Xiamen New Airport is sited on Dadeng Island and the reclamation area in Xiang’an District. It is 25 km away from downtown Xiamen, 44 km from downtown Quanzhou, 72 km from downtown Zhangzhou, and 5 km from Jinmen Island. As an important regional integrated transportation hub and a major airport for exchanges with Taiwan, Xiamen New Airport will become an important engine to drive the regional development. With the launch of the new airport construction, the surrounding areas will also usher in a new era of development.

Host by Xiamen Airport Area Headquarters Office and Xiamen Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the Competition aims to solicit future-oriented, open and innovative urban design concepts, jointly explore the development solutions for the new airport area, and establish the urban image of the new airport area as an “international gateway, aerotropolis and future city”.

Work Content

(1) Key area urban design scope: The design scope includes the areas along the major roads to Xiamen New Airport (Jichang Avenue, Xidong Road, Airport Expressway), key landscape gateways/nodes and coastal areas, CBD and both banks of Dadeng north waters, covering a total land area of about 15 km2. (Key design scope, which includes but is not limited to the above areas, is subject to rational adjustment by the designers based on their own planning concepts)

(2) General design scope: The general design scope includes Lianhe, Dadeng, Caicuo, Airport land reclamation area and Xiaodeng Island. It is defined by Xiang’an South Road on the north, airport boundary on the south, the boundary of Xiang’an District on the east, and branching stream waters on the west, covering a total land area of about 62 km2.

Registration Requirements

The Competition is open to registration and sets no threshold for design qualification. Registration in the form of the consortium is acceptable, while that in the name of an individual or group comprising individuals will not be accepted. Design firms with experience in the following similar projects will be given prioritized consideration:

  • Comprehensive research capacity and practical experience in urban design for airport areas, traffic hub areas and key areas;
  • Rich design experience in urban planning, architectural appearance and style, and public spaces, etc.


The Competition comprises of two phases, i.e., design team selection and competition. It is planned to solicit design firms from home and abroad to participate in the Competition. The Prequalification Committee, after the prequalification process and evaluation of the submitted conceptual proposals, six design teams will be shortlisted to proceed to the subsequent competition phase.

After the final design submissions are provided by the shortlisted six design firms, an evaluation meeting will be conducted, for which an Evaluation Committee comprising experts and the Hosts’ representatives will be established to evaluate and rank the design submissions of the six design teams.

The timetable of the Competition is set out below:

*The timetable above is tentative and subject to adjustment in view of the COVID-19 situation. The actual arrangement is subject to official announcement.


The First Prize (1 winner): RMB 6 million (including RMB 4 million as incentives and RMB 2 million for design detailing);

The Second Prize (1 winner): RMB 3 million;

The Third prize (1 winner): RMB 2 million;

Other finalists (3 winners): RMB 1 million each .

The announcement of the international competition (tender) is released. Local and international design teams are welcome to make a pre-registration with us. If you want to know more about this pre-registration information, please feel free to contact AIMIR.

What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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