International Competition for Architectural Design of Haitao Garden Project, Yantian District, Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as the Project) is officially launched. This competition is supervised by City Renewal and Land Development Bureau of Yantian District, Shenzhen; hosted by Shenzhen Shengshi Yingfeng lnvestment Development Co., Ltd; and organized by Shenzhen Guanzhu Architectural Development & Communication Center. Design teams from all over the world are welcome to participate!

As the leading city of reform and opening-up in China, Shenzhen has made significant achievements in urban construction after rapid development for over 40 years. Shenzhen is now dedicated to creating a civilized and harmonious international modern city which is suitable for living and work.

To further improve quality and efficiency of development, and build an innovative city with global reach, Shenzhen takes the lead to propose to accelerate the construction of the core area of global maritime center city and the Sha Tau Kok Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Tourism Consumption Cooperation Zone, striving to build “core hub of the Greater Bay Area, high-quality development benchmark” and to build a new international modern costal urban area in all respects in a high-quality way which is suitable for living, working and travelling.


Project Location

Against the backdrop of the driving of “Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Area”, the overlap of “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Area”, and the demonstration of “rural house reconstruction and rural living environment improvement”, Yantian District grabs its opportunity to actively respond to the Hong Kong Northern Metropolis Development Strategy, the construction of the Sha Tau Kok Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Tourism Consumption Cooperation Zone, and future development goals. Haitao Garden Project is urgently needed.

Driven by the goal of building Yantian District into an important modern port and logistics hub city, a beautiful coastal travelling city, and a high-quality cultural and ecological city in eastern Shenzhen, this renewal project based on residents’ living safety level improvement is committed to improving city image, accelerating project development, and serving as reference for other urban renewal projects.

To ensure the high-quality construction of this project, Shenzhen Shengshi Yingfeng Investment Development Co., Ltd hosted the International Competition for Architectural Design of Haitao Garden Project, Yantian District, Shenzhen, hoping to build a quality and feature-oriented international beautiful urban area guided by global vision, forward thinking and creative design.


Project Overview & Project Location


This project is located in Sha Tau Kok region of Yantian District, next to Sha Tau Kok Custom Port and adjacent to Hong Kong with “dual ports” of Sha Tau Kok and Liantang. This location enjoys significant advantages, enabling convenient “East in, East out” between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and only 10-minute walk to the port. Next to the coastline of Sha Tau Kok Bay, this location enjoys abundant landscape resources, overlooking Wutong Mountain to the north and facing Hong Kong Natural Region to the southwest across the Bay.

Design scope of this competition includes Plot 01-02 and Plot 01-03 specified in the Approval of Unit Planning of Haitao Garden Project, Yantian District. Please see details about specific design scope and content in the Design Brief.


Project Vision


The Project is committed to building a first-rate coastal community model in China, activating regional development through urban renewal and striving to explore and enhance the whole impact of Haitao Garden. Fully taking advantage of unique location, scarce resources and perfect residential conditions, the Project intends to create more humanized living spaces, build city landscape nodes, and form a dynamic, agreeable coastal area. Located in the city of Shenzhen, the Project plans to build Yanian District into a coastal CBD metropolis in the future and also a high-end coastal community as benchmark!

Work Content


The Project is about demolishing and reconstructing old residential communities into two plots respectively in the south and in the north with municipal road in the middle.


Design scope (without primary school)

Design content of the Project is as follows (specific details see Competition Rules Document and Design Brief ):

According to Approval of Unit Planning of Haitao Garden Project, Yantian District and positioning of the Project, advanced design concepts shall be proposed to carry out the overall planning and design of the area, in cooperation with the completion of professional planning demonstrations and planning condition modifications. Design scheme for various types of individual buildings shall also be developed and specify the positioning and functional layout of the buildings, traffic organization both inside and outside the site, and the overall image of architectural skyline and building façade.

Registration Requirements


1.Applicants shall be independent legal entities registered legally at home and abroad (except the design firms established according to the Partnership Law of the People’s Republic of China), and there is no qualification restriction. Design consortia are encouraged.

2.Institutions with the same person in charge or different institutions with holding or management relations shall not participate in the competition at the same time.

3.To ensure diversity of creative design concepts and implementation of schemes, consortium members are encouraged to integrate and join hands with each other professionally. Urban design, architectural design, house products, traffic organization, public landscape, landscape garden, environment building, and commercial operation etc. can be comprehensively considered to give respective professional advantages to full play.

4.Consortium members should meet the following requirements:

①The consortium shall specify the leading unit/coordinating team, and the consortium shall consist of no more than 3 members;

② Members of the consortium shall not form other consortium with other units to participate in this competition or participate repeatedly in its own name;

③ The consortium members shall sign the legally effective Consortium Agreement which specifies the share of rights and interests, working content and workload of each party during competition and subsequent contract implementation process.

5.The coordinating team shall have experience in designing local residential projects in Shenzhen within 5 years (GFA≥100,000m²).

6.Individual application or individual combination will not be accepted.

7.Design firms (or consortiums) and chief designers with similar project experience in the following areas will be given priority: ① Experience in urban planning and architectural design in similar coastal areas, with the ability to control overall urban space design; ② Experience in large-scale urban renewal/ renovation projects, with practical experience and capabilities in urban, residential, and commercial comprehensive design; ③ Rich experience in designing high-end residential projects and well-known luxury residential projects; ④ Rich experience in designing public landscapes, environmental creation, and cultural projects (planning, curation, etc.).

Work Rules


The competition adopts an open application process, and is divided into the following three stages:


In order to guarantee the progress of the project development and construction, the Host reserves the right to award the architectural design contract to the 2nd place unit.



*All times mentioned above are in Beijing Standard Time. The Host reserves the right of schedule change, if there is, the changed schedule will be informed by e-mail three days before Q&A and supplement deadline.



5 finalists entering the stage of scheme review will get bonus respectively after they submit design deliverables meeting the requirements of Design Brief: the winner will be awarded with 600,000 CNY(include tax), the 2nd prize will be awarded with 500,000 CNY(include tax), the 3rd, 4th and 5th prize will be respectively awarded with 300,000 CNY(include tax).

In principle, the winner will get the design contract of the Project and will not be awarded with bonus.

  1. 5 finalists entering the scheme review stage shall submit design quotation along with their design deliverables. The quotation shall be listed in different professions, and won’t be considered as ranking reference in the stage of scheme review.
  2. The design quotation (design fee limit: 10 million CNY, about US$1,406,700) will serve as the basis of result determination and business negotiation standard of the design contract.
  3. If the design quotations submited by the finalists exceed design fee limit and the design unit don’t accept negotiated price, the application will be denied (note: if one of the two winning candidates’ design quotation exceeds the limit, its application will be refused and the 3rd prize unit will replace its order to be the winning candidate).

Information Release


1.The ultimate right to interpret for the competition rules is reserved to the Host. The interpretation language is subject to Chinese.

2.As for competition information, the content of formally released documents shall prevail.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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