Project overview

Urban cognition

Shangrao City, known as Xinzhou and Guangxin in ancient times, is located in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province, adjacent to Zhejiang Province in the east, Fujian Province and Yingtan City of Jiangxi Province in the south, Fuzhou City, Nanchang City and Jiujiang City in the west, and Jingdezhen City and Huangshan City of Anhui Province in the north, and is the regional center city of Jiangxi Province, with a total land area of 2736.98 square kilometers. By the end of 2023, Shangrao has a resident population of 6,395,900 people.


Schematic diagram of the relationship between Shangrao and neighboring regions.

Shangrao City has a subtropical humid climate and rich tourism resources, and Wuyuan County in Shangrao City has been named a national model area for regional tourism. As a national comprehensive transportation hub, it has leading industries such as new energy, non-ferrous metals, electromechanical optics and new building materials.By the end of 2022, Shangrao City will realize a regional GDP of 330.97 billion yuan, a general public budget revenue of 25.09 billion yuan, and a per capita disposable income of 31,675 yuan.

Guangfeng District belongs to Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, which is the first district from Zhejiang Province into Jiangxi. It has the title of “Hometown of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy” and “Hometown of National Wushu”, etc. The total volume and growth rate of the main economic indicators have always been in the forefront of the city, and has been awarded the ” Top 100 regions with comprehensive national strength ” and “National Top 100 Investment Potential Districts”.


Schematic diagram of the location of Guangfeng District.


Project location

The core area of Guangfeng urban new area where this project is located, relies on the advantages of the north area of the city as a functional agglomeration of Guangfeng District’s administration, cultural and sports activities, district facilities, digital commerce, transportation hub, high-tech manufacturing, etc., and makes every effort to build an important innovation and sharing service center and a vibrant area of the smart city, so as to become a core growth pole of the central part of Shangrao City, and a pleasant city with landscape and ecological livability.


Schematic diagram of the planning structure of the northern part of the city in Guangfeng District.

This project is located in the south side of the administrative center in the north area of Guangfeng District, east side of Jiaxuan East Avenue, south side of Yingbin Avenue, west side of Tongyashan Avenue, north side of Wengjialing Road, with a total land area of about 43.49 acres, which is an important central node position of the city.


Schematic diagram of land use for this project.

The Beihu Park on the west side of the project is the central park and comprehensive park of the north area of the city, with the landscape water surface elevation of 108.5 M. It undertakes the comprehensive functions of ecology, recreation, culture, popularization of science, landscape, and emergency evacuation, and mainly serves the urban residents, shopping and leisure people, city sightseeing people, and administrative office people.

The Xixi River Scenic Belt on the east side of the project is an interactive open park combining natural experience and cultural exchange, and it is an important part of the perfect landscape green vein of Guangfeng District’s dynamic new city.

On the south side of the project is the planned featured commercial service center, which serves as a service downtown level commercial support with commercial complexes and business centers, providing diversified commercial experience, leisure services and business and financial services.


Schematic diagram of the planned land in Chengbei Area of Guangfeng District.


Design content

The design of the competition phase of this project consists of three levels, which are:

  • Urban study of the area where the Guangfeng District Culture and Arts Center is located
  • Guangfeng District Cultural and Arts Center Master Plan
  • Conceptual design of architectural scheme for Guangfeng District Cultural and Art Center and urban park scheme。

See the Design Brief for the specific requirements.


Requirements for application


  • The participant should be independent legal person enterprises or institutions legally registered at home and abroad with valid business licenses or business registration certificates.
  • It encourages that the participating team should consist of professional personnel from multiple specialties who are familiar with China’s national conditions and have rich experience in architectural design, urban design, operation planning and ecological landscape.
  • Consortiums with no more than 3 members (including leading member) are allowed to apply; All consortium parties must not participate in the competition event in their own names separately or form a consortium with other agencies.
  • The competition event does not accept application of individuals and individual groups.
  • The person in charge of the company is the same person or different agencies with shareholding or management relationship must not apply at the same time.
  • Achievement requirements: The participant (including the consortium) shall have design experience in large-scale public cultural architectures (such as cultural or art venues, or theaters) in the past 10 years (from January 1, 2014 to present, subject to contract signing time),at least one.


Competition Rules


This competition is divided into two phases: Stage I: Application and pre-qualification, Stage II: Design competition stage.

Stage I: Application and pre-qualification

The participants submit the application documents according to the Competition Rules. The Host sets up a pre-qualification review jury in accordance with the law. The pre-qualification review jury will conduct a comprehensive review on the shortlisted pre-qualification application documents, with the review contents covering industry reputation, design experience, project achievements, awards, teams to be involved in the Project, conceptual proposals of the participants. The pre-qualification review jury will adopt the method of open ballot (round-by-round elimination), select 5 shortlisted participants from all qualified participants and 2 alternatives (ranked), which will replace in order if any shortlisted participant withdraws.

Stage II: Design competition stage

Shortlisted participants should submit qualified deliverables according to the Design Brief. The Host sets up the scheme review jury in accordance with the law. The scheme review jury adopts open ballot (round-by-round elimination). With thorough discussion, the jury will ranked the five shortlisted proposals and put forward review opinions.

If the first-place proposal is confirmed as the implementation , the first-place winner will be awarded the contract for deepening the design. The other finalists will be awarded prizes according to their ranking.


Competition Agenda


☆ All time is subject to Beijing time. The Host reserves the right to adjust the agenda. In case of an agenda adjustment, the Host will notify shortlisted participants by e-mail.


Relevant fees & Bonus


  • Relevant fees

Design fee control price:The winning company, determined by the organizer, if as an implementation programme, will be awarded a further design contract, and its contract design fee control price is  RMB5,000,000.00  yuan (about US$692,000),Shortlisted agencies make their own quotation according to their schemes within the upper control price.

  • Bonus

The 1st place winner: A bonus of 1million yuan(If as an implementation programme, a design deepening contract is awarded and this bonus will be deducted from the deepening design fee);

The 2nd place winner: A bonus of seven hundred thousand yuan;

The 3rd place winner: A bonus of six hundred thousand yuan;

The 4th place winner: A bonus of five hundred thousand yuan;

The 5th place winner: A bonus of five hundred thousand yuan.




  1. Pre-qualification application documents need to be submitted before 17:00 on April 8, 2024 (courier may be used) to: No. 666 Fengxi Road, Yongfeng Street, Guangfeng District, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province (Guangfeng Branch of Shangrao City Natural Resources Bureau),contact person Mr. Liu 13507936494 (responsible for deliverables receiving only).
  2. The hard copy documents received on-site at the designated location shall prevail, and no overdue submitted application documents shall be accepted.


Organizing institutions


HostPeople’s Government of Guangfeng District, Shangrao City


Guangfeng Branch of Shangrao City Natural Resources Bureau

Shangrao Guangfeng District Development Group Co., Ltd.

Competition consultation service

Shenzhen Ehow R&D Center

Contact information:

Ms. Tian:+86 13312968676

☆ The Host reserves the ultimate right to interpret the rules of this Competition. If the Chinese and English editions disagree, the Chinese edition shall prevail.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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