This project is located at the estuary of the Pearl River, right in the center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the fourth largest bay area in the world. Sitting in Pearl Bay, Nansha District, Guangzhou, it is built to be a landmark for serving the Greater Bay area as a conference hall suitable for international conferences.

Covers an area of 803 square kilometers, Nansha district boasts an advantageous location. With the radius of 100 square kilometers, the greater bay area can connect with 11 cities and 5 international airports, 38 nautical miles to Hong Kong, 41 nautical miles to Macao. With the mission of furthering reform and opening-up, carry forward historic duty of “experimental field”, Nansha District also hosts series of national strategies including the belt and road initiative, national new areas, free trade pilot zone, National Independent Innovative Demonstration Zones.


Design size: land area of 24.1 square kilometers, the whole building covers 32.3 square kilometers. IFF permanent conference center is composed of the conference hall, hotel, apartment, political residents.

Specifics: Sitting on the east side of Nansha district, the site covers 241008 square meters, commercial land covers 203635 square meters.

Purposes: IFF permanent conference site functions as conference hall, additional banquet, press conference, exhibition and hotel.


The board of committee will select 18 design firm as a participant entity; for more information, please refer to attachment 2. These 18 entities will be paying a deposit of RMB50,000, after the evaluation (about 2 weeks) the deposit will be refunded.

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