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Project name: Urbany Altamonte Apartment Community
Location: Miami, Florida, US
Purpose: Advertising for real estate

Introduction: This apartment community, including duplex, fourplex, five-plex and six-plex, offers the opportunity to assign private patio or garden sections to each of its residents. Whichever model you choose, you will be able to experience outdoor privacy in your very own ‘backyard.” The interior of each model is designed to showcase quality architecture and design. Equal importance has been given to the exteriors as the interiors, which is unique to the traditional home or multi-family home. Homes are built with special z-shaped walls, which provide a great deal of indirect, natural light and privacy.

Outstanding feature: dynamic assembling, for example, the housing coming out of the ground and the movement of tiles and furniture, etc. This is a vivid display of the architectural style, the geographical location, perfect supporting facilities and beautiful environment. With a rhythmic music matching with a special scenario, it gives the audience a sense of freshness and vitality while achieving both auditory and visual enjoyment.

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