; or modifying and optimizing them.
  • In case of any policy changes or other force majeure events after the release of this Announcement, the Host has the right to terminate the Competition, and reserves the right of final interpretation.
  • All design firms participating in the Competition are deemed to acknowledge all terms of this Announcement.
  • The Host has the right of final interpretation of this Announcement.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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