We are so excited to extend our congratulations to one of our clients who won the first place at the Project David Azrieli Prize. And he told us our 3D rendering helped greatly!

“You will not believe but we won!! First Place! The most important prize for architecture graduate students in Israel! It was unbelievable… very exciting!”

About David Azrieli Prize

It’s a very important Israeli nationwide competition for graduate students of architecture. Only 15 out of hundreds of projects have been selected to participate and It’s a great honor just to take part.

On the Media


Our client:

Our client: Ron Sabag + Ohad Solomon

Special Points of Their Project

Like I told you, our project is a little bit strange and unusual, we have developed boards and Assembly games for public participation.Take a look at a sample of one game called “Squares”:

Take a look at a sample of one game called “Squares”:

“Squares” is a strategy board game for 5-10 players whose objective is to lead to a discussion on planning on an urban -neighborhood scale. The aim of the game is to establish a common architectural plan that charts planning ideas and represents a proposal that on the one hand describes the agreements, and on the other hand describes the disagreements and their solutions on the ground.We are developing different types of games, this is one of them.

The Visuals

Some Thoughts

This project is not a typical type of architectural visualization. However, we AIMIR CG are always capable and eager to meet various demands. No matter what style or techniques you want to use AIMIR CG will fulfill your every single goal.

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