With a people-oriented development concept, International Performance Center will widely serve international and domestic performance professionals, art performance lovers, citizens, and tourists coming to Shenzhen from home and abroad.

With future dream performance centers as the concept and with reference to the world top-class performance center, International Performance Center explores the direction of future performance center (grand theater, concert hall, gray space) and new science, new technology, and a new way of performance. It will reflect the leading position in the global performance center and theater construction in terms of technology and culture.

This project, together with Shenzhen Reform and Opening-up Exhibition Hall and Shenzhen Finance Culture Center, will jointly form the important public buildings of Xiangmihu mountain and sea green axis along Shennan Boulevard. They will have collaborative design and concurrent construction, reflecting the review and enhancement of urban construction in the past forty years of reform and opening-up of Shenzhen. Therefore, the design competition theme this time is: Shenzhen Building on Reflection.

The land area is about 15,000m2 (tentative), the gross floor area is about 53000m2, including 28000-33000m2 aboveground floor area, fully utilize the underground space, the building height limit is 36m, and the total investment is RMB1.8 billion (tentative).


Registration Requirements

1. Applicant must be the registered legal entity or institution.

2. Consortium is accepted in this project, and the members of the consortium need to meet the following requirements:

(1) There are no more than 3 consortium members (including leading member);

(2) Each member of the consortium shall not further apply alone or join another consortium with other design agencies to apply;

(3) The consortium members need to sign legal and valid Consortium Agreement, specifying the leading member, work division method of each member, design fee distribution proportion and method, etc.

3. Application of individuals and teams of individuals is not accepted.


This competition is divided into four stages: 1st stage – stage of intent invitation; 2nd stage – stage of open solicitation; 3rd stage – stage of schematic design; 4th stage – stage of scheme development and design award.

1st Stage – Stage of intent invitation

The Host sets up expert review committee to select 7 agencies from the invited candidates to enter the 3rd stage – stage of schematic design. The list of invited agencies is as follows (without ranking):

① 清华大学建筑设计研究院有限公司//北京清尚建筑装饰工程有限公司

② 2Portzamparc//北京市建筑设计研究院有限公司


④ 世函盛建筑设计咨询(上海)有限公司


⑥ ZDA-Zoboki Építésziroda Kft.( ZDA-Zoboki Design & Architecture Ltd.)//ZDA-Műhely Kft.(ZDA-Workshop Ltd.)//深圳市建筑设计研究总院有限公司

⑦ 萨米宁希诺宁建筑设计咨询(上海)有限公司(PES建筑设计事务所)//香港华艺设计顾问(深圳)有限公司

2nd Stage – Stage of Open Solicitation

The applicant needs to submit prequalification application document at open solicitation stage, mainly including three parts: company strength, strength of design team, and concept proposal. The Host will set up expert review committee at the open solicitation stage according to the law to review the prequalification application documents submitted by the applicants, determine 8 shortlisted applicants (without ranking) and 2 alternative applicants (with ranking) at the open solicitation stage.

3rd Stage – Sage of Schematic Design

1. A total of 15 agencies will be shortlisted through invitation + open solicitation to enter this stage (3rd stage – schematic design stage);

2. The Host shall establish a scheme review committee according to the law to review on the schemes. The scheme review committee will adopt open-ballot voting method (round by round elimination) to select 5 winning schemes (without ranking) to enter the 4th stage – scheme development and design award stage.

4th Stage – Stage of Scheme Development and Design Award

1. The Host reserves the right to organize the 5 winning schemes to further optimize the scheme;

2. The Host will select a first prize (1) and second prize (4). The Host reserves the right to leave the first prize vacant (when the first prize is vacant, there will be 5-second prize winners).


1. 1 first prize winner, with bonus of RMB 2 million(tax inclusive) If the scheme getting the first prize is confirmed by the Host meeting the implementation requirement, the contract of schematic design and architectural design development will be awarded, without getting the bonus. The Host reserves the right to leave the first prize vacant;

2. 4 second prize winners (when the first prize is vacant, there will be 5 second prize winners), and each will get RMB 1.5 million bonus (tax inclusive);

3. Shortlist prize: 10 shortlisted agencies entering the 3rd stage – schematic design stage but failing to enter the 4th stage – scheme development and design award stage, in which each of the 8 shortlisted agency through open solicitation stage will get RMB 0.8 million bonus (tax inclusive);

4. The Host reserves the right to request 5 winners entering the 4th stage – scheme development and design award stage to further optimize the scheme, and the bonus of the top 5 winners has covered the expenses for this optimization.


If the scheme getting the first prize is confirmed by the Host meeting the implementation requirement, the contract of schematic design and architectural design development of this project will be awarded. The contract amount: The upper limit fixed unit price for the schematic design and architectural design development fee of this project is RMB450/m2, and the total price is tentatively RMB23.85 million (tentative GFA of 53000m2 x upper limit fixed unit price of RMB450/m2). The amount of signed contract is tentative GFA of 53000m2 x quotation from contract awardee (unit price), and the final contract settlement amount is subject to GFA approved by the relevant development and reform authorities for cost estimation x quotation from the contract awardee (unit price).

Competition Agenda

Format of Prequalification Application Document, Design Brief at open solicitation stage and its attachments need to be downloaded from the website of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network. Interested parties are welcome to contact AIMIR for more following information. If you need 3d rendering service for this international tender, warmly welcome you to discuss more with us.

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