In the last post, we have talked about the basic elements of a successful rendering which is beneficial to communicate your design concept. If we compare a rendering to visual storytelling, after writing down all the elements of this story, what we should do next is to polish the story – to perfect your project. This step can be commonly finished in a meeting with Aimir and will help us understand your idea and use our skills to better bring your 3D architectural rendering to life.

When perfecting a project, we need to keep a sentence in mind: two compulsories, two optional. “Two compulsory” means that we must think about camera angles, mood, and style at this stage. “Two optional” refers to two optional points for the rendering – demographic and references. Next, let’s see these four points in detail.

Camera Angles

This refers to in which perspective the rendering conveys. From where you see the room, outside or inside, can produce different selling points. For example, a home in the background of mountains shows a way to get away from the city and enjoy the rural life. But a home in the downtown area will display a modern lifestyle. To highlight aspects that your customers are concerned about, we need to determine the angle from a good understanding of the market.

Mood and style

Mood and style is the main point discussed during the meeting. It’s about what and how your rendering conveys. Want to highlight it’s luxurious or cozy? Is the house suitable for families? If so, emphasizing its practical interior design is a good choice. Or the client is an old couple longing for tranquility? It will be better to show a house with the beautiful natural scenery. And this depends on the mood you choose.

In addition, styles are also an important factor. The style you select, whether photorealism or modernism or anything else, will stress the aspects of the project different from others. As well, it also influences the mood. Therefore, it’s significant to discuss with us, in order to give a soul to your rendering.


This is an optional point about whether to put people within your rendering. Some renderings won’t include people because it may conflict with the tone or obfuscate the customers’ attention. However, some renderings including people have a pleasing atmosphere. The key point of putting people in renderings is to consider two questions: what type of people they are in your target market and who they want to be together with.


Sometimes you may read some references which inspire your design. If you want to emulate them, we are willing to assist with your idea and highlight its strengths. Any reference you offer will help us bring our understanding and your blueprint closer.

These four points are the guideline for bringing your rendering to life, or we say the secret of polishing the story. If you need a stunning presentation to show your design concept, a 3D rendering by Aimir is unmatched to attract customers with vivid storytelling. Get a memorable rendering today with our professional 3D rendering services!

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