On Apr 15, 2019, a devastating fire struck the notable Cathédrale Notre-Dame De Paris which destroyed its wooden structure (including the spire added during a 19th-century renovation). Two days later, France’s Prime Minister Edouard Phillippe announced that a competition towards ALL architecture firms to rebuild its spire will be hosted.

According to PM himself that the competition, there are two ways to choose from. 1. Renovation, keep the spire designed by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc in 1859. 2. Create, combine traits of our era with heritage and design a new spire.

We at Aimir CG, now, wish to do our part to contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage of the world. Thus we have decided to make three renders(aerial*1, street-level*1, “experience”*1) for competitors for free. The design has to be chosen by AIMIR. To guarantee the quality, we must receive the finishing and completed design 15 days before the final submission date And after the competition result announcement, we could have the right to post the renderings on our website, definitely we will credit your name of which architectural firm.

To sign up for the competition & for detailed information please visit: Notre-Dame Cathedral Design Competition

AIMIR CG will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. All your data and correspondence (including emails, WhatsApp, phone calls, Skype, etc.) will be highly confidential and will be abided by the non-disclosure agreement.

If you are interested in participating in this activity, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@aimircg.com. We will get your idea competition-read to its fullest.

Some architectural firms have already made a quick response to this disaster and exerted their creativity and aesthetics, below are some of their works, let’s take a look!

Credits Clockwise from top left: Vizum Atelier; Nicolas Abdelkader/Studio NAB; Alexandre Chassang/ABH Architects; Alexandre Fantozzi/AJ6; Mathieu Lehanneur; Dakis Panayiotou/Kiss the Architect

One proposal for the roof, by Alex Nerovnya, a lecturer at the Moscow Architectural Institute, envisages a structure resembling a diamond.

Notre Dame Spire concept. (Photo courtesy of Studio NAB)


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