Architects are often confronted with situations where they need to report to the city, or present for marketing. Luckily, architectural visualization is the perfect tool for them. 3D renderings are smart demonstration for the concept of yet-to-be-built buildings, and 3D animations create an immersive and engaging experience for the design in a visually-stunning and memorable way.

Eleazar from C* Architects has been one of our regular clients, who brought us an urgent project in July 17th 2021. It is a 3-tower project in the intersection of Second Avenue and Peabody Steet in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. They were having a preliminary meeting with the Nashville City Council on August 3rd, and needed to send the presentation to them before July 26th. What they were looking for were about 10 renderings (not confirmed yet) and a one-minute animation in 9 days.

The production process was as smooth as silk, and they are very happy with the results. AIMIR is proud to be part of this amazing project to illustrate this extraordinary design concept, which helped our precious client with their reporting to city council and marketing as well. Let’s check the 3D renderings now!

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Production Specifics

Since it’s a smooth project which strictly follows modeling, texturing, lighting setting, rendering and post-production, we will introduce the specifics during the production instead of going through the full process.

AIMIR is always proud of our crystal clear workflow, and how cooperative our clients are when briefing. Due to the urgency of the project, C* Architects had sorted all files in order in advance. After checking through all the files, AIMIR realized they pay great attention to the garden.

The kite-shape-designed three towers. The garden is around the ground level where visitors interact.

The Garden

Eleazar is a thoughtful partner who prepared the plants references and placement of tree in advance. It saved plenty of time. In this architectural visualization project, they are looking for 11 different types of trees and more flowers to enrich these towers.

11 types of trees and their placement. This is a excellent example on how to give efficient comments.

As AIMIR’s long-term partner, Eleazar has abundant experience giving comments. The landscape is not included in the 3Ds Max model, thus he hand-marked the arrangement of each tree and flower.

Clear mark-ups of tree placement for a specific camera angle.

Mark-ups on important points not included in the model.

It did take a couple of rounds to perfect the greenery of this beautiful project, which both sides were satisfied with.

Camera Angles

In the beginning of the production, 6 camera angles were confirmed to proceed, but Eleazar was not sure about other views. He was pretty sure he wanted about 10 views to demonstrate this project. In this case, as a professional consultant visualizer, AIMIR’s 3D artists proposed some camera angles from our perspective of view.

We had proposed 32 views which we think are good to use.

It didn’t take too long to determine the final camera angles. Extra 5 views were selected by Eleazar which made up to 11 camera angles in total. They are: 4 aerial views; 6 eye-level views; 1 low angle view.

11 confirmed camera angles.

The Animation Logo

In the end of the animation, Eleazar wanted to add a logo. It is very interesting that the logo is specially designed from the façade of the three towers. They took one pattern out of the façade of each building, which are two Ts and one diamond, forming a unique logo representing this fantastic project.

The forming process of the special designed “T♢T” logo. Isn’t it smart? 

After the Final Delivery

Eleazar told us the reporting went well and the Nashville City was processing with their project. They are planning to use the visualization works to market on their website and other channels.

Working with Eleazar was a sheer pleasure, and we are so proud of how this project turned out. AIMIR was impressed by his design, as well as his professional way of communicating. It is always our pleasure working with C* Architecture. When an architect and his or her 3D visual team are entranced by the concept and design, magic happens!


Would you like to demonstrate your visual with mind-blowing impact and style? Then, contact AIMIR architectural visualization studio. We’ll talk about your exciting project and show its unique story in a show-stopping way.

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