How much a 3D rendering cost is probably the most frequent question we’ve received when starting a conversation with our clients. To be honest, it possibly is the most difficult question to answer. If you are already a user of 3D architectural visualization services, you may be aware of the difference in price for them.

As a 16-year-experience architectural visualization studio, we have introduced the similar topic in 2018 and 2021 which are about the cost of exterior 3D renderings and interior 3D renderings. Please feel free to read the details here: 5 Points Affecting Exterior 3D Rendering Cost and Key Factors to the Price of an Interior 3D Rendering: All You Need to Know. In this blog, we’ll try to explain it in summary.


What are the Factors affecting a Render’s Price?


THE BASIC RULE IS DEPENDING ON THE WORKLOAD. As we take into account different circumstances for each project, workload comes first when quoting a project. At the same time, we care about the quality. Because the quality of the 3D works always comes first.

We’ve conclude the basic factors that affect the price of a 3D render in a project:

  • Type of rendering: This is another vital factor. In fact, the price of an image will depend on the amount of space to be shown. As a result, the type of the images will have a say. For example, the price of a residential kitchen is apparently lower than an aerial high-rise.
  • Number of images / length of animation or VR required: For 3D renderings, discount may take place in line with the amount of images required. For 3D animation or Virtual Reality works, the length also plays an important part in quotation. This is because whether in 3D images or animations, there will be shared elements for the same project. And these elements will be taken into account.
  • The model: If you’ve a complete 3D model, all we need to do is to fine-tone it and use it straightaway. If there is no model available, which is fine, we are happy to proceed with any CAD plans or even sketches. At the same time, the cost will raise accordingly. Besides, in case of any custom items are needed, there will occur extra fees.

Apart from the factors above, others such as the Deadline, Project Size, and Design Style will affect the cost in their way as well.


Briefing Service


In order to quote a project more precisely, we’ve introduced our Brief Form to assist us understand your project.

Once you’ve complete the brief, our professional project manager will get to you within 24 hours with a proposal. In the proposal, a precise price is there for you, as long as schedule of production.


Any Other Factors?


Yes and no. No if the creation process goes smoothly. Sometimes we say yes because the process does not always follow certain way. It is determined by the changing nature of design industry.

When confronted with design change and possible extra costs, AIMIR is extremely cautious because we don’t see it as a purpose. We believe it is a fine line between clients and us, for balancing the workflow and quality.

Typical scenarios of additional cost due to plan change are Model Adjustment and Camera Angle Correction. You can find more details in our previous blogs: 3 Types of Changing Color in Architectural Visualization, Four Typical Scenarios Concerning Extra Charge during the Rendering Process, and 6 Special Situations Where Our Clients Might Need to Pay Extra Charges.


If you’d like to have a quote on your project, please feel free to fill in the Brief Form, or simply talk to our professional architectural visualization studio at [email protected]. AIMIR is happy to picture a real world of your unbuilt structure!

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