As more architects, designers, and real estate professionals become aware of the power of 3D architectural visualization, demand of these services raises. Join AIMIR to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about 3D rendering, 3D animation, and virtual reality.


What is 3D Architectural Visualization?


In case some of you may not be familiar with, let’s start with the definition. Actually, architectural visualization is no new concept. However, in the past decades, 3D technology has developed fast so that 3D came true.

At this moment, 3D architectural visualization has various forms such as 3D rendering, 3D animation, virtual reality, and argument reality. It is widely used by architects, designers, real estate developers, and manufacturers. With the help of 3D architectural visualization, you can have true-to-life 3D works of your vision, inside and out.


Why do You Need 3D Architectural Visualization Services?


3D architectural visualization, seemingly trivial, actually plays an important role in architectural design. Besides the most commonly-aware purpose: for marketing as most people know, there are other benefits.

  • Previewing the project before it starts: You can have a thorough look of the design in photorealistic 3D works. In this way, it is way easier to change the design details when needed.
  • Invoking creativity: Honestly, it is not a rare thing to get inspiration during the production of creating the 3D works. The flexibility and easy-to-change nature make it a piece of cake to reform your design in 3D works.
  • Presentation and reporting: When you need someone to say yes on your vision, the 3D architectural visualization must be the first choice to go with. It help to create the yet unbuilt structure in a real scene. Thus, its viewers can check the building as if they are standing in front of it.
  • Marketing optimizer: This is the best tool to market your idea. It brings out the best side of your unbuilt building.
  • Facilitating project management: A realistic 3D work of the project is the best coordination for management. Any possible issues can get fixed during the construction phase before they happen.


What do You Need for Entering 3D Architectural Visualization Services?


Briefing is the best and easiest way. At AIMIR, we’ve prepared various brief forms at:

In this form, we collect your basic information as well as project information, such as project type, how many images, how long animation / virtual reality, 3D model, CAD plan, or sketches. One thing to bear in mind, the more materials and information you provide, the quicker we get started.


How long does 3D Architectural Visualization Take?


First, the answer depends on the project materials provided. Then, other factors such as the quantity / length of images / animations / VR to be created should be taken into consideration as well.

For instance, you have an office building that you want to have 3D images for. A complete 3D model is ready to use, and you’d like three renderings: an aerial view to show the structure and surroundings; a front view; and an interior view of the lobby. In addition, other supporting references such as the landscape plan or material board can accelerate the production process.

Anyway, for general reference:

  • 3D Rendering: typically 3-5 days per 1-2 images.
  • 3D Animation: typically 1-2 weeks per minute.
  • Virtual Reality: typically at least 4 weeks per project.


What is the Working Process?


AIMIR has a complete workflow for CGI works. The workflow has been fully tested during the last 17 years. For 3D rendering, 3D animation and virtual reality, we have streamlined and efficient workflows.

To start the work we need the project files such as 3D model, CAD plans, or hand sketches. On top of these, some supporting information can help a lot, such as the site photo, Google coordinates, landscape plan, floor plans, color and material boards, and so on.

When the production starts, generally we follow: 3D modeling – applying material and textures – lighting – rendering and post-work – final delivery. For 3D animation, there will be a storyboard / camera path confirmation before the standard working process.

For a more detailed working process please kindly check here.


Am I Able to See the Works Before Final Delivery?


The answer is absolutely yes! Actually, it is the inevitable part of the whole production. Because we do care about the way presenting your vision.

In general, the majority of projects are able to deliver you drafts to preview in the Modeling stage and Rendering stage. Besides, you will receive drafts throughout the entire process for any mark-ups and comments.

On the other hand, it is vital for you to provide your mark-ups or comments on the draft timely. This is because we can only proceed to next stage after receiving your mark-ups.


Are the Project Materials and Information Safe with You? What If the Project is Confidential?


Please rest assured that we will keep your data confidential if you hope so.

Our promise doesn’t come from nowhere. It is guaranteed by our strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). At AIMIR, we fully realize the nature of design industry. Thus, your date security is our top concern. We will not disclose any information unless you agree to do so.


Hope above can answer part of your questions. If you have more questions, please refer to our FAQ page here. Or you can simply talk to us about your concerns or projects on our home page or at [email protected].

AIMIR is an architectural visualization studio with over 17 years’ experience in the field of 3D rendering, 3D animation and virtual reality. Contact AIMIR now for high-end 3D architectural visualization works to impress your clients!

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