Project overview

1. Project Background

Located in the central urban area of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, as the core block of Jinhua Economic & Technological Development Zone, Jinhua Central Innovation District (South Zone) carries the important mission of Jinhua’s opening-up and development of high-tech industries, and serves as a key strategic platform for Jinhua to fully integrate into the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Jinhua Development Belt and build the innovative technology transformation base at the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta. Through the construction of R&D centers, headquarter bases, laboratories, research institutes and other industry resources, it assists in-depth integrated development of real economy and scientific innovation resources, promotes functional rebuilding and urban renewal in the urban area of the Central Innovation District (South Zone), and builds the District into a driving engine for Jinhua’s industry transformation and a vitality source of technological innovation, as well as a demonstration district of the city’s technological innovation platform, a pilot district of industry transformation and a demonstration district of ecology and livability.

Lying at the central scientific innovation core of the Central Innovation District, the Central Innovation District (South Zone) Jinchuang Green Valley Landmark Project is one of four cores in the planning structure of the Central Innovation District. As the urban green axis perfectly blending financial scientific innovation and ecology, it follows the guidance of national green building, energy saving and emission reduction policies, with a view to building a regional landmark architectural complex and forming three-dimensional and intelligent high-quality core public space.

2. Project location

Located in the east of Central Innovation District (South Zone)-the southwest side of the city proper of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province and the west of Huhaitang, the Project reaches Desheng Street in the east, Xianhua South Street in the west, Shifeng Road in the north and Xianyuan Road in the south.

Fig.1 Location diagram of Central Innovation District

Fig.2 Scope diagram of Central Innovation District (South Zone) Jinchuang Green Valley Landmark Project

3. Project location

  1. Overall positioning: Jinhua south parlor, new city landmark.
  2. Overall objective: Relying on the landmark of 12 towers, build a headquarters economy agglomeration of scientific innovation industry and modern service industry, maximize ecological resources on the basis of environmental advantages, realize the agglomeration of innovation elements and the polar nucleus of urban service, demonstrate high-end industry introduction, and establish a new gateway in the south of Jinhua City and an urban innovation parlor.
  3. Functional positioning:

1) Scientific innovation center, smart west bank, pilot area of Central Innovation District;

2) City district with scientific innovation industry, headquarters economy, residence and living, business, cultural tourism and leisure as main functions;

3) Create a model for the development of industrial and ecological integration areas.


Design contents

1. Design scope

10 plots of Jinhua Central Innovation District (South Zone) Jinchuang Green Valley (the numbers of these 10 plots in the current regulatory plan are: ZX-30-07-08, ZX-30-07-09 , ZX-30-07-10, ZX-30-07-11, ZX-30-07-13, ZX-30-07-16, ZX-30-07-18, ZX-30-07-20, ZX -30-07-14, ZX-30-07-15), the specific information is as follows:

2. Competition stage

  • The conceptual design of Jinchuang Green Valley: The total land area is about 235,000 square meters, and the total building area is 1,303, 640 square meters, of which the capacity area is 800,292 square meters, and the total underground space development area is 503,348 square meters (Note: the total underground space development area of Jinchuang Green Valley project is based on the balance of unit A-2 in the Underground Space Planning of Jinchuang Green Valley core area, including the underground area of plot ZX-30-07-12), including but not limited to the relevant strategies for determining the overall framework of superior planning connection, ecological environment, etc.; as well as the coordination of functional composition, the spatial layout of building groups, the creation of featured space, the optimization of the skyline, the street building interface, and the architectural style characteristics based on design research of meso and micro-scale urban style. According to the analysis of the business formats of Jinchuang Green Valley in the industrial planning, the plan layout of the main functions of the building is carried out to coordinate and unify the internal functions and external forms of the building.
  • The architectural schematic design of Jinchuang Green Valley Phase I: Three towers with serial numbers of ZX-30-07-10, ZX-30-07-11, ZX-30-07-13 in the current regulatory plan  (plots ④ , ③, ⑤): the total land area is about 43,000 square meters, the total capacity area is 202,000 square meters and the underground space area shall be balanced and planned according to the underground space planning of Jinchuang Green Valley Core Area.
  • The design development content of the first-place winner: From the development design of Phase I architectural scheme to schematic design phase, the development should reach the depth of scheme construction application (architecture specialty reaches the depth of preliminary design), and cooperate with the Host in completing the scheme construction application work (Among them, the basement design shall be undertaken separately by the general control design agency). Subsequently, the first-place winner should cooperate with the preliminary design, construction drawing design and consultancy work in the construction phase. (For details, please refer to the Design Brief). If the first-place winner(consortium) does not have the project construction application qualification, it may independently entrust a domestic agency with the construction application qualifications to complete the construction application work.


Requirements for application

A. The international competition will adopt “open application” without qualification restrictions. Units with relevant design experience from home and abroad may apply for participation. Application agencies should be independent legal person enterprises or institutions legally registered at home and abroad with valid business licenses or business registration certificates.

B. Consortium with no more than 2 members is allowed. In addition, each consortium member is not allowed to make duplicated applications either by himself/herself or by joining a different consortium with other design agencies.

C. Applications submitted by individuals or a group of individuals are not accepted.

D. Priority will be given to teams with similar design experience:

  1. a With rich design experience in large complexes of urban core areas;
  2. Experience in super high-rise building design;
  3. Experience in hotel design;
  4. Having won major international or domestic design awards.

E. The planning and design personnel participating in the international competition should be the personnel on the payroll of the design institution. The chief designer must be the truly responsible person of the Project, and needs to join the whole process of the International Competition, and participate in the Q&A meeting and review report. In order to ensure an accurate understanding of the background of Chinese region and relevant requirements, the Project planning and design personnel should include at least one member proficient in Chinese.

F. The open application design agency (consortium) will provide prequalification application documents as per Requirements for Prequalification Application Documents, which include application materials and a concept design (the conceptual understanding of the Project). The conceptual proposal may adopt various forms to express the core concepts and ideas of the design, not exceeding ten pages in content. (See 3.1 of the Pre-qualification Documents for specific requirements.)

G. Please log in to the website or scan the QR code:, and register the application information before 15:00 of June 30, 2022. Please fill in an accurate registration information (the content must be consistent with the prequalification application document submitted).


Competition rules (including schedule)

“Open tender” is adopted for this International Competition:

  • First stage – selection of open application prequalification: The prequalification committee will conduct a comprehensive review of the prequalification application documents of the open applicants. The review content includes the industry reputation, design experience, project performance, awards, proposed project team, and concept proposal of the applicant. The pre-qualification committee will adopt the combined method of open ballot voting and scoring to select six shortlisted agencies to enter the second stage- the conceptual design and Phase I architectural conceptual schematic design. At the same time, 2 alternative participating agencies (with ranking) will be selected, and the alternative agencies will substitute in order when the shortlisted agencies withdraw.
  • Second stage – the conceptual design and Phase I architectural conceptual schematic design: 6 shortlisted agencies will submit design scheme. The Host will set up a jury panel according to the rules and the top three winners (without ranking) are selected by voting and recommend to the Host.
  • Third stage – determining the winner: Based on respect toward opinions of the scheme review jury, the host ranks the top three places via voting.



☆ All the time mentioned is Beijing time. The Host reserves the right to adjust the schedule. In case of schedule adjustment, the Host will notify the shortlisted agencies via email.


Design Fee

The winner determined after review of the selection jury will receive the subsequent design development contract, with the design development fee ceiling temporarily set at RMB 12 million yuan (including tax) (about US$1,795,000). Shortlisted agencies make their own quotation according to the scheme within the upper limit price.

Specific work content: Complete the architectural schematic design and investment estimation of Phase I (three high-rise buildings), with the schematic development reaching the depth of scheme construction application (including architectural specialty reaching the depth of preliminary design, In addition, the scheme design of the basement shall be undertaken by the general control design agency), cooperate with the Host on completing planning and approval of the schematic design, and cooperate with the preliminary design, construction drawing design and construction phase work of other specialties.


Bonus and Design Compensation Fee

After scheme review, the shortlisted agencies conforming to the design requirements shall get the following design compensation based on the ranking and the specific information is as follows:


Inquiry of Competition Information

WeChat official accounts:

一和研发 、ABBS建筑招标智库、archrace

Application deadline: 15:00 p.m. June 30, 2022

Organizing institutions:

Host:CCCC Urban Investment Jinhua Co.,Ltd

Competition organizater: Shenzhen Ehow R&D Center

Ms. Tian: +86 13312968676

Email: [email protected](Beijing Time, Monday through Friday 9:00—18:00)

Request for Competition Rule, Design Brief and Relevant Materials

  • Download link of competition rules and related materials: Password:5nx9
  • The applicant must first send the egistration form (see Competition Rules – Part II: Format of Prequalification Application Documents, ③Registration form) to the designated email address: [email protected]. After that, the organizer will send the Design Brief and other relevant materials to the applicant by email, and the applicant will have to prepare a concept design accordingly.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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