Official Launch of the International Competition for the Urban Design of Key Areas of Weiyuan Island, Binhaiwan Bay Area, Dongguan. This international competition aims to gather global intelligence and advanced concepts to solicit creative and feasible design proposals for the future development of Weiyuan Island, Binhaiwan Bay Area, Dongguan.


Weiyuan Island is located at the junction of the Shiziyang Estuary, Lingdingyang Estuary and the western section of Lianhua Mountains. It is the witness of national coast defense history. Weiyuan Island is one of the three blocks in the Binhaiwan Bay Area of Dongguan and has a superior economic and geographical location as the core of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is adjacent to Nansha of Guangzhou to the west and Qianhai of Shenzhen to the south, overlooking Hengqin of Zhuhai and backed by Humen of Dongguan. The island covers an area of 19.61 square kilometers and is an important historical and spiritual landmark of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is also a scarce and incremental area for Dongguan’s development towards the Greater Bay Area.


Location map



This consultation work includes three scopes: research scope, design scope of key areas, scope of detailed urban design.

Research scope: A total of 1961.19 hectares, covering the entire land area of Weiyuan Island and the Cape of Future.

Design scope of key areas: The key area for design covers a total area of 848.59 hectares. One of these areas is the northern urban design key area of Weiyuan Island, enclosed by Weiyuan Mountain to the north and Taiping Waterway, covering an approximate area of 475.01 hectares. The other area is the southern urban design key area of Weiyuan Island, enclosed by Weiyuan Mountain to the south and Lingdingyang, covering an approximate area of 373.58 hectares.

Scope of detailed urban design: A total of 394.06 hectares. One of the areas is the University Science and Technology Park South located in the southern part of Weiyuan Island, with an area of 186.60 hectares; The other location is the University Science and Technology Park North in the northern part of Weiyuan Island, with an area of 207.46 hectares.


Design Scope Diagram


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  1. Overall Functional Positioning and Development Vision

Weiyuan Island is an important platform for Dongguan’s participation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, serving as a critical space for implementing the overall development requirements of the Greater Bay Area, which include being a strategic pivot for the new development pattern, a demonstration area for high-quality development, and a leading area for China’s modernization.

According to the Dongguan Urban Spatial Master Plan (2021-2035) (Draft for Comments), the Binhaiwan New Area is positioned as one of the sub-centers within the “one main center, two sub-centers” urban center system. Building upon the previous Dongguan Binhaiwan New Area Urban Master Plan (2018-2035), Weiyuan Island is designated to serve as a spatial location that supports international exchanges and facilitates the organic connection between historical and ecological resources and technological innovation services.

Taking into account the recent developments in key platforms within the Greater Bay Area, aligning with the fundamental elements of the upcoming Dongguan Binhaiwan New Area Urban Spatial Master Plan (2021-2035), and integrating with the functions of neighboring areas such as Humen Town and Shatian Town, it is essential to clarify and elaborate on the functional positioning and development vision of Weiyuan Island. This is one of the critical directions for the competition work in this project.

  1. Adapting to the Slow Variables of Ecological Resources, Studying the Mountain-Sea Urban Pattern

Weiyuan Island is located along the Lingdingyang coast, facing the Pearl River estuary, and is nestled against the Weiyuan Mountains, creating a unique mountain-sea urban landscape. The area is rich in natural elements of mountains and water, but it also faces natural challenges such as rising sea levels and river estuary storm surges. Ensuring ecological resilience and adapting to the natural ecological context to showcase the distinctive mountain-sea urban landscape features are the second important direction of this competition work.

  1. Responding to Historical Resources as Old Variables, Respecting and Engaging with Historical Assets

Humen Town is a nationally recognized historical and cultural town. The artillery fortifications on Weiyuan Mountain bear witness to the national coastal defense system’s historical significance, and just across the river, Humen Old Street has witnessed China’s rise and fall over the past century. Transforming historical resources into heritage, planning, collaborating, aligning with historical context, and igniting the spatial charm of heritage is the third crucial direction in this competition process.

  1. Grasping the new variables of the Great Bay University and proposing spatial forms for scientific and technological innovation transformation.

The Great Bay University is a significant public infrastructure established after the founding of the Binhaiwan Bay Area. It serves as an essential catalysts for the technological innovation transformation of Weiyuan Island. The first phase of the university’s construction is scheduled to commence in 2023. Effectively leveraging the university’s resources for scientific and technological innovation, refining the surrounding functional positioning, considering the applicable requirements and spatial scale of the north and south campuses of the Great Bay University, and proposing an urban spatial form that adapts to technological innovation transformation is the fourth important direction of this competition work.



  1. This international competition adopts global open registration, and participating company must possess class A qualifications in urban and rural planning. Participating companies must be independent legal entities, partnerships, or other organizations registered domestically or internationally. Different legal entities that have direct shareholding relationships, management relationships, or share the same legal representative are not allowed to register for the competition simultaneously. The company headquarters and its subsidiary branches cannot participate simultaneously. However, different subsidiary branches under the same company headquarters, as long as they are independent legal entities and do not have shareholding or management relationships with each other, are eligible to register for the competition simultaneously.If it’s a consortium, at least one company within the consortium must possess Class A qualifications in urban and rural planning.
  2. Participating teams are encouraged to register for the competition in consortium form, with a maximum of three members in the consortium.In that case, no member of a consortium shall be allowed to sign up twice either independently or by joining another consortium. All members of the consortium shall sign a legally-binding Consortium Agreement, and the Leading party and work division among parties shall be specified.
  3. No registration shall be accepted in individual or in combination of individuals.
  4. Chinese domestic participating teams must possess a valid business license, and they must have legal registration and independent legal entity status.
  5. Overseas (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) participating teams must provide the following valid proof materials:

(1) Proof of organization registration issued by the competent government department of the host country or region (established for at least one year and with a fixed office location).

(2) Design permit or certification issued by the competent government department or relevant industry organization of the host country or region (if any).

  1. The participating team familiar with China’s national conditions and has the following similar design experience will be given priority:

(1) Possess rich experience in urban and architectural design projects in headquarters agglomeration areas.

(2) Have experience in waterfront and public space design.

(3) Possess research capabilities and experience in addressing complex urban transportation issues.

  1. Design personnel participating in this International Competition must be registered members of their respective firms.



Registration and Pre-qualification: The Sponsor shall establish a Pre-qualification Review Jury, which will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of company credibility, company performance, team composition, and strength, as well as the concept proposal in accordance with the requirements of the international competition documents, to determine the 5 shortlisted teams or consortia (without ranking) to participate in the next phase of scheme design and evaluation. Meanwhile, two alternative teams (in ranked order) will also be selected. If any of the five shortlisted participating teams withdraw from the subsequent stage of scheme design or evaluation, the alternative units will be called upon in the designated order to replace them.

Design Proposal: The final five shortlisted teams will be required to fulfill the design proposals according to the specifications outlined in the international competition design brief and submit their comprehensive outcome to the sponsor.

Outcome Review: The sponsor’s creation of an outcome review jury. The design submissions are evaluated and ranked by this jury, and corresponding teams receive corresponding awards. The first place will be awarded a subsequent contract for integrated and in-depth design.






Relevant awards for the International Competition shall be paid in CNY as a tax-included amount. Any taxes arising therefrom shall be at the payee’s expense.

First Place (one winner): The subsequent integrated detailed design contract was awarded;

Second Place (two winners): ¥ 2,000,000 (about US$274,000) for each team;

Finalist Prize (two winners): ¥ 1,000,000 (about US$137,000) for each team.

After the outcome review meeting of the international competition, the first-place team (consortium) will be awarded the subsequent integrated detailed design contract (contract amount: 8.5 million RMB (about US$1,164,700) ).



Intended participants must fill in the Registration Form and the Commitment Letter for Confidentiality and submit them to the mailbox ([email protected]) to obtain the International Consultation Documents (including Work Rules, Design Brief, etc.). The participants in the pre-qualification application documents submitted shall be the same as those in the Registration Form. For any newly added participant, an additional Commitment Letter for Confidentiality shall be submitted.

(Click button at the end or scan the QR code below to download the Registration Form and Commitment Letter for Confidentiality.)




  1. Please submit the complete pre-qualification application documents (in person or by mail) to NO.1212 12th Floor, 89 Shixia North 2nd Rd, 89, Futian District, Shenzhen, China, before 15:00 (UTC+8), October 11, 2023. Contact: Ms. Li, (+86)13632658134.
  2. The Letter of Attorney (for on-site submission) (format reference in the attachment of the Work Rules) should be sent to the project email ([email protected]) before the above-mentioned deadline, and the authorized agent should bring this authorization letter and the original ID card to submit the pre-qualification application documents. The Letter of Attorney (for on-site submission) for mail submissions are not required.
  3. The hard copy documents received on-site at the designated location shall prevail, and no overdue submitted application documents shall be accepted.



Sponsor: Management Committee of Binhaiwan Bay Area, Dongguan

Organization: RJRX Urban Planning & Design Consultants Co. Ltd., Shenzhen


Ms Li (Business), Tel. (+86)13632658134

Ms Wu (Technical), Tel. (+86)0769-26889248

(UTC+8 9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00 Business day)

The sponsor reserves the ultimate right to interpret the rules of this International Consultation. If the Chinese and English editions disagree, the Chinese edition shall prevail.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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