No.3008 Taibai Rd. Dongxiao Community, Luohu Dist, Shenzhen, Guangdong Prov., China.

Basic information:

Kingway bear factory, as a witness of Shenzhen’s fast development, is categorized as a primary case of preservation of industrial cultural heritage. By add new elements to the site and historic buildings, mixing the site with futuristic culture and art and by advance the quality of public space to make full use of the site and prolong people’s memory.

The site is located in the intersection of Dongchang Rd. and Taibai Rd. in a rectangle shape. Covering an area of 11,600㎡, including buildings use to function as a bear can shop, fermentation shop, two sewage treatment stations and a cistern(torn down for safety reasons).

South to Tai’an Stop of subway Line5 and Line7, north to Buxin Stop of Line 7, the site can connect all cultural significance of the city.


Area: Around 11577㎡ (TBD).
Building Space: Total space area is 8701.97㎡, 15% building space can be added.
Landscape space: Around 11025.1㎡.
Building heights(TBD): Can Factory 24m, cistern 40m.

Serial No. Function Area (㎡)
1 Bear can Shop 4049.19
2 Fermentation Shop 3227.9
3 Stage 1 Sewage Treatment 281.04
4 Cesspool 257.98
5 Stage 2 Sewage Treatment 366.06
6 Gas Regulator Station
7 Water tower 519.8
Total 8701.97

Bidding boundary: exhibition and building renovation.

The design of the building renovation needs to be combined with the construction (renovation + new construction), interior and landscape of all the buildings in site, taking into account the connection of the indoor and outdoor exhibition space, the flow of visitors and the site and the building guidance system. The specific design contents include: building (renovation + new construction) deepening to the deepening design of the plan; the interior decoration of public space, the landscape of the site, the lighting (flooding/indoor/landscape), the concept of logo to the design of the tender construction drawing.

The civil engineering construction drawings, structural reinforcement, intelligent, outdoor municipal engineering professional construction drawing design, and all professional qualification signature work are not included in this tender, and will be in the second bidding of the project (subject to separate bidding) covered.


  1. Applicant must have valid paperwork for being an individual or partner of a firm or other organizations. Applicant also have to provide a copy of business license and a stamped bidding qualification certificate.
  2. This project does not accept union bidder.
  3. Bidder must be qualified for organizing exhibition and building reconstruction.


First place: ¥800,000RMB;
Second place: ¥400,000RMB;
Third place: ¥300,000RMB;
Fourth, fifth place: ¥150,000RMB each;

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