At the southeast corner of Luohu District, Xinxiu adjoins the Wenjindu Port and acts as a portal for exchange between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and pivot of the port economic zone. The new situation poses problems such as regional functional incompatibility to the vicinity, resource-constrained internal space, and old and obsolete environmental facilities as a whole. To address the preceding problems, review and integration of existing quality resources is needed to get rid of the predicament; appreciation is based on a feasible mindset for transformation and approach for implementation.

In March 2020, the People’s Government of Luohu District entered into an agreement on strategic cooperation framework for planning and building Xinxiu with REC Real Estate Group, agreeing that REC Real Estate Group and U.S. Rockefeller Group settle the Rockefeller Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Xinxiu for building the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Rockefeller Center” based on their own advantages. REC Real Estate Group and U.S. Rockefeller Group founded the Rockefeller-REC Real Estate (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. thereafter. In July 2020, the People’s Government of Luohu District set up the Luohu Port Economic Zone Building Xinxiu Headquarters and instructed the City Renewal and Land Development Bureau of Luohu District, Shenzhen and Rockefeller-REC Real Estate (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to co-organize the open call, with the purpose of laying a foundation for importing industries and vitalizing the city in the future through the brainstorming open call for creative and practicable urban design proposals. With global vision and in line with international standards, this open call is aimed at well planning and designing Xinxiu from the very start and setting a pilot landmark building–Rockefeller Center; further, the urban design will drive building a high quality city. Ultimately Luohu will be vitalized and built into an environment-friendly, open-minded, diversified and attractive humanized urban pilot zone with its own characteristics.

Work Content

The scope in this open call falls into 2 levels: study scope and design scope.

Covering an area of about 571 ha, the study scope reaches Pengxing Road, Yanfang Road, and Liantang Port in the east, North Yanhe Road, South Wenjin Road and Wenjindu Port in the west, Shenzhen River in the south and Donghu Park in the north.

The study scope is concerned with connection and organization of transport facilities in the region, functional coordination with ports and surrounding areas, organization and optimization of the public spatial system, overall landscaping, etc.

Covering an area of about 121 ha, the design scope reaches Maowo Hill in the east, Yanhe Road and Beidou Road in the west, Shenzhen River in the south and Luosha Road in the north.

The design scope is concerned with strategic position & project plotting, functional structure & land planning, spatial morphology & urban quality, research on vital nodes and supporting systems, etc.

Registration Requirements

(1)This Competition will be held by invitation. The list of the invited design firms is as follows (in alphabetical order):

【Consortium】ARUP INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS(SHANGHAI) CO,LTD. + China Overseas HuaYi Urban Planning&Design Co.,Ltd.(Beijing)

【Consortium】ISA-Internationales Stadtbauatelier + Guangdong Urban & Rural Planning and Design Institute

【Consortium】MLA+ B.V. + LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co. Ltd + fabersociety

【Consortium】Shenzhen Aube Engineering Design Consultant Co., Ltd. + Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen

【Consortium】Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co.,Ltd. + XO Projects Pty Ltd



Note: The above timetable adopts Beijing Time and the actual arrangement is subject to adjustment in view of the COVID-19 situation.


The Evaluation Committee shall evaluate the design submissions of the 5 design firms according to the procedures. These firms shall be rewarded as follows according to their evaluation results:

Winner: Being rewarded with RMB 4 million; it shall partner with Technical Support to complete the follow-up integration work;

Second place: Being rewarded with RMB 2 million;

Third/Fourth/Five place: Being rewarded with RMB 1 million respectively.

The winner shall be responsible for the integration of the following competition results and cooperate with the Technical Support to form practical design submissions. The final designs shall meet the requirements of the Host and the Organizer.

The announcement of the international competition (tender) is released. Local and international design teams are welcome to make a pre-registration with us. If you want to know more about this pre-registration information, please feel free to contact AIMIR.

What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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