It is almost inevitable to have an extra workload when dealing with a project. Things happen. At the same time, it is understandable for AIMIR to charge extra if the workload is much heavier than expected. In this round, AIMIR is extremely cautious because AIMIR doesn’t see this as a purpose but a fine line between clients (no matter regular or new), a guarantee for workflow and production quality, and a respect for all the 3D artists.

AIMIR has posted two blogs on this topic, giving a general idea from various perspectives. The first blog was posted in 2018, analyzing the general situation and listing several cases where an extra charge applies. The second one was posted this year, which is an additional explanation for the first. More professional and detailed classification is created, with quantifiable criteria for extra charges when confronted with various situations. This transparency delivers equality for every client and provides references when there is conflict.

Here, more refined and organized case studies are presented as examples for better understanding.

Scenario A: Model Correction

In all cases, the nightmare is definitely the model correction after rendering and postproduction. AIMIR wants to make it clear that it is totally acceptable for minor revisions after rendering and postproduction, and no extra charge applies. However, if a considerable scale in the model needs revision, which means a brand new image is needed for rendering and postproduction again, AIMIR has to charge extra.

In this case, AIMIR charge 30% – 60% per shot based on the workload.

Scenario B: Camera Angle Correction

Clearly, camera angles count. Please always confirm the camera angles before moving to the next stage. AIMIR is happy with any mark-ups and feedback. However, our client should understand that if the camera angle is changed after rendering and postproduction, the whole image needs re-render and re-post produce, which stands for re-do the image.

In this case, AIMIR put an additional charge of 30% – 80% on each image. In some case of replacing a brand-new image, AIMIR charge 100%.

Scenario C: Mood Correction with same model and camera angle

AIMIR’s 3D artists always hold to the clients’ confirmation of mood. Once the image is rendered with mood, changing the mood is equivalent to re-render the whole image.

In this case, a 60% additional charge applies per shot.

Scenario D: Change of Design

This is a tough one. In the past projects, AIMIR has confronted with two main situations regarding design change after rendering and postproduction.

The first situation is relatively gentle, where the client suddenly wants to change some parts of the model. Since the main model stays the same, as well as camera angle, mood, and landscape, AIMIR charge 50% – 80% per image.

The other situation is quite tricky: the landscape and vegetation are being modified. As one of the most time-consuming processes, the landscape needs plenty of work. In this situation, a new image is to be done.

In this case, AIMIR charge additional 50% – 100% per image.

Those are the four scenarios that leading to extra fees during the rendering process. For better communication and a faster project turnaround, be sure to double-check and confirm the camera angles, mood, model, and landscape. It will make both parties easier since an extra charge applies especially when modification and correction occur after rendering and postproduction. If you want to know more information about 3D rendering, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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