Project Background


Pazhou South District is located in the Pazhou core area of Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Experimental Zone. It is the intersection of the high-quality development zone along the Pearl River in Guangzhou and the Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Axis. It is adjacent to the Haizhu Wetland in the south and Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in the north, and is located among many development hotspots. In October 2022, the provincial government approved the establishment of Pazhou Economic Development Zone. The Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Long-term Target in 2035 of Guangzhou puts forward that “Guangzhou AI and Digital Economy Experimental Zone should be built with all efforts into a world-class digital economy cluster”; Several Measures for Guangzhou to Accelerate the Construction of a Digital Economy Innovation-oriented City puts forward that “Pazhou core area should vigorously promote the construction of digital industry leading enterprise headquarters, continuously introduce global leading enterprises, accelerate the construction of innovative digital economy headquarters advantage clusters, and continuously introduce high-level top talents to build a digital economy talent highland. The Pazhou Regional Development Plan (2019-2035) defines the function of Pazhou Southern District as an innovative, integrated and expanded area with digital technology innovation and application as the core. The goal of Urban Design Deepening and Regulatory Detailed Planning of Pazhou South District is to build Pazhou South into a future-oriented, ecologically livable and desirable vigorous area featuring digital innovation, a water city model led by water veins, a green urban area with ecological harmony, a highly recognizable digital innovation base and a people-centered future community.

In order to implement the Party’s Report to the 20th CPC National Congress spirit of “building a new development pattern, improving the level of urban planning, construction and governance, and building a livable, resilient and smart city”, and to implement the work requirements put forward by the municipal party committee and the municipal government to fully promote the high-quality development along the Pearl River, to plan and build Pazhou area with high standards and high levels, and to plan, design and build the infrastructure of Pazhou South District with high quality standards from a high starting point, it is planned to carry out the Innovative Vitality, Quality Pazhou–Integrated Design Competition in Pazhou South District. The purpose of this competition is to introduce the first-class design team and promote the implementation of high-quality development and construction in Pazhou core area by proposing innovative and practical competition schemes.

Main Work Tasks

(Refer to Annex 2 – Synopsis of Design Specifications of the Announcement for detailed requirements. The final requirements are subject to the final Design Specification)


The design scope of this competition includes three levels: research scope, overall conceptual design scope and conceptual design scope of key bridges. The details are as follows:

  1. The research scope is Pazhou South District, covering an area of 4.48 square kilometers, mainly defining and connecting the regional conditions such as the overall positioning, transportation system, public space and functional layout of the region.
  2. The overall conceptual design refers to the integrated design of 11 Huangpu Branch River Bridges, 7 key roads in the core area and several major river parks.
  3. The conceptual design of key bridges includes four Huangpu Branch River Bridges which needs to be built in the near future, specifically Haizhou Road, Exhibition South Second Road, Exhibition East Road and Huandao Road Bridge.

Schematic Diagram of the Design Scope (Note: The specific names of the bridges are determined by the design unit.)


Competition Rules


  1. Principles of participation: The open competition mode is adopted for this competition, in which the competition openly accepts applications from eligible domestic and international design units (including consortiums, the same below) that meet the qualification requirements for participation. If the number of applicants meeting the eligibility requirements is less than 18, the competition organizer may extend the application time or all applicants meeting the eligibility requirements can be directly shortlisted for the competition. If more than 18 applicants meet the eligibility requirements, only 18 applicants will be selected for the competition.

If the shortlisted participating unit withdraws or ultimately gives up the competition due to non force majeure reasons, the competition organizer has the right to refuse the participating unit to participate in any other competition of the competition organizer.


  1. Competition design and evaluation

This competition is divided into two stages, details are as follows:

  • The first stage–Creative Competition Stage (about 1.5 months): All shortlisted design units will carry out the design according to the requirements of the Competition Design Specification, and submit one set of formal design results documents on time. Each unit is limited to submit 1 design proposal. The design scheme submitted by a design unit other than the shortlisted units will not be accepted.

The scheme evaluation committee established by the competition organizer in accordance with the law evaluates the submitted competition schemes (participants do not need to report on site), and selects 8 unordered outstanding schemes to enter the deepening competition stage through disclosed ballot.

  • The second stage–Deepening Competition Stage (about 1 month): 8 outstanding scheme units adjust the scheme and improve the design according to the experts’ opinions and the requirements of the Competition Design Specification, and submit the deepened design results. The evaluation committee will conduct detailed evaluation of the submitted in-depth design results (the outstanding scheme unit shall arrange the chief designer to present the project report in person on site), and select 4 candidate schemes without ranking by disclosed ballot.

Finally, the competition committee comprehensively considers the four candidate schemes and the experts’ opinions, and determines one candidate scheme as the winning scheme. The design unit of the selected scheme shall complete the subsequent scheme integration and optimization work (Refer to Annex 2 – Synopsis of Design Specifications of the Announcement for details of the integration and optimization work requirements).

If the candidate scheme hardly achieves the purpose of this competition, the winning scheme unit can be left vacant. In the event that the winning unit is unable to fulfill the contract or abandons the subsequent winning design work, or if both parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiation, the competition organizer may choose another outstanding scheme unit to replace it based on the expert evaluation results, or the winning scheme unit may be vacant.

Note: After review and evaluation, if the design scheme fails to meet the design level of the outstanding scheme, candidate scheme and winning scheme, the corresponding award will be adjusted according to the actual situation, and the collection will be conducted through open channels at a appropriate time, and make corresponding compensation according to the evaluation results of its corresponding stage. That is, if it does not reach the level of the outstanding scheme, it will be compensated according to the shortlisted scheme standard; if it does not reach the level of candidate scheme, it will be compensated according to the outstanding scheme standard; if it does not meet the requirements of the winning scheme, it will be compensated according to the candidate scheme standard.

Requirements of Participation Qualification


  1. The participating applicant must be a legally registered enterprise or institution within or outside China. Registration from individuals and individual groups are not accepted. Design units in China must be independent legal entity or partnership or other organization. Design units that have the following relationships can’t participate at the same time: ① The legal persons of two or more companies are the same person; ② The parent company, wholly owned subsidiary, and its controlled company.
  2. This competition does not have requirements for qualification, design institutions at home and abroad can all apply to participate. People from various professional fields such as bridges, landscapes, planning, architecture, transportation, etc. are encouraged to form a team to participate.
  3. Applicants (independent or consortium) must have bridge design and landscape design project experience and past cases.
  4. This project accepts participation in the form of a consortium, and the number of members of the consortium shall not exceed 3 units. If participating in the form of a consortium, a consortium agreement must be submitted and the main unit of the consortium must be specified in the agreement. After signing the Consortium Agreement, each member of the consortium shall not participate alone in the competition in their own name, nor shall they form a new consortium or participate in other consortia, otherwise their qualification for the competition shall be invalid.

Note: The territory of the design unit is determined on the basis of the registered industrial and commercial address of its company headquarters (or group headquarters).

The participating applicant must provide corresponding proof materials according to the requirements of the qualification requirements and the content specified in the application document.

Competition Schedule


  1. January 8th to January 16th, 2024: Announcement will be issued to accept the design unit to submit application documents.
  2. Mid-January, 2024:confirm the official participants.
  3. Mid-January to early March, 2024:The participating units carry out the design work of the creative competition.
  4. The Technical Document Release Conference and site survey are scheduled on late January, 2024.
  5. The expert evaluation meeting of the creative competition stage is scheduled on early March, 2024.
  6. Mid-March to early April, 2024: The participating units carry out the design work of the deepening competition stage.
  7. The expert evaluation meeting of the deepening competition stage is scheduled on early April, 2024.

Note: The competition organizer reserves the right to adjust the competition schedule.




The participating unit can receive the competition fee paid by the competition organizer after submitting the entry result documents that meet the requirements of the technical documents of the competition and passing the expert evaluation. Details are as follows:

  1. The shortlisted participating units whose schemes are not selected as outstanding schemes will receive a cost compensation fee of 100,000 RMB (about US$14,100) per unit (RMB, including tax, the same below) paid by the competition organizer;
  2. The outstanding scheme units whose schemes are not selected as candidate schemes will receive a cost compensation fee and outstanding bonus totaling 500,000 RMB (about US$70,400) per unit paid by the competition organizer;
  3. The candidate scheme units whose schemes are not selected as winning schemes will receive a cost compensation fee, outstanding bonus and candidate bonus totaling 1 million RMB (about US$140,800) per unit paid by the competition organizer;
  4. The winning scheme unit will totally receive 3.5 million RMB (about US$493,000) (including cost compensation fee, outstanding bonus, candidate bonus and integration fee).

Note: The participating units whose schemes are considered as invalid by the review committee will not be eligible for competition related fees.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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