All clients who have cooperated with AIMIR before know how we conduct quality control, and make sure each and every project runs smoothly.  We are glad to see a majority of clients choose to continue working with us and we are thrilled to see they are satisfied with our services. But how did we achieve all that? To break it down, we wrote this blog so as to provide some insights for our clients into it, which we believe will even enlighten our peers a little bit.

Before commencing the project

Before we start working on the 3D rendering, we will fully communicate with our clients to understand their specific requirements on quality and detail and judge whether we could fulfill their expectations through elaborate assessment. This is the prerequisite for a smooth delivery. Regarding other details, we will send clients a checklist with regard to the following subjects in order to deepen our understanding of the project:

Views-Confirm the view angles and total amount of renderings

Architecture Design-Confirm the object’s design

Terrain & Site Plan-Confirm the surroundings/context

Landscape-Confirm the landscaping details

Mood and Quality-Confirm the mood and quality

Other Key Information

Site location– To help us learn the local conditions (climates, vegetation, etc.).

Project function– To help us understand the function of each area.

Use of the images -to understand if it will be used for Marketing, Competition, Report, Bidding, Fundraising, etc.

People– to understand the request of race, clothing, age, and other special requirements

Sun position or direction of light – to understand if the lighting is from Front lighting, side lighting, back lighting, etc.

Design highlights– to understand the main ideas of design. To help us understand what client wants to convey through the renderings.

The aspect ratio of each image – to understand if there is any specific request to apply to 16:9, 4:3, or other sizes etc.

Project ongoing

We will start the 3D renderings basing on the checklist as mentioned above and each round of update will stick to the following crosscheck processes:

Internal Check: Feedback received and sorted out firsthand by the project manager -> 3D artist’s first modification & review->Project manager second review >3D artist’s second modification ->Production director’s final check;

External Check: We will send over Crosscheck file where we go over each comment, marking ‘done’ on corrected ones, and remark unsure revisions if there’s any and then reach out to clients to confirm the uncertain comments as shown in the following picture.

During the process, we will categorize the following situations as anomaly and react accordingly with speed:

– The same comment has shown twice, the project manager will keep a close eye on it, making sure an effective two-way communication between the technical team and clients.

– The same feedback has shown three times or more, the project manager will report this situation to the production director, find the cause, come up with a solution, and clear all confusion;

– Client complaint, the project manager will report this to the production director or CEO, we will hold a/multiple special conferences gathering the technical team members and project managers who in charge of this project, in order to solve clients’ problems precisely.

After the final delivery

After each successful delivery, our CEO will send a Project Survey & Summary to our clients for feedback on the experience of working with us. On our side, the project manager will sum up this project with its pluses and minuses, analyze them, and come up with an action plan accordingly. The gist is to pave the way for better cooperation in the future as we resolve other similar problems and improve our services.

Not all project can be completed without any hiccups, however, we at AIMIR is not afraid to face them, and we will never evade them. We’ll always live up to our promises and frankly inform things that we couldn’t achieve. The survey will help us spot the problem fast, connect with our client, actively seeking improvements, and work out solutions. After all, satisfying our clients and help them earn a good result is our ultimate goal. It is close scrutiny and consideration of every feedback and team effort that wins us many heartfelt compliments from our clients. Now you should know why many clients choose to work with and offer reorders to us: it’s simply because we are a trustworthy and professional team and handing your projects to us means you can set your heart at rest.

If you like our 3D renderings or intend to work with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are open for further discussion for this topic as well. Let’s talk!

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