Cityscapes have long captivated us, their towering structures and bustling streetscapes whispering tales of human ambition and ingenuity. Meanwhile, in the realm of urban planning and architectural visualization, 3D cityscape rendering has become a powerful tool for bringing visionary projects to life. No matter you’re working on an urban development, or designing a skyscraper among the concrete jungle, 3D rendering showcase the unreal and real cities. Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey through five captivating virtual city projects in different countries. And each of them showcases the transformative power of the CG technology.


5 Cityscape Rendering Projects across the World


Miami Oceanfront Cityscape


The Miami city skyline unfolds as a vibrant tapestry of architectural brilliance against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. Nestled in the central hub of Edgewater Miami, 710 Edge (aka. Villa Miami) stands tall as a 58-story ultra-luxurious mixed-use structure. This striking new tower acts as a guiding light for both residents and visitors. It also boasts 50 luxury residential units, 193 parking spaces, and a rooftop helipad. Catering to diverse lifestyles, it provides an array of amenities and breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, Downtown Miami, and Miami Beach. The development team behind this project is renowned for their involvement in Miami’s iconic One Thousand Museum, a creation by Zaha Hadid. Positioned at the eastern terminus of Northeast 29th Street, reaching Biscayne Bay, the site is bordered by Northeast 5th Avenue to the west.

Using photos taken by professional photographers, AIMIR CG created the final renders by embedding the non-existing structure in the photo, baking a photorealistic experience for viewers. At the same time, our 3D artists processed the structure with consistency along with the surrounding context. This included the light and shadow, color, vibe, and materials. If you want to know more about this high-rise project, please visit the full case study here.


Chicago Modern Metropolis


The Chicago skyline emerges as a testament to architectural prowess, a majestic silhouette etched against the canvas of Lake Michigan. Amidst the urban tapestry of the cityscape, a striking hotel and residential mixed-use building emerges. The mixed-use structure is a modern masterpiece of glass and steel. Equinox Hotel and Residences comprises high-end retail, restaurants, fitness, a hotel and rental units. This building serves as the symbolic gateway between downtown Chicago and the West Loop neighborhood.

This virtual cityscape also uses photomontage for realistic and accurate presentation. As the most popular method for cityscape rendering, drone photos are perfect for illustrating the city skyline. This avant-garde hotel and residential mixed-use building, composed in pixels before concrete, boasts a facade of glass adorned with a meticulous steel grid.


360° Panorama View of Calgary


Check out this 360° Panorama of Calgary! Dominated by sleek skyscrapers, the skyline of Calgary is defined by architectural innovation and a distinctive blend of glass and steel. Amidst the Calgary city skyline, this 27-story exquisite apartment building, the IMPERIA, stands as a bold testament to contemporary architecture. Its distinctive design, characterized by a striking combination of black and silver glass panels, sets it apart as a modern urban icon.

To support the architect’s vision, the 3D artists capture the play of light and shadow, showcasing the potential of the building to transform with the shifting moods of the day. At the same time, the building melts into the environment by adjusting the mood of it. The virtual depiction hints at a future architectural marvel, an exquisite addition to the Calgary skyline, awaiting realization with its promise of contemporary luxury and bold design in the heart of the city. Read the full story of this stunning project here.


Shenzhen Commercial Zone


No one can ignore the rapid revolution and modernity that characterizes Shenzhen recent years. The skyline is dominated by a forest of sleek, futuristic skyscrapers, each a marvel of contemporary architecture. This is a new commercial zone in west Shenzhen, and the key element is the expression of an “urban network structure”. This is a golden triangle connecting three significant areas that provides unrestricted walking space for people and creates non-vehicle transportation. Shenzhen’s commercial cityscape encapsulates the spirit of innovation and progress, embodying the fusion of cutting-edge architecture with the ever-changing dynamics of a modern economic powerhouse.

In the visual, the bright mood and dynamic atmosphere demonstrate how a non-vehicle city is interacting with various spaces of arts, recreations, nature, history, greening and people. Actually, AIMIR CG helped the architect to be shortlisted in the competition with visually compelling renders. Learn more about how we helped ZHA to win a competition place here.


Athens’ Historic Charm


Adding a touch of glamour to our exploration of 3D virtual cityscapes, this new PWC office buildings invite us to experience the allure of a modern Athens city. The city’s skyline is a captivating blend of ancient history and contemporary architecture. In the center of the render, you’ll find two moon-shape structures which is the new PWC offices. It’s located in a privileged location, in 65 Kifissias Avenue in Maroussi, Athens, Greece, and is to be certified according to the international LEED and WELL standards as it will meet all sustainability requirements.

The captivating visual unfolds a modern office headquarter, delicately composed in a 3D render against the timeless backdrop of the Athens city. This digital creation, captured in a drone photo simulation, envisions an architectural marvel yet to be realized. The building, seamlessly integrated into the historic cityscape, features a contemporary design with streamlined structure with biophilic roofs. Please read to full story behind PWC in Greece here.




As we conclude our journey through these five diverse virtual cityscape projects, the power and versatility of 3D cityscape rendering become even more apparent. We understand some projects are urban planning and some are architectural design in a wider presentation. The truth is, no matter what you’re designing, as long as it’s in a city, cityscape rendering can be a perfect choice in virtual presentation. So, step into these vibrant, malleable worlds, and let your imagination soar beyond the constraints of concrete and steel. The future of cityscapes lies not just in brick and mortar, but also in the boundless potential of the digital realm.

Ready to explore how your urban design will look like? Looking for 3D presentation of your high-rise architecture? Contact us for architectural rendering services! We’ll impress you and your audiences with exceptional quality at a reasonable price!

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