Over the last few years, 3D architectural visualization is experiencing rapid growth. Its market share has increased in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. A 2019 report by Global Market Insights Inc. suggested that its value is forecast to over $6 billion by 2025, compared to the estimation at $1.5 billion in 2018.

Picture 1 (from Global Market Insights)

Many use cases of 3D rendering services can be found in our previous blogs, which partially explain this industry trend. But the major force stimulating its growth is the marketing applications of 3D rendering. Nowadays, many industry players use 3D visualization for marketing purposes to motivate better results. This blog tends to explore the reasons behind based on our customer feedback.

1. “I admire high-quality 3D renderings.”

With the development of high-tech, more and more latest technologies require accessible equipment. 3D rendering software’s capacity to produce high-quality pictures meets the marketing demand of applying other available technologies, such as high-resolution smartphones, TVs, and AMOLED display. As for resolution alone, these technologies far exceed the previous level and offer an exceptional viewing experience. Thus, each pixel matters to the desired visual effect.

3D rendering can generate a high-quality image. With the use of 3D rendering, marketers can use impressive images for advertisements on high-quality mobile displays and big TV screens without any sacrifice of the definition to engage consumers.

2. “It helps me improve customer satisfaction.”

Poor reviews come from the obvious difference between the misleading commercial ad and the actual products and services. Once that happens frequently, the company will lose the opportunity of gaining buy-ins and even fail in the competitive market.

However, it can be avoided by using a 3D architectural visualization that displays the building as it will be after construction. No matter what product it is, clients will receive the same effect as what they see on the ad, which leads to better customer satisfaction.

3. “It makes my company stay competitive.”

3D rendering marketing is a good investment on the path to success. Persuasive and breathtaking 3D images can help to attract potential clients by allowing them to preview the final product. Nowadays, it has been widely applied in industries as architecture, construction, real estate marketing, and development. 3D rendering helps companies stand out in the crowd and build their brand images, which is the solid foundation to climb to the top of success.

4. “It offers as immersive experiences as possible.”

2D media is clearly limited when it comes to capturing 100% of prospective customers’ interest. Even with sound and animation, it’s hard to be entirely satisfying. This is one of the aspects that makes 3D rendering special. Taking the potential customers’ point of view, it really requires great consideration when investing in a project at vast expense. It’s far from enough for only using drawings and sketches to meet their needs and persuade them to invest money. Thanks to marketing visualization, clients can explore the project with their own eyes and walk through every corner of the future house through a 360-degree panorama. Besides, architectural visualization enables them to spot the mistake before it leads to great damage. 

5. “My customers have more confidence in what they pay for.”

It’s necessary to understand that trust never comes easy. It comes naturally for clients and customers to wonder what the purchased products will look like, especially in the case of buying online or investing in a large project. Hence, building trust is an important step forward. Just depending on traditional means like sketches and drawings is not nearly enough. If consumers can visualize a project, it will be much easier to make them confident in doing the business.

Product visuals created by 3D rendering services are an intelligent promotional approach. They can well represent the physical features of the building and communicate the values behind it. Companies can offer a good experience by demonstrating material quality and highlighting the key points of the design with 3D renderings. As a result, customers will be more confident in choosing the product.

6. “Its versatile format is so convenient.”

Transmitting channels are significant in marketing in the modern world. The feature of a versatile format makes 3D rendering adapt to different ways of information dissemination. Whatever platform and audience the marketing team targets, 3D rendering services can always ensure successful diffusion by providing various formats: photorealistic images, 3D animation, virtual tour, CG panoramas and so on. Arguably, a wide spectrum of industries has benefited from its versatility format and applications.

7. “It achieves a stunning visual impact and earns more money.”

As noted earlier, 3D rendering services directly affect customer satisfaction and customer trust. And this will have positive results in the long term which mainly behaves in a high return on investment. As well, it also increases the digital footprint of the company that uses it. It helps the company stand out from all the rest and diversify its marketing strategies on marketing channels and the media used.

8. “3D geometry capability precisely communicates the vision of the project.

In terms of geometry capability, traditional drawings are nothing compared to 3D rendering. The only thing which can be mentioned in the same breath is a handmade physical model. Such a detailed physical model with recreating surroundings takes weeks to prepare and construct. Nevertheless, it takes less time and money to make the same model by 3D rendering services. In addition, the architects can not only create and shape the unstarted projects but also make everything correct to the tiniest details. In a way, 3D rendering marketing breaks the boundary of superficial marketing and is useful in many verticals.

These are the top 8 reasons why our clients choosing 3D rendering marketing according to the follow-up e-mails. And they also prove the amazing power of 3D rendering. So what are you going to do? Hopefully, these can open your eyes when marketing a property. If you’re also interested in visualizing your design for marketing purposes, please kindly contact AIMIR.

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