With the improvement of living standards and work pressure, people now like all kinds of pleasant and leisure ways to relax. Among them, some people would play with some friends or spend weekends with their family outside the door, keeping away from busy downtown, absorbing fresh air, and bathing in the sunlight. Highland terrace residence is one of a good place to make a date, where provides the tourist a feeling of being away from home but at the same time feeling the warmth and comfort of relaxing. Let’s take a look at a highland terrace residence innovation visualized by 3D rendering that AIMIR just has finished recently.

Existing photos:

Rendering images showing the look after innovation:

Many people are proud to call Highland Terrace home! Do you like to enjoy the quality of life you deserve in a location just a short drive outside the downtown here when you see the above images? Please feel free to contact AIMIR whenever you need to visualize your design idea.

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