Besides our first-class 3D rendering service, 3D animations are also our strength. With many professional talents working for us, we are able to offer different kinds of animations, which is cost-effective, for you. As an up-to-date technique, architectural visualization, which concludes 3D rendering and animation, benefits the architects and the real-estate developers a lot. Today, we will talk about the animation, which is made with computer software to express the design of a construction and make the audience have a better feeling about the building.

#1 Strive to win the bid

The aim of this kind of animation is to help the user to win the bid. The potential of the commercial district needs to be represented thoroughly in an animation. Some techniques used in advertising will be used in this kind of animation to catch investors’ eyes and arouse their interests.
There are some tips for you to make an excellent animation: choose attractive topic, represent all the advantages of your project on the aspects of location, timing, or social background, and let your audiences have full awareness on the commercial value of your project.

#2 Real-estate development promotion

The targeted audiences of this kind of animation are those who want to purchase an apartment or a residence. Most of them would like to live in a prosperous block, thus you have to show them the district in which your project locating will be bustling and prosperous after finished.
Changing the angle of view slowly and tenderly is a good way to represent the community. In this way, the target customers will feel the sense of belonging to your project and that is the great success of your promotion.

#3 Guidance for construction

It focuses on the description of the process of construction. Basing on the blueprint, the key point of this type of animation is to show the workflow as clear as possible. Using animation to show the workflow and the building, architects can easily know what they should do and how they do that.

#4 Urban planning

Sometimes, government approaches us for animation of the new urban plan considering some advantages it will bring. To serve the clients well, only after having a deep understanding of the plan will we create the animation. Basing on the good understanding of the features of the new plan, we are able to present them very well.

#5 Restoration of the old city

Though it is kind of unusual project, the animation showing the scene of the old city is amazing and charming, which brings the audience back to the old time. As for this kind of animation, AIMIR focus on showcasing the cultural elements of the city and make sure that every elaborate detail will be well present.
All in all, animation and 3D rendering is becoming popular and popular and change the ways of promotion and marketing activities in the architecture industry. AIMIR CG is an expert in this area and always attempts to offer the best service to our clients. If you have any needs, please contact us without hesitation.

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