AIMIR has done dozens of projects from a small interior house to the city masterplan, no matter what type of the project is, we are here to provide high-quality and satisfying 3D rendering service cater to meet all size of businesses in a flexible way, especially the interior 3D renderings. Equipped with the latest technologies, such as CR, this powerful software enhances the interior rendering with accurate details and color. You can refer to this blog The Future of Interior 3D Rendering – Corona Renderer and AIMIR’s Story With It to enjoy the beautiful interior still images that we’ve done by using the CR. If this is the first time you ever work with AIMIR, this article would offer you a glimpse into our promising cooperation and enables an easy and pleasant working experience.

PDF & CAD Files

While dropping us PDF files describing layout, materials, and other important design details, please remember to provide CAD files in DWG format as well. It’s quite often to encounter the situation that our client only provides the PDF file and the CAD isn’t included in the sent files. In this case, our project managers have to go for a few rounds of information asking. If you are sending through the information package at the beginning, please make sure all the relevant files have been enclosed, both PDF and CAD files, which makes the 3D rendering process more smooth and save energy as well as improve the turnaround time.

Camera setting in Model or Plan

For those projects that have a model premise provided by clients, it’s highly recommended that to provide the model with a set camera view and the relevant angles instead of a bunch of random references, which sometimes can be confusing. The reason is that some projects may contain numerous floors with similar spatial design, so it’s necessary to set the camera in the right position to avoid unwanted mistakes. Moreover, it will save our time in clarifying the information. For clients that provide CAD files, we will model according to the camera setting, which requires our clients to mark the angles exactly on the floor plan for our reference. It’s actually an easy task that comes with efficiency and accuracy.

See example as below:

Package of High-Res Texture

When it comes to interior texture, it’s common that the material board with marks or comments feedback are the thumbnail images, screenshots attached in the PDF file, which are usually of dozen KB that present rather low resolution. The scale and color can be invisible or misleading in the low-resolution images, which compromise the quality. In this case, we would ask our clients to provide the high-resolution images that’s labeled with descriptions. Not only it will facilitate the production efficiency but also improve the quality.

See example below:

Note: This is one PDF with texture descriptions in low resolution. The texture and scale are too enormously reduced for direct production
Note: This is a sorted package of texture with high resolution and clear description.

Request for the Specific Texture

High-quality 3D interior renderings are premised by high-quality textures. For clients who do not have specific requirements, we would choose the high-quality images from our library to apply to the interiors. But they are not exactly alike as the required or original textures. For those who hold specific textures demands such as ones decided by designers and owners, we could not apply with only similar images to muddle through. So the greater clients match these conditions below, the more wonderful the final images will be.

1. Do not include the texture images into the commented PDF, see above High-Res Texture for the explanation. Please offer the full image with a clear description.

2. Images with irregular textures should cover as large areas or ranges as they could, or the textures can’t reach the original similarity as much as possible, and in most cases, they look repeated or fail to meet the expectation.

3. Provide texture images with high resolution, 1000 pixels being the best.

Customized FF&E

Some of our clients may have high requirements on FF&E and need 100% customized modeling. For that, two fundamental issues should be aware of by clients.

1. Provision of high-resolution images that present clear structures and other details so that we can conduct precise modeling.

2. For 3D modeling, different dimensions of photos of the objects should be provided or the invisible sides would be designed totally under imagination and guessing, which are hard to come by and can’t be 100% accurate.

AIMIR will keep updating for more advice for clients aiming to facilitate all the rendering project but not only the interior renderings. If you’re interested in our 3D rendering service, please feel free to contact us. There will be more now topics coming soon, stay posted.

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