Project Background

On June 10, 2021, the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Supporting Zhejiang’s High-Quality Development and Building of a Demonstration Zone for Common Prosperity was released, supporting and encouraging Zhejiang to explore the high-quality development and building of a demonstration zone for common prosperity first. On July 19, 2021, the Implementation Plan for Zhejiang’s High-Quality Development and Building of a Demonstration Zone for Common Prosperity (2021-2025) was officially released, requiring cities to fully realize the goal of “five museums, one theater and one hall in the city”. In 2022, Jinhua City issued the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Cultural Center in Central and Western Zhejiang, proposing to complete the construction of major landmark public cultural facilities such as city library, city art museum and city concert hall by 2025.

As an important part of the urban renewal of the area on both sides of West Shuangxi Road, Wubaitan plays a crucial role in accelerating the adaptation of existing buildings, revitalizing assets, activating the vitality of Wubaitan, and improving the quality of both sides of the Jinhua River.

Project Location

Jinhua, “the heart of Zhejiang” is one of the “four metropolitan areas and three major urban clusters” in Zhejiang Province while Wubaitan, located in the center of Jinhua City, is known as the “heart of Jinhua”. Located in Wubaitan, an island in the center of the river where the Wuyi River, Yiwu River and Jinhua River meet, the Project is the essence of Three Rivers and Six Banks of Jinhua, boasting picturesque environment. Wubaitan, besides the inspirational water, is also a place of literati commendation and a rich history.

Project Positioning

With the goal of “vitality, heritage and classics”, building “a cultural mecca in the new era, a flagship project of cultural center in central and western Zhejiang, and a new landmark of Three Rivers and Six Banks”, the Project promotes the deep integration of culture, leisure and commerce via linking art museum, theme museum, concert hall and commercial complex. With a global vision and world insight to build Wubaitan Cultural Vitality Island and to form a cultural space layout that matches the functional positioning of the regional development for Three Rivers and Six Banks, it plans at a high level and constructs at a high standard for a high-quality shared space with “culture-art-ecology” integration.


Basic Profile of Current Situation

The total site area of Wubaitan Island amounts to about 40 hectares, with an east-west length of 1,650 meters and an average north-south width of 275 meters. Tongji Bridge and Shuanglong Bridge running through the north and the south divide Wubaitan into three parts: east, middle, and west. Huang Binhong Park lies in the east, with a site area of about 2.2 hectares; Wubaitan Park and a commercial complex with a GFA of 214,500 square meters are situated in the middle, with a site area of approximately 25.5 hectares; and an open space sets on the west, with a site area of approximately 12.4 hectares.


Wubaitan satellite image

Zhejiang Ruicheng Development Co., Ltd. started the construction of the current commercial complex building in Wubaitan in 2011. Due to funding reasons of the construction entity, however, the building failed to be completed and accepted. In 2021, it was acquired by Jinkai Urban Construction Investment. The building spans a site area of 96,382 square meters and a coverage of 40,449 square meters. Its GFA is 214,500 square meters, including 111,900 square meters of the four floors above ground and 102,600 square meters of two underground floors.


Aerial photo of the current construction of Wujiantan-1


Aerial photo of the current construction of Wujiantan-2


Design Content and Requirements

/ Competition stage

The design competition is divided into two levels: the overall conceptual design of Wubaitan Cultural Vitality Island, and the architectural scheme design of Wubaitan cultural and commercial complex (adapted from the current buildings, including the art museum, theme museum and commercial building) and Wubaitan Concert Hall.

  1. Overall conceptual design of Wubaitan Cultural Vitality Island

(1) Design scope: the Wubaitan Island, with a site area of about 40 hectares.

(2) Main content: On the basis of the key sectors of Three Rivers and Six Banks determined in the master urban design of Jinhua, fully study the various resource elements of the Project plots and their surrounding areas. They include but are not limited to the functional positioning of the Island, building clusters, comprehensive transportation, open space system, ecological park positioning, architectural style, flood control and emergency disaster strategies. It is required to sort out the urban design of the south side of Wubaitan Shuangxi West Road area, put forward the key ideas of the water street, unique creative planning and architectural intention to support the subsequent design work.

  1. The architectural scheme design of the cultural and commercial complex adaptation and Concert Hall.

The design includes but is not limited to project positioning, functional planning, functional layout, internal and external flow lines, architectural form, and the implementation of architectural, interior and landscape conceptual scheme design in space, landscape, scene, movement line and green architecture, where:

(1) Cultural and commercial complex adaptation: Study the function, structure, façade, height and scale of the current commercial complex buildings, put forward the updating and adaptation ideas. The scale of the adapted buildings can be appropriately reduced to fully ensure the permeability and openness of the urban landscape of Wubaitan; implement the structural and architectural adaptation conceptual scheme design to realize the feasibility and implementation of the scheme adaptation. The adapted buildings should have functions such as the city art museum, theme museum, commerce, and the floor area will be specified in the subsequent official announcement.

(2) Wubaitan Concert Hall: Located within the construction land in the western area on the west side of the Shuanglong Bridge, with an above-ground floor area of about 10,000 square meters, and the seating capacity and functional requirements will be specified in the subsequent official announcement.

/ Scheme development stage

The scheme depth needs to reach the preliminary design in all specialties, and provide the ground for next-step inventory preparation, construction bidding, and feasibility of project implementation. It included the optimization, development, modification, perfection, approval and design estimation preparation of the architectural program.

/ Subsequent service stage

Coordinate the Project as a whole, review construction drawings of other specialties, responsible for the main building materials of this Project, and review and confirm main outdoor and indoor materials. The specific service content and scope of service are subject to the subsequent official announcement.


Competition Rules

/ Competition Method

Open application is adopted. After pre-qualification, six shortlisted units with two alternatives will be selected. After the scheme review, the top two will be selected, and the organizer and government authorities will determine one selected unit.

/ Application requirements

  1. Design companies with independent legal person qualifications at home and abroad may apply for participation. Consortiums with no more than three member units are allowed to apply;
  2. Those applied on its own or in a consortium must have Grade A qualification for domestic construction engineering design;
  3. The application of individuals and individual groups is not accepted;
  4. Priority will be given to those with experience in public cultural architectural design, building adaptation design and commercial building design.

/ Application documents

The design agency will submit credentials and a briefing of the conceptual proposal. The credentials focus on the public cultural architectural design, adaptation design, commercial design experience and the implementation experience of the chief design team of the design institution while the conceptual proposal presents the understanding of the project, especially the analysis of the project difficulties.

/ Competition period

It is expected to release the official announcement of the competition in mid to late July. The registration time is about 15 days, and the competition design period of the shortlisted units is about 3 months.


Competition Bonus

The fees related to this scheme solicitation are set as follows:

The first-place winner: A bonus of 2.6 million yuan; if its scheme is determined to be implemented, the unit will be awarded a design development contract with the bonus as part of the total contract amount. The scheme depth needs to reach the preliminary design in all specialties (The specific information is subject to the official announcement issued).

The second-place winner: A bonus of 1.5 million yuan;

The third- to sixth-place winner: A bonus of 1.2 million yuan respectively.


Organizing institutions

Host: Administrative Committee of Jinhua Economic & Technological Development Zone

Undertaker: Jinhua Jinkai Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. & Zhejiang Wubaitan Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd

Competition consultation unit: Shenzhen Ehow Advisory Co., Ltd.

Consultation e-mail: [email protected]

Contact person:彭工/Ms. Peng

Contact number:+86 13641432974 (9:00-18:00 Beijing time Monday through Friday)


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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