The exterior and interior architectural visualization projects do not always have a sunny day and adequate lights. Some of them don’t set the architectural objects in an urban environment. This in turn creates a special mood for the images. Today, we at AIMIR decided to share with you the works that, in our opinion, have such special and untypical environment.


Weather & Time


Imagining a building under a sunny day with a clear blue sky, and surely it is the simplest method to bring out full potential of an image. Naturally, the brilliance of a sunset is able to coat a gorgeous color on the whole image that catches the eyes of its viewers. Morning, noon, afternoon, dawn, these time of the day under a clear sky are most frequently used in 3D architectural rendering, and result in eye-catching results.

However, these are not the only options for 3D rendering. In contrast to such “usual” works, visuals created in other weather conditions such as a cloudy summer afternoon or a snowy winter day are more distinctive. The aim of such weather and time is not to make the structure uglier or worse. Actually, these “unusual” environment allows to showcase the architecture in a totally different perspective.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the typical environment with various weather and time conditions.


#1. Snowy

Snowy day is probably one of the most attractive scenes in 3D rendering. However, this weather is not widely used in architectural 3D rendering because of its limitation: the location of the architecture. Not all structures can use a snowy mood, at least, not the ones in tropical regions.

In the magical hands of a professional 3D artist, one can find the true good of a building under any environment. Here, a reasonable winter scene adds more power to a render.


As you can see, the wonder of a winter scene lies not only in the beauty and uniqueness of the structure which stands out, but also bakes an immersive experience to its viewers. Architects, designers and real estate developers use powerful winter 3D visuals as a strong tool to sell their clients with future homes, offices, and destinations.


#2. Cloudy

It is incredible to demonstrate a tower under a cloudy sky. And our data can prove it. Our posts about cloudy mood renders on LinkedIn are proven to be impressive and received many likes and comments from our audience.


As an unusual mood, cloudy is frequently used in 3D architectural visualization especially for high-rises. The reason for this is that cloudy sky is ideal for conveying supremacy or instilling feelings of power of the object, which, under this context, the buildings. At the same time, they are not difficult to find in other type of structures such as stadium, museum and even shopping malls.


#3. Rainy

Rainy day probably is not the first choice of most of the ArchViz users. Because it may moisturize the scene and blur the important details of the building. Also, some people may believe an architecture under the rain will create weakness for the structure.


This is not the truth. As we stated above, we believe all architecture can shine within the right hand – the skilled 3D artist’s hand. Actually, a rainy scene will not make the building weak. On the other hand, the rain will bring calmness and serenity to the scene, which in turn results in a powerful demonstrate of the architecture that create selling content.


#4. Night

You may ask, is night scene unusual? Yes and no. In common sense, we experience night every day, it’s just dark, and there is nothing to talk about. However, it becomes totally different in the ArchViz industry.

In a 3D render, especially when there is a residential property or office building, some architects and designers may want to express the current mood. For example, these two images of a three-story office building can give you a totally different impression:

  • An image of the office building to show the structure and design;
  • An image of the office building with clear design details and people inside doing various activities.


After all, the night mood for exterior rendering is perfect to demonstrate the indoor furniture layout and people inside with activities, which creates a strong living atmosphere for this building. On the other side, interior rendering can use night for window view that provides contrast to the warm or cold lighting inside.


Above are an introduction of using unusual moods for 3D architectural rendering. It is not only a fixed answer, you can choose the most suitable mood for your project. We care about each project, and aim to deliver one-of-a-kind 3D work for you. AIMIR is a professional 3D architectural visualization studio since 2006. We are glad to help you visualize your project.

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