This new mixed-use apartment in front of Monument Square on River Street in Troy, New York is on board for construction soon. This is a beautiful complex in the center of Troy, along Huston River, to bring a new landscape to the city.

Site location

In September 2021, Chris, from SRA Architecture, said they need 6 images to be used as a major piece of a presentation to the public. As AIMIR’s partner, Chris has been collaborating with us for the past three years. He is an expert in briefing.


The Perfect SoW


One Monument Plaza Project will be a classic brick-structured mixed-use, with ground-level commercial spaces and 5-story apartments. It has the design in harmony with the Monument Square opposite to and other surrounding buildings. For a fast turnaround, Chris has prepared all needed files, and stated the crucial parts clearly.

The final 3D renderings will be used to persuade the public to approve the project. For this reason, the entourage will need to be the key. It need to show a lot of “life” in the images.


1. Rough Rendering Views

They had decided 6 views to create, which are the following below. But Chris said the views may have some changes, as long as they made sense.

6 initial views.


2. The Surrounding Context

After kick-off meeting, we decided to use photo-composition for the surrounding context rather than modeling. Although modeling is based on the real site and very precise, photo-composition is 100% similarity with reality. On top of this, photo-composition is much cost-effective.

Drone videos.

Chris provided 17 high-res drone videos for us to find the best view for these 3D renderings.


3. The Model

A Revit model of the buildings that helped our 3D artists understand the design and structure accurately was received. It was not a complete model, because Chris updated a couple of elements such as the trellis and logo on building a few days later.

The model

It is crucial that the updated model is add-on and kept to the updated item only. This is because if the whole model is provided with only a small item added or changed. The 3D artists have to redo everything with the model, which is extremely time-consuming.


4. The Finish Materials

He shared the drawings which indicated the structure, dimensions, and materials to be used on the building:

In order to further articulate the materials in details, Chris sent us an elevation with more precise material key:


5. The Plants

The stringent requirement for plantation is another key point he wanted to address. However. Chris provided detailed reference images for what vegetable they were after on particular spots.

Part of planting reference

Although we have the images of the plantation, our 3D artists still studied the geolocation of the site. It was needed to find out what types of plants they are so that we can accurately find the right model of trees and flowers.

Since everything is clear, the production started immediately!


The Workflow


Since we’re using photo-composition, the first round draft was about confirming the model in the photo.

Photo drafts with model in.

Once the model and position are confirmed, our 3D specialists then moved forward to incorporate the details of the design including materials, lighting, landscape, and post-work into the image.

After modifying two rounds of tiny details, the project was successfully completed! Please enjoy these incredible images with full story to tell!

9- 01
9- 02
9- 03
9- 04
9- 05
9- 06
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An Additional Xmas Rendering after 2 Months


Two months later in November, Chris emailed us saying they would like to have a Xmas version for one of the views. This is for the Company’s Christmas cards for their clients this year.

For a better reference, he sent a rendering AIMIR created for S* Architecture in 2019, which is also for Christmas.

Reference rendering

In ten days, the final Christmas rendering is as below:


Presentation Result


The presentation turned out to be amazing, as Chris told us. The One Monument Plaza project has been approved and the construction is on the boards. Now, the 3D renderings are displayed on the website’s homepage.


Need story-telling 3D renderings for your presentation and marketing campaigns? Contact us at [email protected] for high-end professional 3D rendering services and get your projects speak for themselves!

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