3D renderings not only help with marketing, but also help your project to get approval from the city council. S* Architects is AIMIR’s long-term client who is a multifunctional corporation of high-end property design and development across the world. Wilshire Courtyard project is a redevelopment of an existing office complex in Los Angeles and transforming the underutilized site into a new mix-used destination on LA’s highly desirable Miracle Mile.

AIMIR has created 3 photorealistic renderings for Wilshire Courtyard project. During the process, multiple modifications were made to meet the requirement from the LA city council. Let’s take a look at this beautiful project first.

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Starting the Project

In 2020, S* Architects found us saying they need a couple of renderings for a project to get approval from the city council. They sent us a brief and all supporting files including the model, requirement checklist (what AIMIR sent them during our previous cooperation) and various references. Everything was clear and straightforward. So, we reviewed the files and started the production right away. We aimed to finish the project in a week.

Part of the references.


Challenges & Solutions

Although the supporting files and documents seemed to be complete, we still confronted a couple of challenges during the project. Here are AIMIR’s solutions:

High-end glass quality and people activities inside of buildings

The feature of the design is the two subtly-sculpted towers (35 and 41 stories) with chamfered edges creating a bold new composition and identity for this highly visible site. S* Architects hoped to present high-end glass quality of the façade and entourage inside the building to show people working activities. Thus, AIMIR recommended to have a twilight view – for better presentation of the glass material and human activities.


The “fin” design under the bridges linking the towers

The other challenge was to showcase the “fins” under the bridges linking the two towers. As the below image, these fins are designed colorful to be one of the featured decorations. In order to achieve this, our 3D artists put more lighting to highlight these spaces.


Green planting across the project

One of the biggest challenges is the planting. This project was designed for bio-friendly with sustainable features. S* Architects wanted to show the façade with plants in a wild state but in some way well-organized by mullions. AIMIR tried different options per provided references, and other references online. As a result, you can see green plants with natural order across the garage floors (bottom 8 stories) and outdoor terraces between the towers.


Glazing façade of garage floors

With the concept “visual texture”, the glass façade of garage floors (bottom 8 stories) is modeled as one single continuous plane for the whole tower façade. Thus, we split up the garage panels to be able to apply additional texture to individual panels. We used 3 different materials and allocated them as random as possible to avoid a single repeating pattern.



As one of our most loyalty partner, the collaboration between S* Architects and AIMIR is very smooth and easy without back-and -forth. Please check the process of these beautiful renderings.


After the Final Delivery

We are more than thrilled to hear from S* Architects that the local city council has granted this amazing project after one more rendering was added one year later (this rendering is currently under our confidential policy and will not be posted before it is allowed to). These renderings played their role in this process, and a satisfactory result was achieved.


Okay, this is the story behind making of Wilshire Courtyard project. 3D renderings help get the approval from city council in a vivid and immersive way. If you are looking for a visualizer to help you on anything, please feel free to contact us at info@aimircg.com





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