Project background

 In recent years, Lishui Town has focused on high-quality development, actively embraced the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, seized the “dual-zone drive” development opportunity, accelerated the development of urban and rural integration, and strived to build Lishui into a more beautiful environment, stronger industry, and better governance. The urban and rural areas of Nanhai District, which have better quality and a higher sense of well-being of the people, are fully integrated and developed as a benchmark town and the most beautiful Lingnan water village in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

 In order to achieve the integration of urban and rural areas in Lishui Town, Lishui Town took advantage of its situation, adapted measures to local conditions, used the geographical features of the Lishui River for planning and construction, rationally used resources and costs, take the deeply integrated “Industry-City-Humanity-Culture” as development concept to build a Lihu New Town. The goal is to build a demonstration zone of the green healthcare industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, a fashionable water capital of the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan area, the RBD core area, and a high-end resource gathering area for Lingnan Guangfu cultural industries.

 In order to further promote the implementation of Lihu New Town, build the core landscape demonstration area of Lihu New Town, plan and construct Lihu Central Park, central axis city living room, central waterfront and other projects with high standards, implement “high standard planning”, and accelerate orderly construction of the project, the ” International Competition of Landscape Design for the Core Area of Lihu New Town ” is launched, openly solicit design proposals with international perspectives, high level, and high standards, to provide a basis for subsequent project construction, thus to achieve the purpose of “Let high standard design lead the construction and development of Lihu New Town”.

Main design tasks (the final requirements are subject to the “Competition Technical Documents “)

The overall work content of this project includes: I, the overall planning and design of the overall landscape of 5.6 square kilometers of Lihu New Town; II, the core area of Lihu New Town (Lihu Central Park, central waterfront (including waterfront road landscape), the landscape design of the central axis city living room (including the roads around the central axis); III, the integrated design of 5 landscape bridges connecting Lihu Central Park, Dalang Bay, and Funan Bay. Among them, the total investment in the construction and installation of landscape engineering in the core area of Lihu New Town is about RMB355 million, and the total investment in the construction and installation of 5 landscape bridges is about RMB101.51 million. The specific work content and requirements are as follows:

1.Main work content and requirement in the competition stage

Main work content in the competition stage

The core area of Lihu New Town includes the Lihu Central Park, the central axis city living room, the central waterfront and the 5 landscape bridges connecting the 3 islands with integrated high-standard design, including square garden construction, greening configuration, site furnishings and the city furniture, waterfront design, lighting design, sign system, supporting houses, landscape bridges, roads (road section, greening, sidewalk layout), etc. The design depth is conceptual design. The design area of the core area is about 34 hectares, of which the central park is about 5.8 hectares, the central axis city living room (including the roads around the central axis) is about 12.2 hectares, and the central waterfront belt (including waterfront roads) is about 16 hectares.

Follow-up work after competition

On the basis of the deliverable of the conceptual scheme competition,  the selected unit shall absorb the advantages of other competition schemes, and adjust and develop the competition design scheme based on opinions from expert review, competition organizer and relevant department, and complete following work:

Overall planning and design of the overall landscape of 5.6 square kilometers of Lihu New Town (including coordinated planning of development land and public space, traffic analysis, pedestrian and bicycle route planning, convenience facility design, lighting design and brand building, open space planning, main streets Landscape design, and the overall planning of the two islands in Funan Bay and Dalang Bay);

Schematic design and preliminary design (including budgetary estimate) work for the Lihu Central Park, the central waterfront (including waterfront road landscape) and the two landscape bridges connecting the central island (central park). The final deliverables need to meet the requirements of “ Regulations of Design Document Preparation Depth for Municipal Public Works (2013 edition)” for landscape engineering and bridge engineering, as well as the relevant regulations of Guangdong Province and Foshan City;

The scheme of the central axis city living room and the other 3 landscape bridges shall reach the depth of schematic design. The final deliverable needs to meet the depth requirement of schematic design document preparation for landscape and bridge as stated in the “Regulations of Design Document Preparation Depth for Municipal Public Works” (2013 edition), as well as relevant regulations of Guangdong Province and Foshan City.

Competition rules

The competition work is divided into two stages: the first stage is pre-qualification; the second stage is design competition.

The first stage —— pre-qualification

Open competition is to be adopted for this competition, openly accept applications from home and abroad design units (including consortium, the same below) that meet the qualification requirements for participation.

The qualification evaluation committee evaluates the pre-qualification application documents submitted by the applicants, and shortlists Three formal participants for the second stage of design competition.

The three formal participants units shortlisted will receive invitation letters from the competition organizer.

The second stage——- design competition

The three formal participants shall carry out design work in accordance with the requirements of the “Competition Technical Documents” subsequently issued, and submit the formal design deliverable on time. Each unit shall submit only one design scheme. The design scheme submitted by a design unit other than the formal participating units will not be accepted.

The scheme evaluation committee will evaluate all the submitted design schemes, and determine the ranking of each entry scheme by registered voting. The No.1 scheme is the winning scheme for this competition, and the winning scheme unit shall complete the subsequent scheme development work. If the No.1 scheme is hard to achieve the purpose of this competition, the winning scheme can be vacant.

If the selected scheme unit cannot fulfill the contract or abandon the selection, the participation deposit will not be refunded. The competition organizer may choose another winning scheme as the selected scheme or vacant in accordance with the “Competition Technical Documents “, the review opinion of the expert committee and relevant administrative departments’ opinion.

Requirements for Qualifications

There must be a legally registered and valid business license or business certificate; must be qualified as an independent legal person. Design units that have the following relationships may not participate at the same time:  The legal representatives of two or more legal persons are of the same person;  The parent company, wholly-owned subsidiary and its holding company.

Design unit from mainland China must have one of the following qualifications: ①Comprehensive Grade A qualification for engineering design; ②At the same time, it must possess Grade A qualification for landscape design and Grade A or above qualification for design of municipal industry (bridge engineering).

 Note: The above qualification requirements in ② can be done in the form of a consortium, and each member of the consortium must have at least one of the qualifications in ②.

Design units from foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions must be fairly well-known in the world, and they must form a consortium with design units from mainland China with the qualifications in above (2);

The participating applicants (independent or consortium) must have similar experience and undertaken cases of urban landscape design and landscape bridge design. This competition accepts participation in form of consortium, with no more than 3 members. The consortium must submit a consortium agreement, and the main member of the consortium should be defined in the agreement. After the members of the consortium have signed the Consortium Agreement, they can no longer participate in its own name, nor can they form a new consortium or participate in other consortium, otherwise their qualifications of participation will be invalid.

 The competition schedule

  1. Nov.12th,- Nov.23rd, 2020: Announcement will be issued to accept the design unit to submit prequalification application documents.
  2.  Late-November,2020: Evaluate the pre-qualification application documents and confirm the formal participant
  3. .  Dec.4th, 2020-Jan.27th,2021: Participating units start to work on the design scheme, and the competition design cycle is about 55 calendar days
  4. The press conference and site survey is scheduled for Dec.10th, 2020.
  5. The interim report meeting is scheduled for late-December,2020.
  6. The expert evaluation meeting is scheduled for Jan.29th, 2021.
  7. The competition organizer reserves the right to adjust the competition schedule. As affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the competition organizer may duly adjust the dates and the ways to the specific meeting time as may be necessary, at that time, the notice issued by the competition organizer shall prevail.

Competition fee

Cost compensation fee

The No.1 participant will receive a cost compensation fee of RMB800,000 (RMB, including tax, the same below) paid by the competition organizer.

The No.2 participant will receive a cost compensation fee of RMB600,000  paid by the competition organizer.

The No.3 participant will receive a cost compensation fee of RMB500,000  paid by the competition organizer.

Note: Participants whose competition scheme is reviewed as invalid by the evaluation committee will not receive the relevant competition fees.

Winning design fee

Participants selected as the winning scheme will receive a lump sum price of RMB8.26 million for the winning design paid by the competition organizer.

The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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