3D architectural visualization is a word-of-mouth approach for architects and designers because it’s a useful marketing tool for promotion and winning the bidding. In addition, it prevents designers from being tucked in the creative block. Making a beautiful and eye-catching design often requires a great deal of creativity and hard work. From a practical standpoint, 3D rendering service allows architects to envision the design and adding details, altering mistakes easily during the production process.

Now, here are several 3D renderings that will let you take a glimpse of what the mezzanine floor may look like.

Delray Beach is going to have a 60,000-square-foot, brand new food hall, Delray Beach Market, which will feature 35 chefs and operators. It is being billed as Florida’s largest food hall.

This four-story building will have multiple outdoor spaces including 220 garage parking spaces. Interiors feature a combination of industrial details but with a light palette for an aesthetic of modernism. We divide the dining sections into different design styles. It aims to provide various spots to indulge in. There are elements like wood furniture, bamboo chairs, large glass windows, colorful tiles, and local greenery throughout the hall. Besides, this open-plan design brings ample natural sunlight into the interior. The food hall is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020.

AIMIR CG is lucky to get involved in the beautiful interior design. The bigger challenge of this project is that there’s no design information at the beginning except for a bunch of reference images provided by clients. We have to model the interior only based on the references because we have no further supporting details. In order to better grasp the design highlight and essence of this project, our project manager has numerous meetings with clients. All the interior texture, material, furniture is carefully selected by our CG experts after understand what effect our clients are looking for. Even though we don’t have any details in the first place, with the exceptional 3D rendering skills and experience in making stunning 3D rendering, that wouldn’t be a big problem for AIMIR.

(The interior design is still being developed. The renderings do not represent the final design.)

AIMIR CG delivers high-quality 3D renderings, 3D animation, and Virtual Reality experiences for architects and developers around the globe. Please do not hesitate to ask for a quote when you have such needs. We are rather happy to make your design flourish!

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