From the news, we know about a disastrous wildfire ruined hundreds of buildings and scorched vast areas of land in Southern California. Many people were reported injured and even died. Nearly 200,000 residents were evacuated from their homes. The firefighters continue to battle one of the largest fires in the state’s history as wind and dry weather make it nearly impossible to contain.

We feel very sad to know that and we can understand your feelings. We deeply condole with you on the wildfire and hope that you guys are safe and sound and the wildfire will be controlled as quickly as possible and cost less. Our best wishes will always with you.

Heard from the local report, we know that many residences have been burned because of the wildfire. Some new constructions will be rebuilt in the near future. If you have any needs for 3D rendering service at that time, we will provide you some free works without hesitation and hope that would be helpful for you.

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