Keeping up with the rapid development in Miami, the Riverside Wharf, located on the river near downtown Miami, will be a hospitality-driven entertainment complex and is scheduled to open to the public in 2025. It will be the home of the Dream Hotel, a 165-room luxury hotel and the first one along the Miami River.

Eleazar, Design Coordinator from C* Architects, talked with us about this exciting project in the middle of 2021. C* Architects is one of AIMIR’s partners, and has been working with us since 2018. They are in charge of this huge project. A series of 3D renderings were needed for reporting to the city. AIMIR is excited to bring to fruition the dream and vision Miami has had for its waterfront entertainment district by creating the photorealistic unbuilt Riverside Wharf renderings.

This project is divided into three phases, which were in May, September and November 2021 respectively. Please follow us to discover the complete story for making of Riverside Wharf, 3D renderings for a world-class mixed-use development in Miami.




As AIMIR’s partner, Eleazar is an expert in briefing. In May 2021, he directly shared a Dropbox link consisting of:

  • Architecture CAD drawings;
  • Landscape CAD drawings;
  • Hand sketch landscape plans of the two rooftops;
  • Architectural elevation drawings.

Ground level planting plan.

Ground level hardscape & lighting plan.


Phase One: Initial Design


Because the schedule was very tight (2 views in 5 days), we started production straightaway. With the materials at hand, we created these two renderings in 5 days, to meet Eleazar’s reporting date.

From model to rendering: 5 days


Phase Two: Modified Plan


The presentation went smoothly. However, the design was changed a months later, right after the previous images were created. AIMIR has a complete system on design change during production. Please read more on here: Four Typical Scenarios Concerning Extra Charge during the Rendering Process.

Previous model vs. Modified model.

On top of the revised model, additional three views were added. That added up to 5 camera angles in total:

Before we could move to rendering stage, Eleazer emailed us saying the model needed modification again to follow the city’s requirement. The project had to be suspended. The final model would be handed to us in a month or so. This left us no choice but to wait.

A huge mixed-use development can be a challenge to any architect, and C* Architects is not the exception. As a professional architectural visualization studio, AIMIR is fully aware of the nature of design. We completely coordinate with any possible situation.


Phase Three: Final Plan


In the beginning of November, the final model was received. This time, there was not much hesitation on the model. Thus, our 3D specialists focused on adding the renderings stories. Here, you can see the carefulness, discretion and patience when dealing with details that tell the story of the image.

Some comments.

C* Architects always have ultimate requirement on details. This project is no exception. Since there were loads of information to be shared, we selected a couple of them to present AIMIR’s craftsmanship on making details perfect.


Customized Logos and Signs

Signs was not an issue in the beginning. But after the project was officially named in the third phase, the signs and logos were needed to be at the right place. Various photos and files were provided for an accurate sign modeling and placement.

Materials from Eleazar for signs.

Some final results


The Umbrellas

After the final delivery, Eleazar realized a tiny detail on the umbrellas on the ground floor. Because we used red umbrellas for all outdoor seating. In order to make the scene more vivid, Eleazar came up with the idea of updating part of the umbrellas from red to blue and white stripped.

Our 3D artists immediately built the model for this umbrella and changed them straight away.

Customized model for blue and white stripped umbrellas.

Customized model for blue and white stripped umbrellas.


The Mood for a Particular Area

Since it is a project with hotels, clubs and commercial, the mood for the images would be quite mixed. Thus, consistency of the image is crucial.

A good 3D rendering is that you can zoom in anywhere and find it telling the story of that area.

Let’s enjoy the 3D renderings for this fantastic project in Miami now.

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The Final Delivery


We are glad to hear both the team and client were satisfied with the result and the reporting went completely smoothly. The project is projected to break ground in 2022 and is scheduled to open to the public in 2025.

Miami’s tourism and hospitality industry is evolving with this waterfront destination: the Miami River. AIMIR is so proud to be part of the journey, creating these story-telling 3D renderings. Read more in these articles:

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How is the story of making Riverside Wharf Project? As a unique story teller, photorealistic 3D renderings surely bring your design to life. Talk with us for more information if you’re interested. Or simply contact us for consulting your next exciting project!


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