As we mentioned in The Future of Interior 3D Rendering – Corona Renderer and AIMIR’s Story With It, we had spent 9 months in research and development before finally putting CR into commercial use. We are sharing the very first commissioned project we’ve done with CR, which are two luxury master suites located in Atlanta, USA. Our client is pretty satisfied with the output of this very first project.

What’s more, this new technology has drawn much attention from our new and returned clients. Many have shown their interest, and some have already commissioned us their projects. Actually, we have several more ongoing projects and will share the outputs once they are done!

The practicability of this new technology is still waiting to be tested by the market. However, we are happy that we have taken the first step. It is a meaningful milestone of AIMIR CG, which laid the foundation of our march to the high-end interior rendering market segment. We will keep progressing the quality as we work on more and more projects!

Let’s take a look at the renders!

His dressing room


His bathroom


Her dressing room

Her bathroom

Do you like the design and our visuals? Great designs deserve engaging renderings. If you need our service, please feel free to drop us a line to

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