In the recent 15th Plenary Session of the 6th Committee of Communist Party of China of Shenzhen City, it has been proposed to create Shenzhen urban circle with high quality, high starting point and high positioning, deeply implement the development strategy of “moving on the east, cooperating on the west, connecting on the south, exploring on the north, and reinforcing in the center”, and build the new regional economic growth pole. The recently launched construction of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (Nanshan) Hi-tech Industrial Park is the highlight of the high-standard construction of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone!

The International Competition for Conceptual Master Plan & Phase I Architectural Design of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (Nanshan) Hi-tech Industrial Park is about to start!

Please pay continuous attention to Shenzhen, to Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone, and to Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (Nanshan) Hi-tech Industrial Park!

Project overview

Nanshan District of Shenzhen City is in the leading position among the top 100 districts of China, and 7 companies in the District are among the top 500 Chinese companies. As of now, it has cultivated 170 public companies and certified over 3500 headquarters of state hi-tech companies, with rapid economic development and great improvement of industrial quality. However, the current development of Nanshan is facing the challenges of ever-increasing resource shortage of land, energy, and water, continuous increase of ecological treatment cost, tight industrial development space, and too high cost. Recently Nanshan District Government and Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Management Commission signed the cooperation framework agreement of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (Nanshan) Hi-tech Industrial Park of Shenzhen City, jointly building the hi-tech industrial park. Based on this mutually signed cooperation framework agreement, the Park will adopt the mode of “enclave economy” and explore the cooperation and co-building mechanism of “headquarter + base”, “R & D + production”, and “smart + utilization”.

Nanshan District Government will adopt the construction mode of “phasing development, concurrent design, concurrent business invitation, introducing famous companies, customization, branding and gradual entry”, follow the concept of “overall planning, implementation by steps and comprehensive push”, promote the construction of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (Nanshan) Hi-tech Industrial Park, introduce the industrial projects of Nanshan District with high technology, brand of scale and development prospect, and build the advanced manufacturing industrial highland of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone. It will try to build Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (Nanshan) Hi-tech Industrial Park into the future important economic growth point and modern comprehensive new place of Nanshan District in east Guangdong Province.

For this purpose, the international competition for conceptual master plan and Phase I architectural design of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (Nanshan) Hi-tech Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as Industrial Park) will be carried out, combined with the industrial development positioning and key direction of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone, providing guidance and basis for the future plan and architectural design of this Park.

This international competition aims to solicit global creative and forward-looking concept and scheme in industrial park, architecture and urban design, building Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone into the hi-tech industry intelligent manufacturing cluster of the Greater Bay Area with regional integration, future orientation, clear image and excellent quality.

Work Content

Main study and design contents of this competition:

1.Conceptual master plan and urban design of the Industrial Park

Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (Nanshan) Hi-tech Industrial Park consists of Phase I, Phase II and long-term planning plan, with a total area of 205ha. It will adopt phasing development mode, gradually expand the industrial area, and form “rolling and linked development”.

For Phase I, about 84,910m2 land is used for constructing the launching area, mainly constructing the standard plant buildings operated by Shenhuitong, inviting enterprises of various types, and the operation mode is mainly property leasing. Around such industries as ICT, robotics, smart home and medical device, the project will build intelligent and advanced manufacturing, and flexible, new ecological, smart and integrated Industry 4.0 compound industrial park. Phase I investment is about RMB1.1 billion, the annual output value is expected to be about RMB1 billion, and annual average tax payment is about RMB40 million.

Based on Phase I, drive the adjacent Phase II land of about 59ha, and invest about RMB4.95 billion to develop advanced manufacturing, biology, new generation of information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials, aerospace and aviation, new type of finance, creative culture, etc.

For the long-term construction of the Park, with the land preparatory work development, make gradual and rolling development of hi-tech industrial park with a land coverage of 138ha.

2.Phase I architectural schematic design of the Park

Phase I land area is 84,910m2, and the floor area included into FAR calculation is about 250,000m2, in which the plant area is about 170,000m2 and the rest is supporting dormitory, canteen, activity center, commercial outlet, etc. The planned investment for Phase I is RMB1.1 billion.

Registration Requirements

1.Application requirements

There is no qualification requirement for the application. This project will be guided by master plan and urban design scheme of the industrial park for park construction. Therefore, any company with relevant urban design and architectural design experience in hi-tech industrial park and technological town can make application.

The official competition announcement will be expected to release at the beginning of November 2020, with application period of 10-15 days. The design competition will start in late November, deliverables submission will be in late January 2021, and scheme review and award will be completed in early February.


The official competition announcement will be released soon and the global design teams are welcome for pre-registration. The agency with intention access the following link to fill in the pre-registration information:

3.Special Prompts

The formal announcement will be published on Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network: According to the management requirements of the follow-up procedures of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service System, it is recommended that the applicants firstly learn the relevant bidding processes and register online enterprise information in advance.


Stage 1 – prequalification: Shortlist 5 competitors from the applicants (without ranking) to enter the second stage – schematic design.

Stage 2 – schematic design: After 5 shortlisted competitors submit the design scheme, 3 will be selected as the winners (without ranking) to enter the third stage – prize award.

Stage 3 – prize award: Determine 1 (or vacant) first prize winner, 2 (or 3) second prize winners, and 2 entry award winners. The first prize winner will be awarded with the follow-up design contract, and the specific work content shall be subject to the final announcement.

The announcement of the international competition (tender) is released. Local and international design teams are welcome to make a pre-registration with us. If you want to know more about this pre-registration information, please feel free to contact AIMIR.

What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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