It’s beyond a great honor for AIMIR to be involved in the 3D interior rendering part of the Morpheus Hotel project, which is one of the legendary architects Zaha Hadid’s posthumous projects. The hotel will be built in 2018. Before you can actually walk into it, let’s take a virtual tour through the renderings we’ve done.

About The Morpheus Hotel

Morpheus is a new flagship hotel in the City of Dreams complex. The new hotel is an unprecedented combination of structural and formal challenges to resolve a highly complex and articulated variety of uses within one coherent building envelope. Morpheus is designed to satisfy the dreams of tomorrow’s most sophisticated international travelers.

Many of you may have watched the webinar The Morpheus Hotel: From Design to Production organized by Rhinoceros 3D in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects and Front Inc. facade consultants. It offers a detailed insight into the process from design to fabrication and construction for the Morpheus Hotel, one of the world’s most complex buildings and facade systems.

Building Info

Here are a few statistics that illustrate the complex nature of this building’s structure and façade systems.

Cladding Area:
193,680 sq
Panel Count: 24,577
Connections to Primary Structure: 18,580
Panel Stiffener Count: 79,310
Bracket Count: 1,059,234
Unique Parts: 1,212,637
Total Parts: 1,668,301
Fastener Count: 5,135,563
Extrusion Length: 137,238 m


Interior Renderings by AIMIR

If have any CGI requirement, please contact AIMIR at any time.

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