Project Name

GIDC Initiation Zone Formation Integration Plan


Located in Beijiao Town, Shunde, Foshan City, GIDC (Guangdong Industrial Design City) Initiation Zone was built on an abandoned woolen mill after three rounds of reconstruction. 17TH Jan 2009 was CIDC’S grand opening. Planned area of 4,8000㎡, GIDC serves as a modern service industry cluster with the purpose of industrial design, was designated as “National Industrial Design Demonstration Base” and “National Science and Technology Enterprises Incubator” by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Intellectual Property Office.

Over years of experience, GIDC has built up its creativity, talents and innovation to fully implement Military-civilian integration development strategy, create the integrated innovation design service center of the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, bring about more opportunities.

After 10 years’ development, space in GIDC Initiation Zone are becoming more and more crowded, the overall environment needs major updates. For the better development of the initiation zone, optimizing the space, building a unified, special park image in order to reveal a diversified, healthy innovation entrepreneurship environment, the government host this competition to attract first class domestic and foreign designs.


1. Design Area

With the span of about 4,800㎡ planning area, including the elevation outside the park(parking lot), commute lines, parking space, road polishing, public space optimization(including landscape), complex building update, non-motor vehicle parking space, garbage transfer station, west gateⅠand west gate Ⅲ construction and pedestrian area construction.

2. Design Content

A. West gateⅠand west gate Ⅲ feature change;
B. The haystack at the corner of West gateⅠand Sanhong overpass. Should be used as a park landmark with supplementary leisure area.
C. Adding ornament to the building according to the theme of this competition. Update the outside elevation building.
D. Roads and streets inside initiation zone, pedestrian walk and car lanes.
E. Adding tourism bus parking lots and organized parking lots.
F. Non-motor vehicle parking space.
G. Image updates of public space, social space.
H. Re-plan and re-use of idle land.
I. Updates of paint of the fencing, temporary exit/entrance with neighborhoods.
J. Functional lighting in the park.
K. Exploit outdoor space, enhance the social activities between companies.
L. Update the dining hall of 2nd and 3rd floor of complex building.
M. More garbage transfer center in the park, beneficial to ecosystem.


1. All competitor must have valid business license or opening certificate. Domestic firms must have an independent legal personality.
2. All firms (domestic and foreign) must have a renowned reputation with at least one park design project in the past.
3. We accept sign-ups from unions (unions should be less than 3 firms). All members of a union must be eligible for the above mentioned requirements. After joining a union, firms cannot sign-up themselves independently.
4. Awards:¥300,000RMB(all the chosen designs, include tax); First two designs will get a bonus of ¥100,000RMB. The final chosen firm will receive an extra bonus of ¥1,240,000RMB for further design.

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