Located on the 52nd floor and cover an area of 2259㎡ of Shanghai Tower, the tallest skyscraper in China, Duoyun Bookstore has opened on August 12th and become the city’s highest bookstore.

Designed by Yuting, an architect famous for designing several amazing bookstores such as Zhongshuge and Sinan Bookstore, it finally uncovered its mysterious veil to people after 3-year’s construction. Today, let’s together have a look and find out its beauty!

The height of 239 meters, a library of about 60000 books, and the ingenious design, together bring bookworms to a new level, enabling them to read in the clouds and enjoy wonderful views of this city and this bookshop.

Inspired by Chinese landscape paintings, the shape of white bookshelves at the entrance looks like continuous mountains. In Yuting’s design, mountains and rivers are simplified into curves which embody the artistic conception of the landscape.

Walking along the white bookshelves, you will come into the black space which looks like a secret. It seems that unknown adventures are hidden in calm colors where readers may wander in the sea of knowledge.

There are three recommended bookshelves, each is displaying books based on different purpose: London Review of Books; reviews on Douban which is a Chinese social review platform; and their favorite books chosen by celebrities from all walks of life.

In addition, both the sky and the city are a part of wonderful views. Looking outside, you’ll see Huangpu River and tall buildings. Sometimes you may even spot Shenshan in distance with nice weather. The spacious space enables readers to enjoy a wonderful view of the city, taking their reading to the fleecy clouds.

The designer uses arched shelves to create Space, combining symbols and scenery to create Scape, while readers endow it with Spirit. These 3 “S” make it an ideal and amazing reading environment for every visitor. Looking up at the clouds, looking down at the book, we are reading this beautiful world and its culture!

(All the pictures in this blog are reprinted from ABBS.)

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