In this day and age, continuous progress has been made in technology to satisfy our huge demand. What we could only dream about yesterday has translated into reality now. In visual communication, 3D rendering makes it easy for everyone to see what future houses will look like. Images become sharper, livelier and cooler. But compared to all-pervading 3D graphics, 3D animation is much more impressive. It is present in many things we are familiar with such as virtual reality games and the popular Disney movies. People will get a life-like experience and great details from these digital videos. And the entertainment industry is not the only user of 3D animation. It’s also widely applied in the field of architecture where architects use it for various reasons. So to speak, it plays a necessary part in architectural designs.

In this blog, we’re going to reveal something about 3D architectural animation. What is it? What advantages does it have? Who can benefit from it and how? Ready to learn? Let’s go!


What is 3D Architectural Animation?

3D animation for architecture and design is a more innovative way to visualize the projects. Unlike the still images in 3D views, with the help of architecture animations, it can clearly present different aspects of the design in motion. Just like a short movie, what it conveys to the audience is not only highly informative but also fully immersive. In this way, architects and designers can speak with their clients in the visual language, which leads to mutual understanding.

At first in the 1990s, architectural experts employed 3D visualization to design buildings. Due to its high cost, time-consuming process and not so realistic effect, people didn’t use it for marketing at that time. As it developed, nowadays it’s hard for us to tell the difference between 3D-rendered visuals and real photos and videos. Furthermore, the lower price makes its extensive use possible.

The 2010s sees 3D visualization grew into maturity. Many 3D studios have been made a profit by selling 3D services as the times required. Almost every architecture company will hire a rendering team or outsource it for their projects. And more architects started to widely use 3D animation which is in photoreal quality.

According to features and applications, 3D architectural animation can be divided into four types.


Types of 3D Architectural Visualization

  • 3D Walkthroughs

Though it can describe the exterior, the industry usually applies it to the interior. It’s known for the human-eye level view. Just as its name implies, the camera is positioned at more or less eye level. This emphasizes the principal role of the audience and guides them to appreciate the selling points of a property in a virtual tour experience.

  • 3D Flythroughs

It mainly highlights a bird’s eye or aerial view that presents a building and its surroundings from high above. But it can also mix some walkthrough elements together. It enables the audience to observe the relationship between the building and its surroundings with its splendid shots.

  • Exterior and Interior Animation

Often in the form of a brief display, it features the projects from the outside and inside separately, aiming to showcase them from winning angles in full splendor.

  • Mixed Animation

In the most comprehensive manner, it successfully interweaves interior and exterior views. As well, it takes their transitions into account to achieve a strong sense of integrity.



What Advantages Does it Have?

To make the most of 3D architectural animation, we must have a clear idea of its benefits in this industry.

  • Dramatic Visual Impact

In order to conquer the market, it’s vital for architects to display their projects in the most attractive way as much as possible. 3D animation is definitely the best choice. Shot at the flattering angles, with suitable background music and voiceover, using slick editing, it’s as powerful as a professionally-shot film. In such a realistic way, the clients automatically understand the ideas behind the building and have a lasting impression.

  • Wonderful Immersive Experience

Besides, 3D animation can realize the immersion level of full-dive VR, which increases the visual appeal. By watching the 3D movie, the audience are guided to take a future tour. They will get a clear image of the room’s dimensions (e.g., height, depth, and design) based on the high-quality images.

  • Perfect Presentation Integrity

Rather than adopting individual scenes, 3D animation presents the architectural design of both exterior and interior cooperatively. This allows them to enjoy the harmonious interplay between the interior and exterior.

  • Flexible Environment Adjustment

In comparison to photographing, it’s convenient to alter the visualization of the environment. Architects and designers flexibly change things like the lighting, the floor tiles and the textures. For example, we can see the building in in different seasons or times of the day through time-lapse photography.


Who Can Benefit From it and How?

With amazing things around 3D animation, in addition to architects, people relevant to architecture can benefit from it. To sum up, it assists people to promote marketing and realize a perfect product presentation.

No matter how much real estate developers describe the unfinished projects, it can be hard for some potential clients to believe. 3D animation helps to smooth away this problem. It’s the ultimate tool for project promotion in the property business. We can see its usage in different advertising platforms like shopping complexes, social media, TV and sales offices. Nothing can resonate with everyone as powerfully as a digital video.

Exterior and interior designers enjoy 3D architectural animation alike. They are able to get much crucial information from depth to height based on the exact computed video. Thus, they can minimize any mistakes so as to avoid remodeling or correction. This characteristic is also the opportunity of showcasing the ingenuity of their works.



3D animation has got into every comer of our lives. Animation and architecture are combined to infuse new life and energy into the industry. We hope this blog inspired you in some way. If you are ready to try 3D architectural animation services, our professional 3D architectural visualization studio is your trustworthy partner! Please consult us about your projects. We’re here to offer a wide range of 3D services.

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