Interior designers translate each client’s objective into a physical space, from the great picture down to the finest details. And interior rendering service is an effective instrument. It helps designers convey their concepts and win project presentation. The interior CGI visualizes the digital numbers and physical furniture together into a picture. It’s easy to read. So, it’s an essential tool when designers have a meeting with their client.

Interior designers assist clients to choose the furniture they like. They advise which color and fabric are the best for the room. They palace the sculpture into the right place. And other details and aspects clients care about. Then 3D artists should visualize the plan.

A great rendering storyteller should enhance these three points. 3D residential interior rendering should show custom furniture clearly, show each space’s objective and the residential vibe. Let’s see how 3D residential interior rendering translate these three points to visualization.


3D Residential Interior Rendering Shows the Customized Furniture Clearly


A great interior rendering will reflect how different people live. Clients require unique furniture, sculptures, fabric, and customized color when they concept their own home. Designers select furniture from stores and even created furniture based on clients’ specific requirements. In addition to visualize the custom furniture and fitting, the solid modeling technical ability is very important. AIMIR’s 3D artists model the customized items based on SketchUp file, CAD file, or even design drafts or sketches. It can save client’s and designer’s time because they are involved in the production process. All details can be seen crystal clearly. Also, we could provide different color versions for deciding which one is best.

3D rendering using different floor plans.

Some details of AIMIR’s custom furniture and sculptures.


Residential interior design is not only furniture customization but speaks to a consumer’s needs and emotions. Designers are not only required to provide furniture customization, but also to meet client’s function requirement. And how to translate the function requirement?


With Residential Interior Rendering, the Clients Will See How Space Is Used


Creating a residence is about creating a sense of place by responding and relating to its unique context. The residence is customized for the family’s daily lifestyle, moods, and interests. Interior designers create the room based on clients’ different objective. After design, 3D artists find the best version to visualize the scene and every place.

So, which camera angle is the best to tell the relationship between the living room and hallway? How to show the space and make it look wonderful and cozy? How to highlight the prominent of design feature? AIMIR’s 3D artists ask themselves frequently and try to find a talent solution. Check the below rendering to see how we show the space of a living room.

What is the most important point when you hold a project presentation with clients? The first impression is a decisive factor in winning the project – the vibe of the image. However, the details of the image are vital. The whole mood of the rendering is the key point. It requires 3D artists to have the excellent technical ability in the areas of modeling, shading, camera set-up, animation, lighting, and rendering of complex scenes. On top of these, a sense of aesthetic is a must. So how do AIMIR’s 3D artists create a talent emotional feeling?


3D Residential Interior Rendering Provides the Emotional Feeling

Interior designers need to come up with solutions in terms of lighting, color, texture, expression, and other details to achieve custom objective. 3D artists should convey the emotional feeling to the photorealistic interior.

Interior design rendering services help to showcase both the practical and aesthetic value of a design concept. Winter snow outside the windows, some really pop against night city views, and sunlight shines in the room. All the above rendering scenes service to create a proper mood for each room. A great residential interior rendering attaches clients wonder. Let them imagine what it is like living here with family and friends. A great rendering assists interior designers to sell their design.

The rendering vibe of each room obviously is different. 3D artists should select right light, overall tone and other details to meet client’s aesthetic orientation. Some clients use living room for friends’ meeting. 3D artists should bring the living room to light and spacious. Some other clients require living room for entertainment. So, artists should create casual space, do they?

So much for now. Those are three aspects of how residential interior rendering help with your design. If you require interior rendering services, please contact AIMIR CG. Our talented artists and professional project manager are here to bring your design to light.

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